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siw or IT al 












issue number seven siuimnunmeir 11995 

hi, U V a 

2 My Pages: explanations, opinions and more 
crap...oii I pity you... 

6 Brett's Pages: and you thought I was a bastard, 

wait til you read this.. 
8 Letters: the trickle that you guys sent in. We 

had to print two by the same person! 

11 Record Reviews: Sent in your record for re- 
view? Sucker.. 

27 Interview: THE CRO MACS Yes. we like them 
33 Fanzine Reviews.- You thought the record re- 
views were harshP 

37 interview: SICK OF IT ALL They do "Straight 
Ahead what else do you need to know? 

45 Show Reviews: Brett was at more of them 
than I. 

50 Interview: LEEWAY Yeah, they're metal, so 

53 Scene Reports: Maybe you'll read these 
since MRR's are boring. 

Da\ id Koenig and Brett Lord Of The Pit" Beach 

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL BY; Drew Katchcn, Jason Parker, 
Pelcr Horen. Bill Skoulas. Mauri/.io Ricci Thanks Guvs! 

Cover: Rob Leecock Screens: John I leim 

Photos Jus, ' ne De Metrick, Chris Weinblad, Bill Kurbjaw, 

Karl Gunhouse, Ken Salerno, Jason Parker, 
By; Massimo Moscarelli 

/jiji I i |,';-||> .•'•!?; ;,•';•; Oh maybe not all the 

news, but what I know 

right now. Actually, there hasn't been much going on as ot 
late. I haven't been to too many shows but that's because of 
two reasons One: see my pages. Two: because many of the 
places that normally had shows in the past two years didn't 
really in the past six months MIDDLESEX COUNTY 
COLLEGE has had a show since January. That's due to the 
usual not being able to secure the space and I suspect, more 
in-lighting about what bands to book. COOK COLLEGE 
has a new policy which is detrimental to non-students (see 
letter section tor more on that) We'll see what happens 
next year. The shows that Charles Maggio was doing in his 
hometown of Paramus, N.J. are over. The church that they 
were held in won't allow any more due to "complaints" 
from the neighbors That really sucks though I know 
Charles was feeling that he wasn't right person to do shows 
in the first place. The JON HILTZ SHOW PALACE 
wasn't having shows in a long time Rumors were that he 
didn't care to have them in his house any longer, 
concentrating on "doing sound" at other people's shows 
(you call that "sound" 9 ) Just the other day though I heard he 
was having a show. That could mean two things that A) the 
rumors were untrue or B) Wc haven't been hearing about 
them because he doesn't want us to go (I highly suspect the 
latter.) Thing have been happening in other places though, 
so all is not lost New Brunswick. NJ is were it's really 
happening DOWN UNDER is a club in which I guess is 
downtown New Brunswick. I have only been there once and 
it's pretty cool, except that there is no re-entry and they 
allow people to smoke in that enclosed environment 
HANDLY ST. is the basement of a house which a lot ot 
people live at Again, only been there once and it was OK 
Kinda small, gets a little crowded and not in a good 
neighborhood. Both the above places have shows all the 
time, you'll have to find out more about them since I think 
this is where the scene is going to thrive for a while. Big 
news is that there is a new record store catering to punks like 
us. Very much delayed, SOUND ON SOUND is a cool 
shop From the people who brought you the much- 
SOUND is a little smaller, much cleaner and attitude-free. 
(or so i thinkl) Great used record selection, new stuff, shirts, 
'zines, tapes, skateboard equip-ment, books and a stereo that 
works. I like it already. The only drawback is that even 
though the store is close lo New Brunswick, you really need 
a car or bike to get there Good luck, guys! Records out now 
or coming soon: RORSCHACH CD, HOLESHOT CD, 
other stuff I can't remember Check Brett's pages for more 
news... -David K. 

HARDWARE would like to thank the following: All our distributors, 'Zines: Belief, Radio Riot, Indecision, Soil lip. 
Change, etc... People: Jim and Nate/Devoid Of Faith, Matt G., Charles M., Justine D., Drew K., Jethro/Warpath, Jason P., 
Chris W., Mike D., Rob L, John and Jason/I loleshot (r.i.p.), all our new friends that we have met since doing this (you 
definitely know who you are!) and all who ordered the 'zine. You are the best. Special thanks to MRR. Also thanks to 
Nasty little Man Management for the help. No thanks to: Victory Records (for using the picture from one of our pages for 
a shirt!) and to all the shitheads out there who have forgotten what it is all about... 

Welcome once again Jo yet another issue of Hardware 
Fanzine. This issue's probably a little late, but definitely 
not as late as the last one. As you can already tell, we 
have a whole new look thanks to our (anon computers. We 
did debate a little if we wanted to finally take the plunge 
and do the whole thing on computers. Brett wanted to get 
one for his job (he's a mechaincial engineer) and I wanted 
to also start on my new magazine project (which you'll 
read about later). What the hell, we said. This the first 
time that either of us have used one to layout a 
publication so bear with us, it's a learning experience. It 
was taking so much time with me typing everything, now we 
can share the duties. Goodbye rub-on letters, you took too 

As you can see this issue has an emphasis on N.V.C 
hardcore bands. As usual, this throws people off of what 
our 'zine is all about. People like to stick it in a category. 
Right now the category is "straight-edge". Well, just 
because the editors just both happen to be straight-edge, 
doesn't mean that's what the fanzine is all about. We call 
it a "hardcore" 'zine but the bands that we cover are the 
ones who are lighting a fire under our asses at the moment. 
Brett wanted to do an interview with John Joseph from 
the CRO-MAGS. At the same show I ran into my old 
friend. A.J. Novello from LEEWAY. Brett was also 
bothering me about doing an interview with SICK OF IT 
ALL. So put it all together and we came up with this for 
issue number seven. A lot of people we talked to told us 
don't do it because our 'zine will suck then. "Oh those 
bands are corny!" Well, we obviously don't think so. Like 
I said. Hardware doesn't cover just one kind of band, one 
kind of topic or one type of any thing.. .we are just being 
ourselves. If you don't like it, there is always the option of 
doing your own fanzine. We are still sticking to our 
original game plan, that is putting out a fanzine that we 
would want to read ourselves. One issue you'll see bands 
like these, another ... who knows? And yes, we'll still talk 
about straight-edge from time to time... 

What's been going on in my life... As 

you probably ahead) know, two major things happened in my life thai 
partially contributed lo the delay of number six. One I mined Two, I 
got married. Sounds crazy? Don'l I know it l-'oi the last .seven oi eight 
years, I was really against marriage i>n a whole I always believed in 
monogamous relationships, but thought marriage was unfair lo both 
parties involved You never know what might happen Anyway. I had a 
long (emi relationship will) a wonderful woman who 1 loved very much 
l.asi summer we broke up because I didn't want to get "married" Shit 
after that I pretty much went oil' the deep end, I wasn't myself for quite 
awhile After much deep thought about my future. I decided to give her 
a call |ln case you are wondering who his woman is. her name is halm 
( Holade Ajayi) I told her the whole story, that I finally made the 
decision that yes I did want lo mam her after all I was hard for me lo 
say after all the bullshit and games we went through. 

So to make a long story short, she was at first skeptical (which is 
understandable, since I was so against marriage for so long. I. then she 
saw lhal I was serious 1 proposed on top of the Hmpire State 
Building which really threw her for a loop. Bui before wc could gel 
married, we had lo do the unthinkable, nunc in together.. 

Tin* >l»v<»! 

Well, since I had already move twice before. 1 thought this would 
lie easy I here was a couple of ihings that I didn't lake into considera- 
tion. First, it's much harder lo find a place for two or more Ihan il is for 
one. because everybody wants lo run credit checks on von to see il 
you can actually pay the rent (most of the places we were looking al 
were two-families) Second, I didn't even think that people were going 
lo be as RACIST as they were Now I'm not a naive person, but I didn't 
think people were going lo Haunt il right in our faces like they did 1 We 
started to look for a place last November and only found one in nnd- 
I'eburary. al the last fucking minute! Some people wouldn't even let us 
in the fucking door 1 I he thing is how the hell were going lo prove it lo 
like a civil lights board Not much wc were able lo do. let me give you 
a couple of our favorite "encounters". 

I don't remember (he guy's name but I saw the ad for his place in 
the paper and of course I called lie said that his daughter would meet 
me in the evening lo show nie the place I gel diere and the place is 
fucking fantastic. I fill oul the application and tell her I would be back 
with 'Lola on the weekend (She worked during ihe week so I did most 
of Ihe apartment hunting and (hen she would come and sec (lie places I 
called I We go ihere on the weekend and Ihe guv is moving his slull 
out He greets us with a smile, shows us the place ami lets 'Lola fill out 
hei part of the application We call back Ihe next day like he wanted to 
let us know if wc got Ihe place What we got was a nasty response. 
"it's rented!!" Now mind you this would have been OK hul Ihe ad 
showed up in the paper the next weekend I called again and asked il 
Ihe place was slill available, because I know sometimes their first 
choices fall through I le told me lo call back the next day and he would 
tell me alter he reviewed the application again Next day. "lis rented!!" 
Now I'm just a little steamed (itiess what? Ihe ad was back in the 
paper the next weekend This time Lola calls up Hie guv says he 
doesn't remember her or me. She says we came over while you moving, 
how could you forget that' I le just said that Ihe place was rented. 
O.K. by now I'm like forget il, I'm tired of this guv. Again (ho ad 
showed up in Ihe paper, anil Lola lx.'ing Lola hkes lo fuck with people 
ITiis lime she called up and said she was someone else The guy was like 
sure come and look al Ihe place Then she said who she really was and 
the guy got in a hull' and told her thai she could not get the place 
because we collectively didn'l make $(>0,000 a year! Yeah, like I'm sure 
he and his wife make $60.00(1 a year. Another week passes and Ihe ad 
was back m Ihe paper again' Lola called up anil said. "Are you going 
to give it to us yet?" The guy said no because the man of the house 
should make more Ihan Ihe woman. (At this point in time, Lola was 
working two jobs so she was pulling down that amount on the 
application.) Lola laughed so hard, it wasn't even funny It went on for 
a couple of weeks afterward where 'Lola would just call the guv up and 
vank his crank. 

Probably the classic though was this old Polish couple. You see 
ihere came a point where we didn't llunk we were going to get a place 
al all loo main doors were being shut and the landlord al the place we 
weie at told me I couldn't stay any longer (1 had already gave him 
notice three months before and he was being cool about us staying 
without a lease i So one day I look oil' a hall'-dav of work and started 
looking at what the town's realtors had to offer, I figured il would be 
an easier option having them looking for me No one had anything 
available except this one place who had just sold a two family and were 
looking lo rent out and the upper Hour The guy told me to go look at 
it and if I liked it, to come back and fill out an application Cool I go 
to the place and this older Polish couple greets me and shows me the 
place II was probably in (he top Ihree places I saw. The couple (old 
me lo fill oul Ihe application and they'll decide... 

I go back lo the rcalilor s to do the paperwork The guy starts with the 
basic questions lie needs lo know lo run a credil check (which we found oul 
by tins lime thai no ImkIv was doing!). I le gels to 'Lola's last name and asks 
curiously. "Ajayi? What nationality is that?" I was like. "Nigerian. What the 
hell docs dial have to do with anything?!" I le goes on that lie nc\ei heard til 
lhal name belbre. that's all. Prom there on in, I got this feeling that he 
wasn't even going to finish the rest of the application, lie ihcn lold me thai 
there might lie problems, blah, blah when I asked what problems, he just 
avoided the question. I le told me lo call the people ihe nexl day lo find out il 
I gol Ihe place Ihe next day I call and guess what? "The place is rented ." I 
was the only person lo look at it' 'llial evening "Lola came over and called 
Ihe people as "someone who saw Ihe ad in Ihe paper" "Sure, come over in 
len minutes lo look al Ihe place' ' When she gol oil' the phone and lold me 
this, I was like, "WHAT!!?" 

We go ovci and I sil in the car while she goes lo ihe door Lola goes up and 
rings the door hell and the lady she talked to on ihe phone opens it. 1 
watched while the lady is making all these hand geslures and Lola is 
reacting lo all this After a couple of minutes, she finally shows Lola up to 
Ihe apartment Ten minutes pass. Lola comes out all pissed oil". I asked 
whal happened'* Lola said the lady opened the door, 'Lola lold her that she 
was ihe one who she talked to and she was here lo see Ihe place The lady 
then told her lhal she forgot thai she already rented Ihe place oul "Lola was 
like "What Ihe hell are you talking about? You spoke to me len minutes ago 
and lold me lo come over' ' Ihe lady said she was sorry. 'Lola demanded to 
see the place since she was already there Ine lady said O.K. but the place 
was rented. Aller llus (and many more less blatant but similai experiences) 
we both decided thai all these people were fucking idiots! 

Ihe story docs have a happy ending though 1 had a vacation week in 
February lo really crack down and find a place Ihese really great realtors in 
another town were especially nice to us. 'Inev showed us a liinluslic place 
(which we mm live ml and we gol il on Valentine's Day' How is thai lor 
fucking luck It was in our lop five places lhal we looked at so we were 
exceptionally happy They lold us lhal stuff like we went through happens 
all ihe lime and there is really no way you can prove il All I want lo say is 
lo all Ihe racists oul there: I'l UK Yl )l I! Please drop dead. I really hope bad 
things happen to all Ihe people who didn't give us a place based on our 
mixed relationship 

This is not to say thai every place ive went to greeted us with such 
apprehension. Sure, if we wanted lo live in a tolal dump and m a bad 
neighborhood, people were practically begging for a nice couple who both 
had jobs, into clean living, etc We didn't want to live in a slulhole People 
should be able lo live where ihev want if they can allbrd il Race should nol 
l>e an issue il never was for me 

It's so hard to be so kind with a BITTER 

\i( ;i 

\ :m r\mJmJ K \w% 

,r> i. • 

As I write llus. sometimes I dunk lliat. "Wow 1 I'm actually married!" 
I ike I said before, for years 1 wasn't into the concept of marriage al all This 
was a big step for nie and I know deep in mv heart that it yvas the right llung 
to do. My father said al leasl a couple of limes thai I'd be married by the 
lime I was twenty-five. Well, he was oil' by a couple of years Many of my 
friends were surprised al mv decision, 'lhev all basically yvanled me lo be 
happy, whatever 1 did My besl man was totally againsl It (a long story ) 
Anyway, lei me toll you, if you are going lo get married, just do it at a 
Justice of The Peace or at die Mayor's ollice, save yourself a lol of hassles. 
And money. Hie... 

'Lola and I had only like three months lo set this whole thing up 
Actually. 1 don't think we could have done it without the help of my sister 
(who I was dead sel againsl her "wedding" a few vears ago and now she 
gelling a divorce ) She liiuiid us Ihe hall and did 

most all the decorations for the affair. Thanks Deb II was a small affair, only 
about 90 people (which was up from Ihe proposed 75) But it wasn't without 
it's shaie of insanity 

Basically, the thing went pretty well The actual wedding was performed 
by a minister nol allihaled with any church and was as non-religious as 
possible. ("Iliank you gOD!) Lola and I both llubbed lines and she dropped the 
ring Ihe minister said lhal was supposed lo lie good luck I )nlo the 
reception .yeah right First we hail lo take pictures. I hen the wedding party 
had lo go lo a separate room (which none of us really wanted lo do. especially 
since Ihe people al Ihe reception had a full hulTel anil we had like snacks') in 
which we |Usl sat and looked at each other. Brell almost threw the glass beer 
mug thai was given to each male memlier of Ihe wedding party at me. I said il 
would make a nice pen and |icncil holder We finally gol lo go upstairs lo 
perform more traditional stuff ITte first dances, cle ... Most of my ushers were 
threatening not to dance with the bridesmaids, bul did anyway (Bretl, gel a 
hltle closer nexl tune' Thai's C'hnsliane we are talking about! Charles, sorry 
you had lo had lo dance with my sister, bill what are friends for ) Rich (my Besl 
Mam didn't use his original loasl about how the date of the wedding was ihe 
SI )th anniversary of Ihe sinking of Ihe I.ilhastainia and how it relales lo my 
gelling married, though his spur of the moment one was nice Cilad he didni 
get loo drunk There was almost a major incident because I lold Ihe wedding 
ciKirdinalor lhal there had lo lie ginger ale instead of champhange for Ihe non- 
diuikeis Well, they didn't and I had to make sure she went around lo all the 
tables and change glasses Whew ! 

Ihe dinner, in mv opinion, sucks The vegetarian dish was pasta and il 
wasn't very good People from Tula's side of the family made a lol of Nigerian 
food and it was a big hit. (Some even asked for recipes.) Next was more 
pictures and more pictures and more pictures llial damn photographer kept 
us m (here forever Then Ihe cake culling (no we didni mush Ihe cake in each 
Other's faces) and Ihe bouquet and garler toss was next While, for Ihe most 
pari I was having a miserable time, this scgmenl of ihe wedding was great 
Lola did the loss and a woman she invited caughl il Before I threw the garter. 
I lold my Ihend Noah. I might as well give it lo you, you are going lo catch il 
anyway. " Would you believe? he did catch il il gels better. I le goes lo put il on 
the woman and of course she's all squirming because a stranger is feeling up 
her leg After the deed yvas done, the D.J. said he had to do it over because he 
put it on Ihe wrong leg There was a catch he had to do il blindfolded Noah is 
standing there with a cloth napkin over face, then the D.J. puis me in ihe chair 
and immediately I pull up my pants leg This was going to lie great because 
Noah and I would talk about Ihis forever Noah had Ins hands up to my knee 
before he even had a chic He then feels my shoe and says, "This is a man's 
shoe'!'" Then feels mv leg again gist in ease he might be mistaken II was then 
he np|H.'d off Ihe napkin, looks al me, falls down laughing. Ihe look on his face 
was priceless. 

"Lola asked me a few weeks previously if 1 would wear a tradtion-al 
Nigerian outfit at the wedding I was initially confused because I knew whal 
we were already wearing. I lold her I wasn't sure if I would lie eomlorlable 
doing il because I wasn't in touch with her culture, though i would do it lo 
show I support her in whatever she does So her sister brought back llus special 
material from Europe, her pastor sewed the outfits up and they were ready for 
ihe wedding After Ihe garter thing. 'Lola and I went to change inlo Ihese 
outfits Its hard lo explain whal they looked like (I guess if you seen African 
clothing before, you'll have some idea of what I'm talking about.), bul in 
Nigeria these matching outfits are what people there gel niairied in I Has were 
while anil blue, long (lowing Iwo piece ihings. Did I say lhal the material was 
almost transparent? We had to cm up one of the girls' t-shirts lhal she wore the 
night before so I could cover my chesl Whew! The Ihing was 1 didni lell 
ANYBODY about this, so needless lo say, people's jaws hit the fucking floor. 
I never seen Justine De Melrick urn so fast lo gel her camera before My father 
said nghl then and there he knew 1 truly loved Lola Whal we had to do now 

Oh Well. Jerry Garcia s 
i! this guv like a siiini Me 
ticking program Just 

dead Who the luck tares Every o 
was a fucking deadhead People yi 
another dead rock star in mv book 

dance another firsi dance Now if you haven't experienced Nigerian 
dancing before, it's a sighl What they like to do is give money to the best 
dancers on ihe lloor. or if it's a special event like a wedding or birthday 
usually all the money is given lo the bride and groom or person having 
the birthday Basically it gties like this, you dance, they place $ls. $5s, 
$lds. etc on your forehead Now these people were going to town, the 
bills were flowing in every denomination. I usually don't dig the music 
loo much, but for money I was prepared lo do anv dance requested' Most 
of the ]ieople on my side didn't have a clue of what was going on so the 
l).l announced to come up and bring dollar bills. I said, "Fives and 
Tens! 1 ' My lather came up and gave me a twenty. People weie smiling 
my hat with bills I later pulled out a couple of bills that were stuffed 
down my back Everybody got into it I was glad because I didn't know il 
every one there would understand what was going on. It was cool Sadly, 
Ihe reception didn't last much longer than thai coupled with Ihe fact that 
things ran over lime wise (which I blame ihe hotel for) and it was a 
Sunday nighl and people hail lo work the next day. 

With all the mishaps, ihe wedding reception was pretty cool We 
really didn't gel anv of ihe food, which sucked because Ihe hotel didn't 
have room service after 10 p.m. I Wo gol lo our room al 10:30!). 

Do I like being married'' Yes. Will it change my lifestyle (like most 
are afraid of)? A little, bul only because I want it. It's my life and I want 
this kind of stability. I ihmk lis greal thai 'Lola and I basically hung in 
there for the long haul Don't know where my mind would l>e if I totally 
losi her Thanks, Ololade, I love you (and to all you PC people out 
there she wanted to change her last name, I gave her a choice I 

Love Living In The City... 

I was in NYC today (I'or those who don't know. Linden is like 
25 miles away and a short train trip lo gel there.) I don't know, for some- 
one who used to love gelling on the Irain and heading lo the city lo gel 
away from this town, I just don't like il anymore I caul stand ihe place 
This was ihe first lime in weeks dial 1 wen! in and practically from Ihe 
moment I gol Ihere, I wanted lo go back home I just don't have thai 
feeling anymore ll seems like all Ihe places I used to frequent, I don't 
dig il anymore 1 look and see Ihe same people walking around, still 
hanging out in the same places I gel depressed of (he amount oi 
homeless oul ihere. I can'l explain il NY C jusl plain sucks now. It's a 
bore. Hell, it's given me a lot and Id like thai feeling lo keep going but... 

I ask myself sometimes why I feel this way I'm slill into ihe same 
shit, bul I guess it's easier lor me lo gel those things in Jersey. I think it's 
because I don't like plunking down $7 (10 each lime I go into the city and 
gel ihere and have a horrible time It used lo be a lol of fun Oh well, I 
made a decision today lhal I would only go in if (here was a convention 
or something like that Noi just walking around aimlessly. I need some 
sort of objective. Itien maybe I'll appreciate il more 

"There was...This friend Of Mine... 


The oilier day I went through my record collection and pulled oul all of my 
B( >RN AGAINST records. Why? Well, after 4 or 5 years of my once best Ihend. 
Adam Nalhanson, not speaking lo me lot reasons unknown. I decided that these 
records are totally meaningless to me Why' 1 Because I finally saw an excerpt from 
his fanzine which basically said lhai HORN At iAINST meant nothing to him and 
il was a waste of time. Well, lei me lull you something Mr Nalhanson, I'or a good 
long time BORN AGAINST was Ihe most important ihmg in your life You even 
did something thai you said vou would never do and that was gel a band s name 
tattooed on your body Guess what name you pul on yourself? That's nghl B( >RN 
AGAINST. Jusl because you disowned all your friends, don't try to lum it around 
on us and all youi band's fans oul Ihere BORN AGAINST pul their collective 
feet in their mouths more often ihan not BORN AGAINSI meant something, just 
like some of ihe other bands thai have existed ovei lime Jusl because you cheese 
oul, don't tell Ihe resl of us lhal we were fools for listening. I spenl a lew good 
years out of my life backing you up, even losing other friends in Ihe process 
(Looking back, with ihe shil you pulled I should have never been involved with 
thai SOIA/IN-EFFECT bashing, because I lost many years worth of friendship 
with them Something I can'l gel back.) 

So what should 1 do now? Even though I still believe in pretty much what 
BORN AGAINSI was all about, you obviously don't, so I can't continue to own 
records by someone who doesn't believe il himself So who cares if what was 
being said through the lyrics really wasn't going lo change things? The fact is we 
believed in (hem That's all Luck everybody else. lTicv would never understand 
anyway. At least we fucking tried. You gave up. I didn't I believed I sal ihere lor 
hours liildmg those damn record covers because I thought it was right 1 was there 
for you always What did I gel for it? A hardy fuck you with no explanation. Now 
I'm finally cleansing myself of all ihe Ties' Hope you have fun gelling those 
tattoos removed, ihere are nol worth Ihe skm thev are printed on 

"Don't Judge A Book By 
It's Cover..." 

It's really runny the kind of shit we shi up unintentionally Lor the cover ol 
number six, 1 had idea for ihe cover lhal I wanted to have done I though! 
Chris/Crash Position would he perfect for die job I told him just draw a hunch ol 
typical looking kids talking shil about Brell and I I said. "Go to town with it, do 
whal ever you want!" I le did and delivered in spades All aces Brell anil I both 
loved il Well, not everybody did ( hie |>erson saw il as an atlack against her You 
see the girl on ihe cover does bear some resemblance lo Simone. a local scene 
goddess around these parts l( delimlelv was uninlenlional. I didn't ask Cliris lo 
draw "Simone", jusl typical looking kids. I guess she has that "look Anyway, 
she gets mv number and calls asking if lis sup|Xise lo be her I said in all honesty 
lhal while Ihere is a resemblance, 1 didn't tell Chris to do it Chris's words weie 
"I'm not saying if il is or isn't" Well, she called me an asshole (whal else is 
new?) Jesus, lis funny isn't il? Simone, if you believe lhal it's you so much, il is 
Satisfied? Good Sonic people would be Haltered Don't people have better things 
lo worry about 

Well. I have 

some more news 

i vvhel 

MOR.N.WS M QR.NIWS... M „R...,S... 


your appeitite. I jusl gol word thai Ihe band LNDLAVOR now holds Ihe title for the most bizarre lour mishap Somewhere in I'cnnesesse. something was wrong 
vv ilh Ihe oil light. When (hoy lo investigate, Ihe van eaughl lire and bum! lo Ihe ground They lost everything, you name it gone A couple of band memlier's were 
w ilboul shoes Al leasl STICKS AND S'l't )NKS came oul of il with Ihoir station wagon 1 

By Koenig 

Well, I really had a lot to say Ihis time around I don't think 
Brett and 1 arc going to limit ourselves to two pages any- 
more. Sometimes we need to let it out. In closing I want to 
talk about a couple of things F ; irst off, just a comment about 
our review in ANTl #6. I know Norm likes HARDWARE, as 
we like ANTl. but the last couple sentences bothered me a 
little. It basically said we should stop dwelling on the past 
(hardcore wise). I was taken aback because just because we 
talk about days past in HARDWARE in each issue doesn't 
mean I live in the past We write about what we like and that's 
it. The "past" is past, we do realize that but the documenting 
of hardcore music history 7 has been poor at best and we want 

to try' and make a meager attempt at covering it when we can. Initially. Brett and I both thought that issue #5 was a risk because we 
thought that nobody cares anymore about hardcore history. We sold close to a thousand of those and got a lot of positive response 
Just recently I received a letter from a guy in Canada who always wanted to know about those bands featured and had no access to 
any information before. He said he knows that he would never get to sec those bands but at least he can read about them and listen to 
the old records. You have to remember that geographically wc were lucky to be living in an area where we could see these bands on a 
regular basis. Many didn't and never will sec all the bands wc did So by Bretl and I talking about "old times" like wc do. allows a few to 
at least get an idea (from one person's perspective) of what actually went on. If you don't like the fact that we both think the "past" 
produced better bands, well tough because we both feel that is a fact It has been a long time since there has been a good amount ol 
bands to get into and believe in. Bands today (with a few exceptions) don't really do it for me. I can't talk about bands who don't illicit 
a response from me. Alot of the bands that 1 sec play these days arc a real bore. I think a lot of that has to do with a complacent 
audience, who basically don't go out of there way for quality, just accepting what put in front of them. Do you notice how when a band 
these days do a cover song of a popular band past, they usually get there best response'.' Though it's sad for the band in question (the 
crowd should be going nuts for their own material) it proves a point, people think the "old stuff' is better. 1 really wish that people would 
search out new and exciting (note 1 said EXCITING!) bands, because they arc out there At the same lime. I want people to do some 
research into the "past" and find out what they missed Shit, when I got into it 12 years ago. I wanted lo know EVERYTHING Some 
people don't care, but wc do and there arc others loo HARDWARE is going lo try and fill a little bil of that void... The "BOY AM I 
EVER A CHEESEBALL" depl... Recently. I finally made the decision to change over some of my prized hardcore records lo CD 
"What? Isn't tins the same person who said that what fucked up? The same person who said he'd NEVER get rid of his records?" 
Yeah, that's me. Anyway, let me fill you in. 1 was thinking of it for a while because I realized I don't get lo play my favorite records as 
much as Id like. That's because I'd tend to buy records and pack them away, too lazy to dig them out (in the case of my seven 
inches). My stereo is in the living room, hooked up lo my entertainment center. The main TV. is hooked up to this too. so that means 
my wife is usually watching it. That's fine because I'm usually working on the computer anyway. Cant really move the turntable into 
the office I have because I don't have another receiver (and don't have the cash or the desire to buy another one), so I have to settle 
for my CD boom box. Since my music listening is regulated to while I'm working on the publishing stuff, I usually just listen to same few 
CDs 1 have within grabbing distance. So I decided that listening to the music was more important than having all the first pressings, 
etc.. It docs not mean everything is being changed over. A lot of my hardcore records aren't (and probably never will be) on CD. so 
they'll stay right where they arc. I really wish somebody would put out all those N.J hardcore/punk records circa 1 9X4, like MENTAL 
ABUSE, BEDLAM, SAND IN THE FACE. etc... Best time for N.J. ever.. There I go again, "dwelling on the past". So, I'm working on 
getting it all on CD. sure it's a cheeseball move, but it's for the "love of the music" and nothing else. . O.K. I'm finally out of tilings to 
say. Please let us know what you think of the new issue (and look) 

Wc really need to know what you think. If you 
want lo help us out in any way, look al the 
inside back cover for all the info. I personally 
have alot of plans in expanding ihc Hardware 
publishing empire, including reissuing old runs 
of fanzines in single issues. Hell, if they can 
repackage records onto CDs, I think people 
would want lo check out publications of the 
past. Write in and let me know what you'd like 
to sec. 'Til next time Dave K. 

Noah Uman letting us know 
what he thinks of his review of 

hiS'Zine v 7ocni)t<ition 

Photos By: Dauek. 



Finally, here il is, HARDWARE tt(>. Of course it's delayed, this time about two 
months! The excuse (as usual) is pictures, our biggest pain in the ass. I wish I 
had the ambition to learn how to lake good pictures. Il sure would save us a lot of 
headaches I have to appologi/c to all the people who sent ads and expected to 
sec them back in May or June. We appreciate you patience, believe me. Our ad 
rates arc still a lot cheaper than MRR This issue is M pages, a big jump for us. 
I think that is a pretty good size so don't complain about paying a dollar or a 
dollar and a half For Christ's sake go out and get a job 

Of course you have noticed this is the New York Hardcore issue. I am 
also sure there arc some people out there who don't share my enthusiasm for 
NYHC and all I can say is: Why? As far as hardcore music goes NY has always 
had the best bands and the best scene. Just look at some of the bands in NYHC 
could fill both of these pages listing all the great bands Forget about being PC 
and stop listening to all that wimpy pop punk shit! Go out and get yourselves a 
copy of "Victim In Pain" This is hardcore dammit! 

As some may or may not remember from last issue there was 
supposed to be a MURPHY'S LAW interview in this issue The reason 
there isn't is because I fucked up. I waited too long to do it and then 
ML left for a tour of Japan when we were getting the bulk of this issue 
completed. As it turns out this issue is big enough as it is anyway Sorry. 

Also since last issue I got a computer, thank God Just because 
we got them don't expect us to get lazy and produce shitty, boring, run 
of the mill work Of course, I'm no graphics expert but I think things 
turned out relatively well for our first big project In case you are won- 
dering (I don't know why you would be, though) all of this was done on 
IBM compatible computers. As far as I am concerned Macintosh's don't 
exist They are for art students and computer posers! I'm an engineer 
for chrissake, I can't possible make one of those things productive! 




"This one's called Blinded' Everybody mosh it up Break everything in your 
house!" -Jason KRAKDOWN, WNYU Radio 1987. 

I am getting really sick of all these corporate logo rip-off shirts that these so- 
called hard core bands are coming up with lately Don't you realize that is just a 
fad from the rave scene? It seems that hard core is filled with suckers from the 
rave scene anyway these days Get a little originality and make up your own band 
logo, it's not that hard. Even more alarming than this is bands ripping-off older 
hard core bands logos. Case in point: EARTH CRISIS •borrowing" the CHAIN | 
OF STRENGTH "What Holds Us Apart" design. This is bad news. 


-We just speak of social unrest. Conflict of interest, in turmoil, brings controversy. 
That speaks for itself." Vinnic Stigma on the "Hardcore Kids" Donahue show. 

"Squatter "s rights. I'll give vou a right. I'll give you a left, and I'll give you a | 
kick to the fuckin' head " -Paul Bearer. SHEER TERROR. CBCB's 1989 

"This song goes out to all the 'wish' skinheads. It's called 'Fall Of A Nation"; 
suckahassmuthafuckas!" -Djinji Brown, ABSOLUTION. CBGB's 19X8. 

"Wake up Connecticut. This is a fucking hardcore show!" -Jules. SIDE BY SIDE 
The Anthrax. 1988 

"This song's called 'Wise Up'. It goes out to all the suckers trying to be hard in 
the pit." -Matt BOLD 

"We all know who the real moshcrs arc. They're right here." -John Joseph, CRO- 
MAGS CBGB's 1985. 

"This is not a violent song, but if you come to a show looking for a fight and 
stumble the luck our way we just might light!" -Ray Cappo, YOUTH OF TODAY 
The Anthrax, 1987 

"This one goes out to Mike, because he plays bass." -Jeff BREAKDOWN, The 
Anthrax. 1988 

Crucial 1 5 for the Summer of '95 


CRO-MAGS- "The Age Of Quarrel" LP 

IGNITE- Live, "Call On My Brothers" LP 


CORNERSTONE- "Beating the Masses" CD| 



BREAKDOWN- 1st Demo 

"NYHC The Way It Is" Comp. LP 

STRAIGHT AHEAD- 12" & Comp. Tracks 

DYS- "Brotherhood" LP 

AGNOSTIC FRONT- "Raw Unleashed" CD 



THE ABUSED- "Loud & Clear" 7" 


[Somewhere in Europe. Photo by ??? 

I now pronounce Maximum Rock'N'Roll 
officially dead When everyone was bashing 
them a few months ago about their review policy 
I kept my mouth shut. Basically because I agree 
with the concept: only review hardcore/punk 
records. I don't have a problem with that. But 
has anyone besides me noticed that the content 
of MRR has gotten increasingly worse over the 
past two years? It has really been going down 
hill since issue 90 or so Who the hell are the 
bands that they interview'' I've never heard of 
most of them and that tells me that very few of 
them are actual hardcore bands Actually I think 
that the entire MRR staff have been taken over 
by evil computers. The so-called layouts on 
some of those crappy interviews are nearly 
unreadable Words all over the place, on top of 
pictures, in nearly unreadable fonts Do us a 
favor and put everything in columns! Go back 
and look at MRR I -20 for some inspiration. No 
crappy arty covers, real small, plain type, 
informative interviews. That is how it should 
be done Even the ads have gotten boring This 
is scene wide apathy and uncreativity. It used 
to take me a couple of hours to get through an 
issue Now it takes about fifteen minutes, and 
most of that is spent reading the classifieds to 
see if anyone is selling any good records. 

In honor of the death of Jerry Garcia of the 
Grateful Dead (about thirty years too late, I 
might add) I will reprint the lyrics to I 
"Deadhead", by the TEEN IDLES: 

Deadhead, deadhead, take another toke 

Deadhead, deadhead, you're a lousy joke. 

Friend of the devil, who are you trying to kid 

Friends of the devil are dead like Sid. 

I'll be grateful when you're dead 

I'll be grateful when you're dead 

I'll be grateful when you're dead 

So don't stick around too long 

Riding that train high on cocaine 
The music is really lousy, the fans are a pain 

Troubles behind, troubles ahead. 
The only good deadhead is one that's dead 


Let's start things off with Connecticut's most 

crucial, and one of my current favorite bands, 

CORNERSTONE. Their split 7" with UNIT I 

PRIDE is out now on green vinyl Lost & Found 

is using it as a promo item for their full length 

I CD entitled "Beating the Masses", which was 

I also recently released. The CD has eight songs | 

Ion it, some from their out of print 1993 demo 

and some new ones. Ernie from TOKEN 
ENTRY did the cover art These guys rule, so | 
check it out. They also have a new drummer, 
Scott from another Connecticut powerhouse, 
WIDE AWAKE. Their old drummer had to I 
concentrate on his future hockey career Toby | 
CORNERSTONE is working on a CRO-MAGS 
tribute fanzine called "Hard Times In An Age | 
Of Quarrel" It's going to have all sorts of great 
shit in it, including all of my CRO-MAGS show | 
reviews. During the school year 
CORNERSTONE will be on hold while Toby 
attends engineering school in Florida Good 
luck sucker MOUTHPIECE have recorded 
four songs for a 7" on New Age They put out 
a special tour pressing on clear vinyl. The 
official release should be out someday They 
did a tour of the east coast this summer, playing 
some shows with CORNERSTONE The vinyl 
version of SICK OF IT ALUs latest LP "Scratch 
The Surface" is out on Equal Vision It includes 
their version of "Straight Ahead" as a bonus as | 
well as a cover of a SHAM 69 song. SHELTER 
have signed to Supersoul, which is a subsidiary 
of Roadrunner Their new album is called 
"Mantra", and I heard one song is a direct rip 
off of the UNIFORM CHOICE song 
"Screaming For Change" I did have the 
unfortunate pleasure of seeing their new MTV 
video for a song which sounds exactly like a j 
GREEN DAY song. Mackie (ex-CRO-MAGS, 
ICEMEN, URBAN BLIGHT) is now playing I 
drums for SHELTER and Franklin, formerly of | 
108 is on the bass CI V's album is out now on 
Atlantic or something like that The cover is | 
atrocious and reminds me of "My Three Sons" 
Incidentally, Wally can't be in the band because 
of contractual obligations to QUICKSAND. 
We are being threatened with the release of their | 
MTV video for "Can't Wait One Minute More", 
which is a goof on the Montel Williams show 
108 have a new drummer and toured the U.S. 
this summer. The CIRCLE JERKS signed to 
Mercury and have a new album out and I'm 
sure it doesn't suck (yeah right) Mark McKay 
is playing drums for SLAPSHOT again after he | 
said that he'd never be in that band again The 
new HOLESHOT album, which is a split release 
between Glue Records and Reservoir records, 
should be out sometime soon The CD included I 
both 7"s as well Incidentally, HOLESHOT 
broke up and most of the members are working 
on new projects Jason (bass) is in a band with 
Ari Katz (LIFETIME, ex-ENUF, ex-UP 
FRONT) and Charles Maggio (ex- 
RORSCHACH) and Little Dave (ex- 
RESSURECTION) I hear they sound like 
BLACK FLAG with some thirty seconds 
thrashers thrown in Glue is also planning on 
releasing a comp with a lot of bands like The 

Connecticut), etc. In possibly the biggest news 
of the nineties: John Joseph was arrested for 
being AWOL from the Navy for something like 
twelve years! How did they finally catch up to 
him you ask? Harley and Kevin turned him in' 
There was a big benefit on his behalf at Coney 
Island High with MURPHY'S LAW (who 
recently returned from a tour of Japan), CFA, 
allegedly have a new record coming out on 
Blackout, and Victory is re-releasing the 
KILLING TIME album, plus the RAW DEAL 
demo and two songs from the "Happy Hour" 
sessions on CD, it will be called "Another Raw 
Deal" Victory will also be releasing a split CFA/ 
WARZONE 1 0" with all new material (I think) 
SHEER TERROR have a new album coming 
out on MCA/Blackout called "Love Songs For 
the Unloved", due August 1st. KURBJ AW have 
changed their name to SPIRIT 
RESSURECTION are going to go into the 
studio for the last time to record a few songs 
they wrote before they broke-up for a record 
on Equal Vision Don't look for it any time soon, 
though In the not so distant future there will 
be a re-release of all the RELEASE material 
The CD will contain the "Pain Inside" 7", the 
"No Longer" 7", the two songs from the split 
7" with COURAGE, the song from the Inner 
Journey tape comp, and the 1988 demo The 
vinyl version will have all that, minus the demo, 
and will be limited edition, colored vinyl, with 
extra inserts and hand screened covers Jade 
Tree records will be putting out albums by 
AD. later this summer (August/September) 
LIFETIME are on tour in Europe right now, 
and they will be playing something like eleven 
shows with FUGAZI I just got late word that 
Mackie (ex-CRO-MAGS) is playing drums for 
SHELTER now. H20's record will now be 
coming out on Equal Vision, not Epitaph There 
is a new band on the New Jersey horizon called 
FLOOR PUNCH. I've been to their practices 
and they will kick ass when they finally play out 
They've got a serious old school hard core style 
somewhere between BREAKDOWN and 
YOUTH OF TODAY Look for a cover of 
BREAKDOWN'S "Safe In A Crowd" at their 
shows They should be releasing a demo around 
late October sometime. Late news: Roger 
Miret, ex- AGNOSTIC FRONT, of course, 
broke his back at a MADB ALL show There is 
going to be a really big benefit at Coney Island 
High in early September with a lot of bands 
Harley Flannigan has a new band with Paris 
(both ex-CRO-MAGS, of course) called 
WHITE DEVIL. I heard they played up in 
Albany and their set included some old CRO- 
MAGS songs. Well that's about all I can think 
of right now, more than usual lIj 



I Icy) This is the letter that I promised to write to you about 
the Y.O.T. reunion show lust November. In IIARDWARI- #6 you slate 
lhat "According to Kay. he slill believes in all the lyrics he wrote lor 
Y ( > I so unless you hook him up to a polygraph machine... and prove 
he was lying you have to give him the benefit of the doubt " I would 
under normal circumstances, give him the benefit of the doubt, but there's 
this lulle label that they signed to called Caroline in I'zXX, a lew vears 
atler they proclaimed their dislike lor the commercialization ot" hardcore 
that was going on even back then (i.e. the R<ick Hotel shows, see 
Y.O.T "s -live At CBCiB's" boot 7') Also there's this little band called 
SHELTKR that Ray, Porccll, and Sammy (I think) are in nowadays 
Therefore, if Ray would really still believe in everything that he ever said 
m Y.O.T he would still be a christian and not trying to shove Hare 
Rama's down our collective throats every chance he gels Don't get me 
wrong here My point isn t lo slag you here I agree with most of what 
you wrote about the Y.O.T, reunion (i.e. how they could' ve made it 
bigger, et al) but mv point was simply lhat 1 wouldn't trust Ray's words 
if m\ hlc depended on it based on his past actions. Please respond in 

Matt Berlavnt 

I Xxtr Matt, 

actually held) was a fire hazard Therefore, during DEADGUY's set, I 
had to make sine that no one else was allowed in. It lucking SUCKED 
having to turn away people that I knew, in some cases, but otherwise, the 
show would have been shut down I can understand people complaining 
and being confused al first, but what they have to understand is that either 
a I we follow the lire codes or b) there will be no more shows at Cook 
College During mv friend Claire's band night in February (WESTON, 
NARCOTIC played), we had to check l.D.'s al the door I he only 
people that could get m were those with Rutgcr's IDs, plus one guest 
per ID Also, the maximum number of people allowed was 122 Again, I 
know that this sucks balls, but I'd rather see a 122 person limit than no 
show al all! Also, please understand that the lire Inspector had lx.-cn 
wanting us to enforce these rules for a long time, and linallv he did 
something about it So. in a sense, my show was Ihe proverbial "straw 
that broke Ihe camel's hack", so lo speak, neither me nor Claire not 
anyone else on Animal Sounds (our concert committee) likes having to 
enforce these rules If u was up to us, we would return to the davs of old. 
where an unlimited number of people from anywhere could get in Oh, 
and to all of you who'll slill bitch about our new" (yeah right 1 ) rules 
even alter reading this. PUCK YOU! Grow up because you people are 
palhetie! I'd like lo see YOU taking shit from a bunch of losers not unlike 
yourselves for simply carrying out a policy that you had nothing to do 
with to begin with Whew! Thai went on for way loo long. 1 just had to 
gel that all out of my system Well, 1 hope that sets Ihe record straight. 
All hate mail, death threats and letter bombs should lie mailed (o: 

first of all I am not Ray Cappo's spokesman, and it is not my 
position to defend the guv since I only met him once and I don't even 
really know him. And it is mv guess thai you don't know him very well 
either Nor will I come down on him for his religion. I don't really 
thought thai is a major issue I le sings about the Unngs he believes in. 
only now it's Ins religion I find the fact (hat SI IKLTCR's music sucks so 
had compared to Y.O.T. ahoul a billion times more upsetting that the 
guy's choice of religions I couldn't care less if he was a Christian or a 
Krishna. Furthermore I will not call him a liar Ray had ihe unfortunate 
character flaw of being a Hid MOI ITU, imueh like myself) and it came 
back lo bile lnm in the ass Almost everything the guy said was 
documented in one form or another Because he wavered on major labels 
anil look some tunc lo settle into a religion does not effect mv decision 
whether or not to like the music he once made I don't care if fucking 
Wilson Phillips is playing "Break Down Ihe Walls it still a great song, 
whether or not Ray signed to a major, lieeame a Krishna or anything else 

Dear Dave, 

I just picked up Hardware #6 al Sound < )n Sound today As always. 1 
applaud you and Brell on another job well done. Keep up Ihe good work! 
I can't describe the reeling that 1 get after finishing another issue of 
I lardware in words, but I'll try ll inspires me very heavily to get mv own 
sorry slug of a Vine out already and to look at my record collection 
endlessly Did that make any sense ' I hope so Anyway, I'm writing this 
for two reasons hirst off, not to heat a dead horse or anything, but I have 
one final comment about our little debate on '60s rock icons I think 
Joplin, Morrison. Ilcndnx and l.ennon made heller music as "walking 
zombies thai were rarely sober" than most other people make whilsl 
sober, funny, ain't it? Secondly, I would like lo address the situation with 
shows at Cook College, which you briefly mentioned in your news 
section in issue Ub What you said was basically true, hut it was a little 
oil here's the scoop I booked a show there back in late January 
DEADGUY, HUMAN REMAINS and BLEED played Fortunately, a 
lot of people showed up and a good lime was had by all (well, hopefully 
niosl.) in attendance Unfortunately, the new Brunswick lire Inspcctot among in a nutshell, he told me lhat ihe Cafe (where Ihe show was 

Matt Bcrlyant 

7 Lycoming Lane 
I' Brunswick. N.J. 08816-3651 (You asked for the suffix, so you 
got it. baby!) 

e-mail: berlyantfa^cdcn. 

P S My vole for the quote of the issue #6 goes to (drumroll please) this 
gem emitted by none other than yourself "Shut Ihe fuck up. you fucking 
dick' Come over here so 1 can bitch slap you!" Maybe you can have a 
survey on thai topic if enough people send in replies eventually, Just an 


Dear Malt, 

Well. I heller grow up because I'm pathetic I guess those rules 
would be line, but you'll have to understand thai you now cannot 
advertise those shows off campus. Not everybody knows people with .i 
Rutgers ID and not everybody is going to lake a chance going when Ihev 
might not gel in That Cafe is supposed lo be open all Ihe time, what 
about the people tstudenls thai have nothing lo do with Ihe show) who 
just wants lo run in and get a cup ot coffee Maybe the answer is to look 
ahead lo next year and try to gel the auditorium al the center I know it s 
hard lo gel and you would have lo actually charge people to get in bill it 
would Ik- worth il -DK 

Dear David. 

Hey big guy- You don't know (at least I donT think you do) Drew 
at S( >ll. I .IP sent inea copy of HARDWARE And I was so impressed by 
your Vine thai I nisi wanted to write and tell you thai You seemed like 
such a great guy- -and IIARDWARI: seemed like that best of the Vines 
I ve gotten. GLOOM was the other that generally impressed mc. Do vou 
know Nathan, who puts out <il.( X >M"> We've written a bil lo each other- 
he and you seemed to me to be a bil similar. Smart and balanced kind of 
guys, you were the two whose opinions about music and oilier stuff I 
particularly was eager to check out Nathan's given mc a good number of 
music and other kinds of suggestions. 

People we need more letters 

[ sent away for SOU, I. IP and GLOOM and u handful of others that 
wore reviewed in recent issues of METAL MANIACS and MRK It's the 
lirsl lime I've gotten un\ '/ines—I'm slid pretty much a newcomer to both 
ihe nielal and punk/llC worlds I've been meeting people as penpals (via 
Melal Maniacs and MRK) and checking out more and more hands and 
now insi started getting a look al some 'zincs. 

The 1IC scene is particularly Ihe one I've been wanting lo know 
more about— 1 guess that's whal I said in my first letter to drew a! SOU. 
LIP. and so he sent mc I IARI )WARJ as well as his stuff 

Ihe opening bit you wrote about going to the NYC Gay/Lesbian 
march was so moving lo me-- I was so impressed. b\ your heart and 
courage, and claniy of mind, ethics. Your caring aboul oihei |>cople being 
abused- I insi fell like 1 had lo write lo you and let you know how much 
il meant lo al least one reader. 

Tin hi. so 1 have a deep and very personal interest in die politics of 
sexual culture I'm on llie target end of hclerosexisiri m m\ hfe— bul i m 
pretty sure I'd care deeply about opposing homophobia even if I didiil 
have a homo side myself. !>ccause I'm not on the target ends of sexism or 
racism, bul I'm still very deeply and mililaullv anti-sexist and anti-racist 
Always have been. I have always communicated thai lo fellow males and 
lellow white people. It's so rare lo meet a nonhomophobic straight 

person, much less one who cares enough alMiut it lo write aboul thai 
sensibility, much less want to go to a gay march, much less to actually go 
lo a gay march, much less to be and do all of that, much less be 
into 11C and do all of that and then write about it in his IK' Vine I was 
so unbelievably impressed in all Ihosc dimensions— I nisi had lo write 
you. ( I caughl the reference lo yourself as "straight atheist", llial s why 
I'm thinking you're straight. I I rust wanted lo lo send you a hello and say 
thanks lor putting out one of the besl Vines tin the IIC scene or in any 
luiderground scene) I'll definitely be interested in getting upcoming 

And also thanks lor the courageous and noble & clearheaded 
defense of guvs like me living under lire from sexual bigots The light 

Take care, 
Hill Duyrner 7IX Cayuga Santa Cm/ . CA 95062- 

Hill, thanks for the cool lellcr I always thought a person's sexuality 
was their own business 1 mean lis no big deal and I can't believe it's an 
issue anymore Hopefully. I'll be able to gel out lo this year's march and 
if I do. you'll hear aboul it again m an upcoming issue of I IARDWARE 


I tavid, 

Hello! I must congratulate you on a job well done with the latest 
installment of HARDWARE the interviews were done well and I liiund 
my self laughing al some of the show reviews, especially Ihe POLICY 
Of THREE played. oh boy" I laughed for aboul ten minutes alter that 
POLICY Of THREE are extremely boring 1 see you guys are CRO- 
MACS fans You know. I saw the CR< l-MACS on their "Best Wishes" 
lour in S'J and they were nol very exciting. That was when llarley sang 
and he was kmda dorky They were on lour with a thrash band from 
Europe called DESTRUCTION. DESTRUCTION never played since 
ihe\ wore nol satisfied with Ihe monitors Well since they did nol play, 
thcCRO-MAti S manager said Ihey would never play in the I) S again 
They never did to my knowledge lhal was Ihe lasl show al Ihe infamous 

I would like lo thank you lor giving my band (ACT Of FAIT] II a 
nice review in your lasl issue of HARDWARE There arc lots of good 
Kinds down here in Atlanta We have a decent hardcore scene. AC"1 ( IF 
I' AI'I'II lias been around since September of 19X9 We will be releasing 
another CD al the end of June or July. CRISIS UNDER CONTROL, 
another long-standing hardcore band, will be releasing a 12' m a few 
months Other bands include Quadihacha, Thence Forward, Lcvclhcad, 
Car Vs. Driver, Scout. Broken and One Wav. 

As I read your 'zinc, I could tell thai you are tired with a lol of the 
bullshit surrounding (he hardcore scene I/ere in Atlanta, von could rem a 
U>al in all the shit thai surrounds our scene people are never happv wiih 
whal they have got Someone is always complaing about one thing or 
another for example, who slamming, who's nol vegan, who's tins or 
lhal To me the music keeps me going I am 22 years old I have two jobs 
and I am a lunior at Georgia State University I will be graduating in 
about a year with a degree in Arts and Science I am pretty busy, bul 
when il comes lo a hardcore shovs or my band. I always pul lime aside foi 
holh So the bullshit lhal seeps into ihe hardcore scene. I try nol lo lei it 
bother me. Ivven though when il does al limes. 1 guess il is when I pick 
up a Vine like yours lhal I feel reassured and happv lo know ihere arc 
other people out there Ihat seem lo care about hardcore. Lasl night, I saw 
(he worst lucking show m a long time it was the HAD DRAINS and boy 
did they fucking bomb Ihe only two reasons I went Ihcrc: 
I ) I got in for free. 2) Il was ihe original line-up l 31 I am a sucker 1 ) 

I walked in and was surprised lo see Ihe show was pretty crowed I 
got Ihere aboul twenty minutes before they went on As I stood there 
wailing I noticed a man with dreadlocks and dark sunglasses hand 
culled lo a woman who was laking him somewhere He had a while cloth 
lied around his head and wore a red suit similar lo something on Ihe Sgl 
Pepper Album. I though! it was strange. Then len minutes laier. guess 
who thai was? You gol il, I IR lie stood onstage thanked Ihe (lowers. 
Irecs. the soil and of course Jah The hand followed him m true rock star 
fashion and lltey begun with the intro on T Against I" Of course, they 
slopped in Ihe middle and played a song I didn't recognize Then 
something weird happened. I could hear the vocals, bul their was no 
singer on the slage 1 le lefl Ihe lucking stage lor l\vo songs and sang them 
backstage or on Ihe side of Ihe slage What a fucking weirdo. Then after 
Ins break, he came oul with a horn and proceeded lo butcher Ihe resl of 
their songs with oul of key noles from his horn I don't lliink I need lo 
continue with this If 1 had paid ten cents for this show. I would have 
been ripped off 

lake il easy. 
Ken Saluzzi 

1 S ( ireenvviKxl Ave Apt. 1 
Atlanta, GA 30306 

Dave and Co., 

Please send mc issue #6 or whatever you're on I sent you my "/me 
(SOUL DOUBT), nol like I ihink you'll particularly like u oi anything, 
bin just lo send it I wrote ihc-Sinkeout-siulT Anyway, the lasl issue I 
read was #5 and although it was rad, 1 think your aliunde aboul the 
changing face of I lardcorc sux I understand how many people have sold 
vou oul. I feci the same way and I haven't even been m Ihe scene as long 
as you have I know hardcore as a scene isn't as good as it used lo 
lie fuck, the scene will only gel better if we all try to make it good again 
instead of complaining how much better Ihings were hack m the day. 
fuck venerating ihe old school and calling ihe new school "post- 
hardcore There's no such thing Hardcore isn't an era or a type of 
music, even, it's an attitude and that attitude still exists in many people 
out there... otherwise there'd be no point m writing your Vine, or mine 
Why do you seem so |iessimis[ie lhal Ihe scene will never gel good again? 
What's stopping il besides lhal aliunde'' Maybe I totally misunderstood 
what you were wnling about, but it's almosl as if you are ready lo resl on 
your ass and reminisce aboul how things were rather than gelling up and 
doing something aboul it. I know thai can't be Ihe case because you 
wouldn't put out such a g<xxl Vine if it was. I [ell. even down in Honda 
there's a place that's having the best summer I've ever seen no drug or 
alcohol shows with the likes of DOUGHNUTS, SNAPCASH. GUILT, 
IMPORTANCE:. CULTURE, R(X)SF.VELT, brother - d keeper, 
SPLI'f LIP, and a whole bunch of others In Florida... home of 
IIMESCAP1. ZERO, CULTURE. FAILSAFE, and who knows who 

Keep the faith (don't bitch aboul where il went). 
Steve/Soul Doubt 

1 160 New Parkview PI. 
9 Haverhill, FL 33417 

I lardware H(> was wonderful. While I'm realty nol mlo the bands 
covered in (his particular issue (nol because 1 dislike, more because 
I'm nol familiar with anj of them) lis greal that ilicir is so much 
else lo look through, unlike most zincs that base their enure issues 
around their interviews 1 hope thai Hardware turns out to lie a long 
term deal, because there is hardly anything about hardcore thni is 
permanent or long-term There's also nothing (w7 the exception of 
MRR l that you can count on seeing or hearing something new on at 
least a semi-regular basis Radio Riol was probably the closest 
we II see to that on this coast. I lope you guvs keep filling lhal void 
Normally. Pin not into record reviews because I find them 
completely unreliable. 1 do however trust (he reviews m your '/me 
because I've been finding lately that vvliat you say is slm is just thai 
shit. 'Hie first band you guys ever turned me onto was CHAIN TO 
THRF.AD who I absolutely adore. I'm sorry lo hear about any 
fallout between Tony and you guvs. Sounds like Dreed threw the 
first stone Anyway, 1 reallv dig the '/me and in the future I'd like 
(o be a contributor. If I stumble across a good interview, I'll keep 
you guys in mind. Finally, thanks lor the review. Nobody gives me 
reviews I don't know whether it's liecuuse two pagers gel losl 
easily or their not big enough lo review, or whether kids would lose 
scenester points for reviewing a Farley-produced fanzine. I found 
with Fuck You Fanzine that there were kids who liked the '/.inc. but 
would gel shu from Iheir friends lor printing a review or going on 
record as saying they liked ii It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't 
depend on reviews lo let people know lhat I've got something out, I 
don't go lo as many shoyvs as I'd like lo nowadays because I make 
money on the weekends as a waiter, so 1 don't gel the chance lo 
pass my Vines out lhat often and 1 find myself dependent on my 
mailbox. So thanks a million for any review, good oi bad Well. I 
gotia go Thanks again and keep in touch lake care 

Charlie Farley P.O.Box 134 t'olmar. PA 18') 1 5 

I'm just writing lo tell you thai I ilimk Hardware is one of my all-lime 
favorites .joining the ranks of Dear Jesus and Schism if s good to see a 
Vine with brulal honesty as well as a (ongue-in-chcck sense ol humor As 
much as I snll love hardcore (the basic premise of il anyway). I love lo 
poke fun at il as much as I can get away with, My friends and I can 
develop just one "bidip-bo. 1 " joke into an all-day event.-.Kspecialh 
interesting was the article on driving lo see shows al Ihe Anlhrax-ah what 
memories! I AY Sammy with the box of Y O.T./JUDGF, shirts, kids going 
nuls to all live bands. 1 could go on forever! lis great to see thai Ihe two 
ofvou firmly believe in the concept of straight-edge alter all these years, 
but yet. can satirize it like vou did on the cover of the summer "°4 issue 
Often times, younger kids lake themselves too seriously and can't poke 
fun at it, nol realizing how they'll most likely Tall from grace'' in a year 
or cwo. (or when Ihey go to college, which ever conies first I 
I nfortunalcly. many people my age (23) probably wondei when I'll 
"grow out of il" < Hi well "ITianks a lot and keep up the great work' 

Chris Cannon 


FRONT "Raw Unleashed' 



62 songs, that's right 62 songs! They 
include the rough mixes of the "United 
Blood" 7" (with plenty of extra songs), the 
two songs from the "Message From the 
Underground" Comp, a real early recording, 
as well as a practice from 1984. That's a lot 
of A.F. for your buck. A nice bonus is the 
great packaging, with a lot of old photos, the 
interview from Schism #8, flyers, and the 
"United Blood" lyric sheet. This is definitely 
worth it if you like A.F., and let's face it, 
everyone should -Brett 

For every one who thinks that "United 
Blood" and "Victim In Pain" are among the 
best hardcore records every made, must 
absolutely get this compact disc. 62 songs 
(which clock in under an hour?!?) are 
presented, most duplicates of the same 
songs, but as the liner notes state, this is an 
"historic document". I agree The stuff here 
hasn't been heard by anyone in a long 
fucking time. Included are a lengthy "United 
| Blood" recording which they picked the 
songs for the 7", an early demo, a rehearsal 
(in which there is much priceless 
conversation between tracks), the actual 
"United Blood" recording and the two tracks 
off the very rare "Message From The 
Underground" comp (which actually aren't 
too good) One of this issue's "Best Buys" 
Get. -DK 

(Grand Theft Audio 501 W Glenoaks Blvd. 
ste 313Glendale, CA 91202) 

ALL DAY "War On The Boulevard" 7" 

Figures I finally get a record sent here I 
like and my record player doesn't play it all 
the way through (1 have one of those linear 
tracking things) High-energy punk/hardcore 
that brings back memories of the early '80s 
LA scene Pretty good, probably play this | 
one again sometime! -DK 

(Know Records, see ad) 






m f 4C V l 

.^w-a^n ' .ram -; --Vj^^y-a^F^r^ 









L.I.C.,N.Y. 11105 

We do custom screen printing for 

extremely cheap prices! 

Bands, Zines, labels are all welcome. 

All reviews done b\ David K. and Brett B. Send in your stuff to review. Thanks. Bve. 




This is not as generic as most of 
that modernist hardcore noise stuff that's out 
there though it still doesn't move me much. 
It's seems that everybody is putting out 
seven-inches these days with two fast songs 
on one side and one long boring tune on the 
other -DK 















P.O. BOX 6948 
SAN JOSE, C A 95150 


(Sunney Sindicut Records 915 I. St. #C-166 
Sacramento, C A 95814) 

Vinegar" CD 

Damn, I can even be nice about this 
Rock crap in the vein of PEARL JAM I 
haven't been so bored in my entire life I 
used to think this band was half-way decent 

(Another Planet Records) 

ANAL CUNT "Greatest Hits, Vol One" 

For all you ANAL CL'NT fans, this is 
for you. On this 76 minute 33 second CD, 
there's everything AC. has ever recorded 
and then some But what is the attraction to 
this "band , "> It's just noise. Sucks the big 
one -DK 

(Ecocentric Records P.O. Box 572 D-56075 
Koblenz GERMANY) 


Heavy and powerful modern hard core 
from Holland, not too metal but a little does 
creep in there every now and then -Brett 

Another one of those European bands 
that would be huge in America if they would I 
just come here Heavy modern hardcore, 
unity and positive type lyrics the whole deal | 
It's just that 1 don't find it really that thrilling 

(Crucial Response Records) 



BACKLASH "No Reason Why Not" CD 

This is another band that gets that "ol 
school" label, unjustifiably so There are 
few more fast parts than average, but the 
majority of the music is 90's metalcore. Not 
to be totally unfair, it is pretty good and the 
lyrics aren't that bad either Is the title a bite 
on the GB song 9 -Brett 

We got a tape of theirs a while back 
and it was all right 1 can honestly say they 
have improved. Late '80s influenced 
hardcore with those metal touches. It really 
doesn't get cheesy at all, while most of this 
kind of stuff bores me, I kinda like this. 
There's even a couple of fast thrashers to 
break it up. A decent newer band I think 
that this is a compilation of recent material. - 

(Trip Machine, see ad) 


This band contains three members of | 
BLAST!, including Mike Neider, so the 
comparisons are inevitable While the power 
and heaviness remain the speed, BLACK 
FLAG type hooks and interesting vocals 
don't BLACK OUT are more of a heavy 
rock band, like the MELVINS or 
MONSTER MAGNET than a hard core 
band On the up side the production and the 
layout and exceptional -Brett 

$3 .50 to Indecision Records 
P.O. Box 578 1 
Huntington Beach, Ca 

BLINDFOLD "Restrain The Thought" CD 

I really don't know what this band is 
trying to do Plodding, heavy cmo stuff that 
doesn't go anywhere in my book. Just can't 
get into it Cover and layout is great though - 

(Conquer The World, see ad) 


There actually might be something 
decent going on here but there's a lot lost in 
the production of this record. The guitars are 
very tinny and vocals are too low Get a 
better recording next time. -DK 

(Bucky Records P.O. Box 72671 Las Vegas, 
NV 89170) 

I . **0HMM $m& ' RECORD 
llMfttfSlffft* ' REVIEWS 



.<J* P.O. Box 1371 
"*-' -n-oy, NY 12181 

hT"* 1371 U.S.A. "* 

\*r ppa os* out Wow 

I LPtsT 

■■—■■■..■::: ::KX>®8S3„ 

OX' do n <+ equate' 

51 *J_— J 


Three women make up BOYCOTT 
and caught my ear with some well-done 
BABES IN TOYl.AND influenced tunes 
Most of the tracks are heavy and one is sort 
of fast and snotty SIN 34 style. Hopefully 
we'll be hearing more from this group in the 
future -DK 

(Trench Records P.O. Box 40041 Spokane, 
WA 99202) 

BUCK WILD "Little Punch You In The 
Ear" CD 

"Featuring the guitarist from 
LAGWAGON" says the sticker. Let me 
guess. Southern California style ala 
Epitaph ..Yup! How did I ever guess? 5 
songs (the CD only lists 3) of that sound we 
all know and love Not for me... -DK 

(Lobster Records P.O. Box 1473 Santa 
Barbara, C A 93 102) 

BULLDOZE •Remember Who's Strong' 7" 

For all you people who are into this 
style of music: this is the band for you. I'm 
pretty sure this has been out for a while and 
is in it's third or fourth pressing. It came out 
on a label from France so your best bet is to 
write the band -Brett 

Kevone Cea 
Suffern, NY. 10901 

CAST IRON HIKE The Salmon Drive 
E P " CD 

This band 
wide variety of 
instruments, it's 
tracks, melodic 
and sometimes 
listen to but I 
would dig them, 
together -DK 

hails from Mass. and have a 
sounds coming out of their 
not easy to label them Four 
hardcore, sometimes heavy 
noisy. Not what I would 
know a lot of you people 
especially since they sound 

(Big Wheel Records, see ad) 


After many, many years the classic 
CFA 7" has finally been officially reissued, 
along with the cut from the Peace Comp 
The packaging is very good and it includes a 
few pictures not in the original layout. For 
$8 you had better get this It's classic 

I'm very glad to see that Lost & Found 
didn't do this first, for once -Brett 

P.O. Box 146546 
Chicago, 1160614 

CAVITY "Human Abjection" Lp 

Well, I think it's much better than the 
previous 7" a couple of years back Ultra- 
noisy and heavy, sometimes it gets a little 
scary Some real good artwork on the insert 
I recommend this -DK 

(City Of Crime Records P.O. Box 592426 
Miami. FL 33159) 

"CHEAP SHOTS" compilation CD 

This 75 plus minute CD compiles all 
the bands on the Burning Heart label. Some 
of the material is from the records, some is 
unreleased. Sounds range from Epitaph 
inspired to heavy fucking metal Good if you 
want to get exposed to what going on in 
Sweden -DK 

unch you in 



SOf ig **"•*' from upcoming ait*..., 


Shawn 9l S Ljomjgon 

send to 

P.O. Box 1473 
Souls Barbara -9310? 

(Burning Heart Records) 

CHEATER "The Hours & Times/Sticky" T 

This one was sent to me at random by 
a management company. I guess CHEATER 
would fit in with the whole indie 
pop/Maxwell's scene. Kinda average 
pop/rock, nothing to get worked up over - 

(Detour M 

P.O. Box 491 N.Y.C., NY 

CHISEL "Nothing New" Ep 

Y'know, something inside wants me to 
like these guys on a grand scale They play 
the poppy stuff well. It also has a great 
production, though after awhile, it all starts 
sounding the same. CHISEL are talented, 
no question, but I'm looking for something 
more. -DK 

(Gern Blandsten Records) 

CITIZEN PAIN "True Lies/Back Of The 
Line" 7" 



Sound Idea Di 

PO Box 3201 
Brandon, FL 33509-3204 

m #t3) 653-2S5& PX (813) 653-265* 


Records, cassettes, CDs, T-shirts* 

videos, /.hi es, books and more. 
Domestics, imports and bootlegs! 

for the current catalog. 

Vfctft the Sound Idea itore to Brandon, F3L 



$8ppd J^7 





Slow to mid-tempo, heavy hardcore 
which really doesn't do me for me Hard to 
judge by two songs. Great production 
though -DK 

($3 to: Dom Tucci P.O. Box 
N.J 07666) 

1 00 Teaneck, 

CIV "Can't Wait One Minute More/Et Tu 
Brute 9 " 7" 

Shit, the last Revelation record I think 
I heard was the final YOUTH OF TODAY 
one. As you might already know, CIV is Civ 
from the GORILLA BISCUITS and a couple 
of other guys from all those "N.Y Youth 
Crew" bands from the late '80s. I never liked 
the GORrLLA BISCUITS, so CIV has like 
twenty strikes against them going into me 
listening to this with an open mind "Can't 
Wait One Minute More" is very upbeat, 
poppy and a little catchy. The flipside sounds 
like the GORILLA BISCUITS recorded it 
and left it off their last album It's a very well 
produced affair but I can't gel into it because 
of things past -DK 

I've really got mixed feelings about 
this one The A side, "Can't Wait One | 
Minute More", sounds like a slightly 
hardcore influenced pop- 

punk/alternative/contrived-for-MTV song, 
but it does grow on you The flip side is a 
really good fast-paced song which displays | 
the hard core capabilities of the band 
members quite well It's full of curse words | 
and will probably never get any radio airplay 
I hear their other fifteen or so songs (which | 
I will be recorded for their major label debut) 
sound more like "Start Today" period GB, 
but once the video for "Can't Wait One I 
Minute More" becomes a MTV "Buzz Clip" i 
don't expect these guys to play at the local 
VFW hall I hope I'm wrong, but it looks 
like these guys are using the hard core scene | 
they abandoned for a nice convenient 
stepping stone into the mainstream, which i 
will flop soundly once this stupid alterntive | 
trend fades away Then maybe they'll play at 
the VFW hall, or maybe just disappear like | 

they did after GB broke up Think about it. - 

Revelation Records 




COCOBAT "Posi-Traction" CD 

When I got a package from Japan the 
other day, I thought it was somebody 
sending me a WINK CD Instead, I got this 
As much as I like most Japanese stuff, this 
bored me to no end Bad power metal mixed 
with a little hardcore. Sometimes it gets 
weird Hard to describe. Blah Best thing 
about it is the Pushead cover and even that 
isn't that thrilling -DK 

(Toy's Factory Nisseki-Shibuya Bldg-6F, 2- 
16-i Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 

COI)K 13 "Doomed Society" 7" 

These guys are probably at the top of 
the heap as far as crusty bands go. They 
remind me a lot of earlier CITIZENS 
ARREST with a lot lot of power, not just 
I grind/speed All you punkers should check 
out the lyrics to "Poison Society", these guys 
have guns -Brett 

At first glance, everything about the 
look of this record is typical crust/peace- 
punk (though the cover art is fucking 
exceptional), but as I have been trying to 
listen to things with an open mind as of late, 
so should you. This is a pretty good record 
Yeah, it's a mix of crust/grindcore, though 
it's done better than most The production 
could have been a little better What do I like 
about it the most? The lyrics. They are not 
too typical and they even have a straight- 
edge type song. I like it CODE 13 have 
something to say. On "collector scum" red 
vinyl. (What a term coined by Jim and Nate 

(Havoc Records P.O. Box 8585 

Minneapolis, MN 55408) 

1 CORNERSTONE "Beating the Masses" 

Nine songs of good solid, straight up 
I hard core. The layout is pretty good, 
considering it's on Lost & Found and 
recording is good, with the exception that 
the vocals are a little high These guys are 
gaining a loyal following pretty quickly, so I 
I suggest you all go out and buy this so you 
lean sing along at the next show. -Brett 

Lost & Found Records 

from Canada: 



tj ■ l iiiiiui I "Tff '■■ 


cash & m.o.'s 

Vince Averill 

No Checks! 

$ 6 N. Amer 

$ 8 World 
$ 10AIR 

p.o. box 970922 ypsilanti, mi. 48197 

"ike salmon drive e.p. u < 


ctl 6M 

• big wheel is seeking 
in I mi.' 1 1 1 .in.! regular 
releases, bands, send 
music if interested. 

cass info: 

rama mayo 

325 huntiiigton ave. 

suite #24 

boston ma 021 15 

at info: 

dicky ui nuttings 

2 donald st:* 

nortliboro ma- 



Wholesome Goodness 





LP/CS $9 • CD $1 1 






IP/CD $12 


Send a Jtainpfor our mailorder catalog 

with other re/< eJ inerehandiie to: 

Wreck-Age • 487 WeJt Bmadway, 2N* New York, NY 10012 

Bad Trip 


This 7" is a promo for both bands 
upcoming releases on Lost And Found 
records The UNIT PRIDE side consistes of 
one song, "Wide Awake", which is from 
their 7" If you don't have the 7" get the 
L&F repress because it is great, fast hard 
core from 1988 The CORNRRSTONE side 
is two great, fast hard core songs from 1995! 
Both of them ("Not For You" and "Don't 
You Ever Say You Were") are on their 

| upcoming full length CD titled "Beating the 
Masses" CORNERSTONE are one of my 
favorite new bands because they stay true to 

I the good old formula for success: fast parts, 
mosh parts, and sing alongs I strongly urge 
everyone to get their CD when it comes out., 

| personally, I can't wait. -Brett 

Lost & Found Records 


Vita" 7" 

"Frammenti Di 

Not into this one at all Generic thrash 
from Italy with a so-so recording Punk 
Rock! -DK 

(Ecocentric Records P.O. 
Koblenz GERMANY) 

Box 572 56005 

Call THE MEATMEN HOTLINE for tour datesll • Dealer inquiries welcome, lets deal directll 

(703) 670-8723 

The Meatmen, Box 5542, McLean, VA 221 03 
Distributed by Pravda. Feedback & other fine distributors 


I'm not too sure how long this has 
been out, but is was recorded back in '93 
after the WORLDS COLLIDE tour, and not 
surprisingly this is metal No trickery here. 
where you might think some hard core is 
coming, it's all metal from start to finish - 

Tidal Records 
P.O. Box 4086 
Rockville, Md 20852 


This time around DAMNATION are 
still metal, of course, but now they sound a 
little like INTEGRITY. I fail to see what all 
the hype is about over this band 
WALLEYE are emoish rock, sort of like 
CHISEL. Only two songs, nothing too 
special Nice packaging though -Brett 

Jade Tree Records 
2310Kennwynn Rd 
Wilmington, De 1 98 10 


Machinery" 7" 

These guys like their music fast and 
hard, and with real unique, screamed, but not 
screechy or grind, vocals and good lyrics. 
Your basic white on black layout rounds out 
a solid release. They have a 10" coming out 
soon, so check that out too Oh yeah, 
there's a nice LIFE'S BI.OOD guitar 
harmonics part at the end of "Shark Fin 
Soup", they are from Albany, after all. -Brett 

Needless to say, I have been looking 
forward to this one a long time. DEVOID 
OF FAITH are becoming one of my favorite 
bands They are playing some good heavy 
noisy crusty hardcore that is very scary at 
times. Gives me the chills. I just hope all you 
people search this one out otherwise you 
honestly missing out -DK 

(Crust Records C/O 
Warwick, R.I. 02888) 

P.O. Box 8511 

DOWNFALL 4 song demo 

I could describe this as your basic 
heavy modern hardcore tunes, but the tape 
sound was very shaky Could be good, could 
| ($3 to: Delson Barette RT. 124 Brewster, 
NY. 10509) 

i)kiim'im;(,oss 7' 

A lot of people heard the name 
DRIPPING GOSS because the late Chuck 
Valle was a member of this band Hard to 
describe this one, but it might be safe to say 
there's alot of noise rock going on with 
enough odds & ends to not make it generic - 

(Another Planet Records) 

"EDUCATION" compilation Lp 

Christopher has assembled a pretty 
decent line-up for a cause you don't hear 
about everyday in the hardcore world, 
education. He was smart enough to put the 
strongest bands first because the rest of the 
bands sound much better than they actually 
are. DEVOID OF FAITH starts this one off 
with a bang, then BLEED. KISSES AND 
HUGS are cool and the rest of the bands for 
the most part deliver above average tracks 
Good cause, good record, get -DK 

.conquer the world. 


Michigan Hardcore Militia 

1. Culture Born of You CD/12". 

? Nations On Fire Death of the Pro-Lifer CD. Vinyl released out of Europe. 

3. Autumn Leaf Dance Learn What Is Taught CD 

4 . Empathy Under The Lost Smile CD/12" 

5. Fadeaway S/T 6 Song CDep. 

6 Cholc ehold CD - Contains LP + Live + Demo, Etc. 

7. Blindfold Restrain The Thought 127GJ. 

8 Cholc ehold Prison of Hope 12" Third Pressing. 

9. Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade / Mainspring Split 7" Split Label Release 

10 Mainspring 7" Single (Out On New Local Label) 

1 1 Provisional 7" Single (Old Melodic Hardcore From Michigan) 

12. Grade 12" New 8 Songs on Capsule Records CDep Price 

CTW Is Now Manufacturing CDs'. Sample 
Price: 1000 Cds' for $800. 3-4 Week Turn 

CDep $6.00 

north n-rucQ 

$5.00 12" 
$10.00 CD 




$8.00 $12.00 



P.O. Box 40282 / Redford, Ml 48240 

Phone / FAX 313-365-8754 

Voice Mail 810-746-3393 

Around. Contact For More Information. 

In Europe Ordering is now Faster, Cheaper 

and Easier From Euro CTW Write For List. 



48143 Mijnster - Germany 

Phone: 49-25147700 Fax: 49-25147716 

who wants seven inches when you can 
get the latest from rhetoric records? 

-till li|U 

slow children at play 


who shaved pachinko? 5" ep 

.i~::ea ea: C: :. o: 

::tn nar.C s~a~r.-:\ C ■--.- 

also available: 

horaco pinker/face lo face splil 7" 

pachinko: deep inside... 7" 

still life s/t 7" 

five inch ises are S3 u.s./ S5 world 

seven inches are S3 u.s./ S5 world 

eight inches arc S4 u.s./ S6 world 

send two stamps for a huge mailorder catalog 


fax: 608.259.0803 
stores we deal direct, get in touch. 

Boilermaker, No Knife, the Faction, 
and Overwhelming Colorfast! 

"fStfto* 1 


Tina, Age 13 album 

"Good Feelings" 

out in June! 

Watch (or their EP on 
Broken Rekkids — out nowl 


New LPs, CDs, and cassettes from Boilermaker and 
No Knife. Boilermaker is minimal, emoish, and harsh 
all at once, with great songwritlng. No Knife is pow- 
erful as hell and melodic, and catchy. The Faction 
Collection is 28 songs on CD only. Finally, all the 
great old skate rock songs on one compilation, 
including unreleased songs and live tracks. And the 
Overwhelming Colorfast 6 song CD, 4 song 7".AII 
new songs, bub! CDs $10 postpaid. LPs/CS $8 post- 
paid. 7" $3 ppd. Stores, we sell direct 619-558-7875. 
We also have a catalog full of other stuff. 

Goldenrod Records 

3770 Tansy St San Diego, CA 92121 

(Mountain Records 56 Grandview Street 
Huntington, NY 11743) 

EMPATHY Under The L'ost Smile" CD 

This one I can't figure out at all It has 
nine songs on the cover, but the CD has 24 
tracks Musically it's a straight-forward, 
muddled mess, recorded really low for a CD. 
Cant make much out except that these guys 
love the movie "Breakfast Club" (there are 
many spoken tracks from that movie) and 
"True Romance" They cover "Don't You 
Forget About Me" by Simple Minds and just 
make a lot of noise after track nine. A 
strange one at that -DK 

(Conquer The World, see ad) 

ENK1NDEL 4 song CD 

Really not much going on for me here, 
except that it's well-produced Loud, emo 
stuff that most of you will probably like -DK 

(Initial Records P.O. Box 251145 West 
Bloomfield, Ml 48325) 

...yo, it's all good... on Trip Machi ne! 

"No Reason Why Not" CD 

(11 songs, combines their 7" and Ip) 

"The Last Season" 12" 

(7 songs of tribal emo-Slayer) 

CD's are $8 (US), $950 (CanVMex.), $10 (sea), $13 (air), LP's 
are $6 (US), $7 (CanVMex.), $8 (sea), $10 (air). Australia and 
Japan add $1 to each Kern. Cash or MO. in US funds payable 

LABELS AND DISTRIBUTORS: Get in touch. I trade and have 
cheap wholesale prices. Send SASE or IRC for dish o list 

OUT SOON: Golden Monkey Klan 7" and a 
Milhouse/Devoid of Faith split 7". 

PO BOX 36, NEW CITY, NY 10956-0036 USA 


Some heavy-hitting stuff here, sort of I 
sounding like early RAW DEAL While there [ 
is definitely room for growth, it has a very 
good recording and is not that generic 
FACTION ZERO should find an audience in| 
no lime at all -DK 

($3 to: FACTION ZERO 33 Lockwood PI 
Clifton, NJ 07012) 

FADEAWAY six-song CD 

FADEAWAY play real heavy hitting 
hardcore with a little metal madness thrown 
in for good measure. Maybe a whole Lp of I 
this would get boring, but this isn't half bad 
compared to most of the stuff we get sent 
CTW's best release to date -DK 

(Conquer The World, see ad) 



FALL SILENT "Never Forget" 7" 

1 fell really bad killing this since one of 
the guys in the band sent me this twice (the 
first copy was very much bent on arrival). 
The fact of the matter is that the record falls 
flat on many counts. It's very I INTEGRITY - 
influenced, but the songs seems to change 
tempo out of nowhere and the production is 
thin Only two very long songs here so 
maybe this is their first recording and I'm 
going to be nice On white vinyl -DK 

(Levi Watson 1590 Sky Valley Dr B-203 
Reno, NV 89503) 

FAR CRY "Tillsday" CD 

This CD is a re-issue of their two 
seven inches, "Story Of Life" and "Much 
lime Spent Waiting". Never dug this late 
'80s hardcore act, so I can't say that I like it, 
but obviously somebody will otherwise this 
wouldn't be Your choice. -DK 



no checks! 


(Crucial Response Records) 

F-DEFECTIVE "Under Oppression" CD 

For the most part it's your basic 
punk/thrash, though it does mix it up 
sometimes so you can't categorize it. 
Vocally, the girl singing touches all bases 
sounding like a cross between the singers 
from 45 Grave and Sin 34, plus Joan Jett 
comes to mind The guys sing for a couple of 
tunes Not enthralling, but decent. -DK 

($10 to: Performance Communications P.O. 
Box 1872 Westminster, CA 92684-1872) 


After hearing so much about these 
bands, I thought I was going to get my ass 
kicked listening to this. Sadly, that's not the 
case. Both bands play fast American style 
chunka hardcore, with the FEEDING THE 
FIRE being the heavier of the two Maybe 
after hearing more material, 1 can get a| 
handle on these bands better. -DK 

(Crucial Response Records Kaisersfeld 98 
46047 Oberhausen, GERMANY) 

59 TIMES THE PAIN "Blind Anger and 
Hate" CD 

A bit different than the other releases 
on this label, this one being very straight- 
edge hardcore in nature. Fast and loud, 
seems like they belong in the late '80s sound 
wise If you can dig it. -DK 

(Burning Heart Records) 



C*>A&. Si"C< vsTiCe 

the crumbs-i fell in love w/ an alien girl 7" $3ppd 
propagandhi-where quality is job #1 2x7" $5ppd 
F.Y.P-dance my dunce Ip $6ppd or cd $8ppd 
propagandhi/i spy split 10" $6ppd 
plus a shitload more,stamp=catalog 

q'.vVt'ifevteA &y H&Retfriver, pl 

I*- * or- 


ess records 1112 

torrance,ca 90505 

r 374)7*WH-*t 

ii m i 

av at. y° ur own risli volume 2 3x7 
w/quincy punx , propaqandh i , the slackers .the 

crumbs, i spy, second hond.annie S candy clutz 
ohickenhead, black fork.i ncre.reallyl 
also out soon 
propaqandhi/F.Y.P split 7", plus shit from second 
hwid.i spy, plus new quincy pun x <■ r epress inga. 




A rvi-:w York Sijkterkakisaiv Music Cojii»ii.atioiv. 

Featuring The Di: vii. Dogs, IIolbsiiot, Murphy's Law, Klectric Fraxkrnsteix, 

LvriiorIIkk, Dkadguy, Garden Variety, Ikon Prostatic Tin: Wretched Ones, 

MindOvisr Matiku, Tin: Hot Corn Gikus, Miuiouse, Vicious Beatniks, 13, 

Tim Wives, Die ik>, Heu. No, The Temimars, XeglectS Sweet Diesel. 

CD/dbl U'i KlOppd US. (Xlttpixl foreign) from Go Kuri Record.!, 

I'.O.II. ai). I'rince Si. Sin., NYC 10012. i'hone/fa* (218) 673-3380 

Disiio: llijj City. Caroline, DKI, Gel lllp, lOuwun Note, ReHervuir, 

Revelation, Kola, Sure Fire, TCI, Victory, Wreck-Age & cithers. 


The McRackins from The 1994 edition "Shreds" 

Vancouver fill up their debut CD is out with some great 

CD with 40 minutes of fast treasures from the 

catchy pop-punk tunes that American indie under- 

would be the envy of any ground you may have 

band. Don't let those crazy missed. Bands include, 

costumes fool you, cause Cub, Sluts For Hire, 

musically these guys have Atomic Boy, Plow, Bubble We have repressed The 

more hooks than Velcro. Boys, Broken Toys, Blah, Parasites "Reason For 

To receive 3 free McRackins Incredible Force Of 

stickers send a stamped self Junior, Tugboat_ Annie, 

Sunnychar are 2 girls 
and 3 guys from Japan 
who play energetic 
garage-pop with girl 
vocals on their 4 song 
debut ER Very cool. 

Treason/Letdown" single. 
If you missed it the first 
time around here's your 
chance to pick it up. 

addressed envelope to us at The Phuzz, The Fondled, 
the Shredder address below. Cavity, and 8 more! 
Also available, PARASITES "Pair" CD/LP, and "Punch Lines" CD, 
JAWBREAKER "Unfun" CD, "The World's In Shreds" volume 2 comp. 
EP, LOOSE CHANGE from Northern California with their 4 song debut 
ER "Shreds - Volume 1 " compilation CD with 20 bands including, NOFX, 
Jolt, MTX, J Church, etc. Mail order through Subterranean. P.O. 2530. 
Berkeley. CA 94702. Postpaid prices are $9 per CD. $3.50 per EP 
i— "iJl ^^ T*» T^ Tl T^ TTI F° r a Shredder Catalog send a SSAE to us 
!J J"? S*£ r. S S 1J r H a' 7 5 Plum Tree #3, San Rafael, CA 94901. 
aJ ■ ■ ** *=* *-■ Hkmds*'* Distributed to stores by Mordam Records. 

THE FIXTURES "Screw The World" 7" 

This here wasn't too exciting Middle 
of the road punk/hardcore which to me 
sounds mediocre -DK 

(Know Records, see ad) 

FLATUS "Have It Your Way" CD 

Poppy hard-core, in a very melodic 
vein. FLATUS definitely sound like they are 
from New Jersey. Not my bag, though I'm 
kinda surprised more people around here 
don't know of them because they could take 
off with the right crowd -DK 

(Local Color Records, see ad) 
THE FLIES "Venus Man Trap" 7 

I really don't know how to describe 
this but as really mediocre fast hardcore. I'll 
pass -DK 

(Trench Records) 

F.Y.P. "Dance My Dunce" CD 

A full CD by these guys and I'm sure 
that will make a lot of their fans happy Fast, 
snotty punk rock, plain and simple Decent, 
I can see why people dig them so much -DK 

(Recess Records, see ad. Costs $8) 

! H ECAIA "No 1"7" 

This one maybe a little old but after 
their turn on the excellent (and RAREM) 
"Women's Liberation" comp CD, I picked 
this baby up Fast, thrashy and noisy, similar 
to the previous tracks heard though not as 
memorable. Still it's definitely one to get 
because of the limited amount of Japanese 
records available to us here in this country - 

(Six Weeks 2262 Knolls Hill Cr. Santa Rosa, 
CA 95405) 



Let me tell you how you can figure out 
what these jangly emo-noise shit records 
sound like just by looking at them Hold the 
record up to the light, take a look at the 
grooves. If you notice lots of darker black 
passages (similar to the matrix of the disc) 
and they are at the beginning of the song, 
this means there is either A) a soft, guitar 
track or B) a spoken word intro thing Yes 
sir, totally by the numbers great production, 
but it bored the hell out of me. -DK 

(Capsule Records, see ad) 


Haven't heard anything from HELL 
NO in years, and there was a reason for thai 
"Linderman" is just another track in their 
long line of power rock clunkers. The 
GARDEN VARIETY track here is probably 
their best yet, playing the pop hardcore a 
little heavier than usual They are always 
better in small doses anyway. -DK 

(Reservoir Records P.O. Box 790366 
Middle Village, NY 1 1379-0366) 

"HELLHOLE" compilation CD 

This is a weird comp. because it has a 
lot of indie bands from the Houston area but 
it seems like this label has major label 
backing for some reason Not sure. 
Anyway, it's a half and half affair, some 
come off well like SAD PYGMY and 
BADGER Others well . let's just say dull 
rock Since this was recorded all at the same 
place with the same producer, all the bands 
have excellent production The reason I'm 
keeping this one is because of VIOLENT 
BLUE, who are the best band on here (girl 
singer, melodic music, like I'm going to 
think it sucks ) and makes me want to find 
more of their material if it exists. Check it 
out. -DK 

(Justice Records 49 Ormonde Blvd Valley 
Stream, NY 11580) 

hard core in the vein of UNIFORM 
CHOICE Definitely one of the best new 
bands I've heard in three years, at least - 

I can't begin to explain how fucking 
great this record is. All the elements thai 
made Southern California music good is 
presented here Ex-members of UNIFORM 
who didn't forget how to play or make their 
instruments sound just right A cover of 
NFAA's "Man Against Man" totally kicks 
(and wait l til you see them play live.) There's 
a CD with two extra songs. A rucking must 1 

(Conversion Records P.O. Box 
Huntington Beach, CA 9261 5) 


IGNITE "In My Time" 7" 

This is four songs off their Lost & 
Found CD of the same title, including their 
slightly rearranged version of NO FOR N 
ANSWER'S "Man Against Man". All I have 
to say is get this, or the CD, or see this band 
live. They are incredible, old style California 


URANUS split 7" 

First off, I want to say I fucking hate it 
when someone puts out a split 7" and 
doesn't put on the fucking labels which band 
is which and what fucking speed to play the 
fucking record That aside, (and after I 
figured out what band was which ) I have to 
say both bands sound like they should be on 
Gravity if Gravity was a grind label. The 
word is that these bands are hot OK maybe 
but nothing more -DK 



Coming this summer 


4 SONG 7 


hi mm login, a bihiomi 

Distributed by: 
Victory Records Chicago, II 
Posltve Face Records. PA 
„ Choke, Inc Chicago, IL 






5 song 7 C 




4 song 7" 



3 song 7" 

Check, money 

of dci or well 
hidden cash to: 



Also a vaikaDte 
Outward Stroke 'Bom...' 7" 
Quiver "Mtss Betty" T 
Shlumpf To Satisfy You 

4 song 7" 


S3.50 ppd North America 
are - S5.00 ppd WORLD iiiiqi ■ 

'" Or get 4 7-s for S 10 ', ^ * 
Foreign 4 for S 15 ("1©?) 

CA 90804 RcnuS 



9<«lM -M * Jl*.».L*.t.l| 

PSYCHO -Shrunken 7 


.?. C^nlinhleiica \Jne 


«fl e<ll -eo vinvi S8 00.110 00 

ft HA VOHE J -Picture Disc 7" 
[Manse grnrj $4 O0'$6 00 black matal/l««t record $5 00/S7.0<T 




MORDOR-Pidure Disc T 
Barbaric » myslicai J4 00/$ 6 00* 



higniy enolosivo grin-? ?4 00/J6 00 

EYE HATE GOD / 1 3-splrt 7" 

Igreen) very addicling 54 00'46 00* 

CAMBRIDGE , MASS 02142-0005 USA 

INFEST Bootleg 7" 

Here is the inevitable bootleg of the 
record that spawned a slew of inadequate 
immitators. The sound quality is decent, it 
has labels (the B side is different from the 
original), and the lyrics are included on the 
back cover, at the expense of some cool 
pictures, though If you are unfortunate 
enough to not have the original pick this up, 
it's worth 3 dollars -Brett 

INTEGRITY "Systems Overload" Lp 

This is one of the few new records that 
can hold my attention. While it does have a 
few more fast parts than their previous CD, 
I'm still not buying the contention that this 
record is "old school", unless, of course, 
you consider 1991 old school, which 1 don't 
The lyrics deal with death, torture, and 
revenge, as well as more obscure topics 
The coolest part about this record is the fact 
that they thank PROJECT X. -Brett 

Ah yes! The one band that can totally 
dis straight edge kids but still be popular in 
the straight edge scene is back On this 
record they opt for a faster, more old school 
sound. They cover new lyrical territory with 
the song "Armenian Persecution" The 
whole feeling behind this record can be 
summed up in two words: "Fuck It". 
INTEGRITY does whatever they please, and 
they've yet to disappoint me Great job - 
Scan O 


J CHURCH "The Precession Of Simulacra 
The Map Preceeds The Territory" CD 

All right. This is it I can not stand to 
hear another pop punk band These guys 
have got to take the cake. I'm sure there is 
an audience for this (unfortunately a very big 
one, too), but I'm not it This is so 
extremely sappy that it makes me want to 
pick up a hammer and bludgeon someone to 
death It's driving me to death metal! Even 
the recording is bad, the whiny vocals are 
too damned high -Brett 

Jade Tree Records 
2310 Kennwynn Rd 
Wilmington, De 19810 


KURBJAW's self-produced four song 
debut 7" gives a good insight into their 
sound, but something got lost in the 
translation from the live set (Maybe it's the 
fact that I don't almost get whacked by Bill's 
guitar in my living room) The music is NY 
influenced hard core with some decent fast 
parts and some nice guitar tricks for good 
measure. Jim's (ex-CC4J) lyrics are 
personal, dark, and almost depressing, but 


thirteen song\ 


Hometown War* 
E.P. . 

4 song 7" 

w an it a fliet? 

4 ppd us 6 world 

stores get in touch! we onJi deal dirccl 
v.mail (810) 826-4181 . i 


R E c O R d s 

Post Offlcc Box 34372 Detroit MM, 4823 4 

still intelligent. They ha^^HotmoreT!ongs 
than this so look for some more material in 
the future -Brett 

Gauge Records 

1 90 West Prospect Ave 

Key port, N.J 07735 

LA GRITONA "Frank White" 7" 

This record is really confusing Does it 
play at 45rpm or 33rpm? Is that the Frank 
White who used to play for the Kansas City 
Royals? I hear there is an ex-member of 
EYE FOR AN EYE in this band The music- 
is really heavy and slow, not moshy/heavy, 
just slow heavy. It also has a cover of "Deny 
Everything" by the CIRCLE JERKS which 
saves this thing from total shitdom -Brett 

First, any record I can't figure out 
what speed it's on immediately makes me 
want to throw it against the wall And this 
deserves it. Slow, lo-fi grind stuff 
Sometimes (like in the case of FLOOR), it's 
done well, but here They do get points for a 
pretty faithful fast grind version of "Deny 
Everything" by the CIRCLE JERKS. -DK 

(Chainsaw Safety Records 85-16 88th Ave 
Woodhaven, NY. 11421) 

MAINSPRING "Primose/Dark days" 7" 

It's another one of those damn 
ingrating modern emoish noisy crap records 
can't take it anymore!! 

(Dance Down P.O. Box 39037 Redford, MI 

MII.HOUSE 3 Song Tape 

Everyone's favorite nerd from The 
Simpsons is also a band which plays spastic, 
modern type hard core wihich reminds me a 
lot of ASSFACTOR 4 with longer songs, or 
HEROIN minus the guitar crunch Not bad 
really 1 don't know if they're selling these 
or what, but it's worth a try if you get into 
this sort of thing -Brett 

P.O. Box 184 
Babylon, N Y 


MILLENCOL1N "Tiny Tunes" CD 

This sounds so much like it came out 
on Epitaph it's hard to swallow that this band 
is from Sweden! All the tracks are basically 
upbeat and light hearted. Not that bad if 
there wasn't a glut of this kind of stuff 
already. I think you might want to give this a 
chance -DK 

(Burning Heart Records Kolsvagatan 4, 731 

MOUTHPIECE "Face Tomorrow" 7" 

Four new songs from New Jersey's 
favorites and this time aroung they take a 
more fast-paced hard core approach The 
lyrics are really good, dealing with the 
disintegration of the hard core (metal 9 ) 
scene, for example. I believe the first 1000 
are summer tour specials on clear vinyl witha 
different cover than the soon to be released 
regular issue, so if you didn't pick one up 
when they played your town you may be out 
of luck -Brett 

New Age 


NO FUN AT ALL "No Straight Angles" 

As with MILLENCOLIN, I couldn't 
believe that this was from Sweden. More 
Epitaph influenced tunes that aren't too bad, 
they just kind off' float past -DK 

(Burning Heart Records) 

ONE NATURE "Mutilated Children" 7" 

Judging by the title, you'd think this is 
a crust release C'mon it's ONE NATURE! 
A little different from their previous demo, 
the four songs here arc a mix of pop punk 
hardcore with some other styles thrown in. Is 
it good? Well, some will hate it and some 
will love it If I'm not in a hardcore mind 
(which is more often than you would think) I 
could say that this is interesting. Kind of 
weird Warning: A collector's nightmare! 
Not only is this a double seven inch on clear 
vinyl, but it's a double one-sided seven inch 
A bit of a waste I would say -DK 

(Subversive Records 
Raritan, N.J 08869) 

1030 Arnold Ave 

ORANGE 9MM "Driver" CD 

Hmm, I don't know. I'm not the 
biggest fan of funk/metal/rap, which is what 
this is. Avoid. -Brett 

Here's the latest (first on a major) 
release from Chaka's newest band I just can't 
seem to bring myself to dig this Sometimes 
the music is good, but those rap style vocals 
kill it for me. I can see the alternative crowd 
going nuts for this though Uninspiring. -DK 

(East West Records) 

Invincibility" 10" 

This one's for all you metalheads who 
like it fast and hard. Thrash-core to the max! 
They look and have lyrics like VENOM! 
Actually, it's not that bad, they are pretty 
tight, but I just can't take this stuff seriously 

REBEL TRUTH Bootleg 7" 

Good, solid, fast, early California hard 
core. At times the music and vocals remind 
me of early BAD RELIGION even though 
RT were from norther California, not LA. If 
that type of stuff is to your liking and you 
don't have the original, I would suggest 
picking this up Don't worry about getting 
ripped off, it says "Reissue" right on the 

back. One shor note for all past, present, 
and future bootleggers: This record has a 
nice cover.a lyric sheet, real labels, and cost 
only $3. Please try to live up to this 
example -Brett 

Yes, it's thee REBEL TRUTH, but 
it's a bootleg of the original 7" Came out in 
1983 when all 7"s came out with 9 or 10 
songs on them & all the bands played fast 
Never thought REBEL TRUTH were all 
that, kinda generic thrash with dull vocals 
Rumor has it that the person who put this 
out is going to putting out a whole line of re- 
issues, so be on the lookout for them and 
check out some old groups 

(no address 9 . Like I'm going to tell you ) 
RED AUNTS '7/1 Chicken" CD 

I received this from Epitaph the 
other day in a very cool black heart shaped 
box and thought, "You know, Epitaph puis 
out a lot of stuff I don't really like 
Hmmm RED AUNTS... I dig all-girl bands, 
maybe this is going to be the shit " Well, it's i 
the shit all right., the shit in my toilet I really 
wanted to like this and all but I just can't be | 
nice. Third-generation BIKINI KILL/riot 
grrrl trash that doesn't hold a candle to the 
good bands in this genre It's packaged 
nicely, that's the only good thing 1 can say 
about it. -DK 

(Epitaph Records) 

(Ax/ction, see ad) 


Here is another reissue that you all 
should run out and buy. "My Rage" is easily 
one of the all time greatest NYHC records, 
and since there was only 1000 (I think) 
( 1 500 -Dave) of the original pressing it will 
be really worth it to find this if you already 
don't have the vinyl This also includes the 
demo, which I have never heard before and 
is pretty decent, and the 7", which isn't too 
good at all. The packaging could have been 
a lot better but this is an overall winner Buy 
this version instead of the overpriced Lost & 

Found version which doesn't include all the 
extras. -Brett 

Blackout Records 

Well, I finally got a copy of this 
retrospective from Charles Let us see, this 
thing was supposed to be out TWO years 
ago. Better late than never, especially when 
it's something like this. Contains both Lps, 
the "Needlepack" 7" and various tracks from 
different records. It is NOT the "complete" 
RORSCHACH, the track from the "Forever" 
comp and tracks from "Look At All The 
Children Now" comp are absent (and 
thankfully so). Everybody knows how I feel 
about each and every track on this thing 
How I think the first Lp rocks my world and 
how the 2nd blows Layout on this thing is 
the best thing they have ever done, looks like 
something out of the Mutter Museum 
Charles was suppose to have a listing of 
every show RORSCHACH has ever done 
here, but I guess due to space limitations, it 
had to go I'm glad to see my contribution to 
RORSCHACH has been kept on One night 
Nick and I were talking and he asked if I had 
this particular episode of "The Twilight 
Zone" on tape The one in question was the 
"Obsolete Man" They wanted to use a 
spoken part for the 1st Lp I didn't have it, 
but 1 suggested a part from "Deathhead's 
Revisited" instead I think it goes with 
"Lighting Strikes Twice" better If you have 
only a couple of the records or never heard 
RORSCHACH before, I urge you to go and 
get this, you will not regret it. -DK 

(Gem Blandsten Records 305 Haywood Dr. 

Paramus, N.J. 07652) 


1 swear after hearing this release that 
Burning Heart Records is the Epitaph of 
Sweden. More of that catchy, upbeat. fast_ 
non-threatening music. This stuff is good in 
the background, but I can't listen to it full- 
time -DK 

(Burning Heart Records) 

Well, SCRAWL are nice and crusty, 
but add ska and jazzy parts every once in a 
while to make this worth a listen or two. No 
more than that. -DK 

(Ecocentric Records) 


Smile!" tape 

"Handshake. And 

SHABBAGOY have been kicking 
around the New Brunswick area for a while 
now and getting noticed They play some 
standard melodic punk rock that really 
doesn't interest me, though you might want 
to give it a chance -DK 

(SHABBAGOY 63 Beach 
Bridgewater, NJ 08807) 


SHREDS: vol. 2 "American Underground 
•94" CD 

Mel from Shredder Records has a 
good idea here Take songs that were 
released on a bunch of indie 7"s and put 
them on a CD, give some of these not so 
well known bands some publicity 
Personally, I didn't even know that CUB put 
out another 7" and 1 finally have a copy of 
CAVITY'S "You Don't Own Me" on some 
format Other bands include: SLUTS FOR 
BOOK and more 

A lot on the poppy side of things, but it's 
doesn't drag at all Get -DK 

(Shredder, see ad) 

SICK OF IT ALL "Scratch The Surface" 

It's no secret that I didn't dig the last 
two releases by SOIA, though I can honestly 
say that "Scratch The Surface" is a very 
good record. No they haven't "went metal" 
(I never said that!), SICK OF IT ALL still 
kick out hardcore, fast and speedy. They 
haven't lost the edge like every single other 
bands from the late "80s NYHC scene did. 
Sure there are a couple of clunkers, but out 
of 13 songs that's a good ratio. I've listened 
| to this three times since I got it, so you know 
to pick it up already Vinyl should be out by 
now and will have "Straight Ahead" on it! 
Get. -DK 

(EastWest Records) 

SILENT MAJORITY "This Island Earth" 


An example of what I get in the mail 
which absolutely bores me ( 1 wrote this after 
the STAND-POINT review). Sort of 
abrasive pop hardcore and a little emoish at 
times T here's a glut of this stuff out there - 

(Reservoir Records) 

16 "Tocohara/16" 7" 

16 are back with another 7" on 
Bacteria Sour, recorded (I think) when they 
were in Japan Heavy and loud tunes which 
are cool, but the nonsensical lyrics make me 
wonder if this was a rush job Great layouts 
as usual from this label -DK 

(Bacteria Sour) 

SNFU "The One Voted Most Likely To 
Succeed" CD 

Dave is right about this one, it is a lot 
better than their last album Thirteen songs 
in about thirty-five minutes, can't go wrong 
there A few of the more thrashy songs are 
quite reminicent of their earlier works while 
some stray into the murky waters of the 
slightly powereful type music (Understand'' 
Good, because I don't). Has anyone ever 
realized that all of SNFU's LP have seven 
word titles? It's true, check it out. -Brett 

Now hold on a second Did Epitaph just 
put out a good record while I wasn't 
looking? Seems that way. Eons better than 
the last one, it just comes out blazing. None 
of that rock crap at all Harkens back the 
early days I'd suggest this one. -DK 

(Epitaph Records) 

SOI A GLUE "Smile" CD 

Hell, anyone who can crank out 12 
songs in 17 minutes and not suck shit is O.K. 
in my book. Yeah, actually this is decent and 
worth checking out. Fast hardcore with alot 
of weird bits going on 1 kinda like it, 
probably gets better with repeated listens. - 

(Ransom Note Records P.O. Box 40164 
Bellevue, WA980I5) 

SPITBOV "Rashana" 7" 

Finally got a chance to pick this one 
up. Three tracks here, "Unknown" and 
"Blue" fucking kick ass. Really heavy and 
hard, seems like SPITBOY are adding a little 
of the "noise thang" to their sound The third 
track "All Grown Up" is acoustic and a bit 
too folksy for me Hell, it's not like it's LOIS 
or something -DK 

(Ebullition P.O. Box 680 Goleta, CA 931 16) 




STANDPOINT "Opened Doors" demo 

I honestly didn't give this a listen for 
weeks after I got in the mail, because I 
thought it would be just another dud Holy 
shit, I got so fucking excited over this tape. 
As a reference point, think ASHES but, I 
really think within time, STANDPOINT 
could develop into something even more fab. 
Bands/labels, take note This is the kind of 
shit I want sent to me! I'll take it by the 
truckload. A fucking teaser at three songs! - 

($3 to: STANDPOINT 28 
Wayside, N.J. 07712) 

Tudor Dr. 

STILL LIFE "Slow Children At Play" 8" 

As unnecessary as that double l.p thing 
was, so is this 8". No playing speed listed, 
the review is of the 33 1/3 rpm. Uttercrap. 
This disc follows the tradition of these noisy 
emo records by having one looong dragged 
out song on one side and two short ones on 
the other Boy, these guys must really bust it 
up at practice Me, 1 almost fell asleep. -DK 

(Rhetoric Records, see ad) 

STILLSHIT "Green Spock Ears" dbl 7" 

This one of those records that you look 
at and say to yourself, "Man, this probably 
going to suck!" Then you put it on and say, 
"Shit, this pretty good!" It is. STILLSU1T 
have a lot of influences, mostly late '80s 
hardcore. Pretty much a straight forward 
record, but it has parts which throw you off 

slightly I'm going to be playing this one a 
lot! -DK 

(Wreck Age, see ad) 

T OTAL CHAOS Patriotic Shock" CD 

Better than their last entry in the punk 
rock record books, but it's still a total rehash 
of early '80s English hardcore Stuck in a 
time warp 1 must say -DK 

(Epitaph Records) 


Mid tempo, moshy hard core that 
reminds me a lot of UNDERTOW These 
I guys are from Seattle so... The lyrics are 
really, really, really heavy handed, covering 
such topics as the government, lies, and non- 
conformity. -Brett 

Alert the masses! We actually 
J received a good demo in the mail. TRIAL 
would do well if they came out the East 
Coast to play shows. Hard and loud, good 
guitar work and sometimes a little metal 
Very PC lyrics If these guys get some vinyl 
out, they are going to go places -DK 

(TRIAL 427 llth Ave E Seattle, WA 


Three songs that remind me a lot of 
RORSCHACH, both musically and vocally; I 
don't know about lyrically because ther e is 
no lyric sheet. The singers voice give me a 
sore throat just listening to him. I'm not 
sure how much this is through the mail, so 
drop them a line at: -Brett 

904 Seagull Dr 

Lanoka Harbor, N.J. 08734 


Northwestern/Seattle area comp that 
includes thirteen bands and one lousy spoken 
word thing Most of the bands like TEN-O- 
JAYHAWKER turn in more poppy numbers 
UNDERTOW are the only band which can 
really hold my attention, but the overall job 
done on this comp is superb The layout is 
incredible, including a huge foldout 
newsprint insert with pressing info for all of 
the Excursion releases. First pressing is 
limited to 1000, after that who knows what 
you'll get -Brett 

VOORHEES "Spilling Blood Without 
Reason" Lp 

While I don't think it's the total mind 
blower (though that might change with 
multiple listens) that people are saying, 
VOORHEES hands down has the best lyrics 
of any band in the last five years! Example: 
"Heroin Is Fun" "What all the fussVThe 

more junkies who die/The better it is for 
us/Heroin Is Fun/Give it out for 
free/Overdoses everywhere/Bring pleasure to 
me" A classic. The music is full-on hardcore, 
very ballsy. The fact that they all are horror 
movie nuts give them an A+ in my book 
Highly recommended! -DK 

(Armed With Anger P.O. Box 487 Bradford, 
West, Yorkshire, BD1 4UZ ENGLAND) 

WHOLES "Serial Killers 4 Punk Rock" 7" 

This is just plain weird. Can't even] 
describe it. Next -DK 

| (Bucky Records P.O. Box 72671 Las Vegas, 
NV 89170) 

YLPPICTDE Dead Man Walking" CD 

Every once in a while, Brett and 1 get 
something sent to us that we both want 
(which is rare 1 might add 1 ) It's usually 
releases by YUPPICTDE The latest is real 
good, just like all the others At times here 
they sound like SHEER TERROR, basically 
they have their own sound They cover "Tied 
whole new take on it, a little weird, but when 
the backing vocals kick in, you know it's 
hardcore. Supposedly, they are breaking up 
(last I heard), grab this one quickly -DK 

I believe this is going to be their last 
release since they recently broke up, and it is 
just as good as all their other material, if 
you're familiar with that Heavy and driving 
with great lyrics and vocals that will give you 
nightmares They also do a cover of one of 
my all time favorite songs, "Tied Down" b> 
NEGATIVE APPROACH, and although it is 
not a complete duplicate of the original they 
do it justice As usual the layout is great as 
is the production -Brett 

(Wreckage, see ad) 



This interview with John Joseph "Bloodclot" 
was done on November 1 9. 1 994 before their 
set at Middlesex County College Present were 
myself and Mat Gard. Since the time of the 
interview the CRO-M AGS have broken up and 
John was arrested for being A.W.O.L. from the 
Navy. I hear he's back in NYC now, but 1 don't 
know what the outcome of any legal formali- 
ties may have been. We all know how great the | 
CRO-MAGS are (I hope), so read on -Brett 

HW Why the return to the "Age Of Quarrel" | 
material after not playing it for so long'' 

IjJ Well, first of all a lot of that (the "metal' 
stuff) wasn't my choice and second of all we're I 
doing this gig and a midwest tour and then one | 

[more date at the Limelight on January 8th anc 
[then I'm not doing the CRO-MAGS anymore. 
I Me and Mackie are going off and doing a new 
I band. We kind of wanted to give the band a 
I proper burial I just felt that switching over to 
I the whole metal thing was not really what a lot 
I of the old fans wanted and they were the ones 
| that got the CRO-MAGS where they were 

I HW They're the ones that are at the shows right 

JJ: Yeah, exactly I don't see no metal heads I 
here. A lot of that was Harley and Kevin. They j 
had this whole VAN HALEN dream or 

Photo By: Justine De Metrick 

HW: So you're going to be doing BOTH 

JJ.: Yeah. I was kind of doing it before I did 
"Alpha Omega" Our first gig was with the 
CHILI PEPPERS up at the Ritz and we were 
doing showcases for major labels and everything 
and Harley convinced me that he had changed 
and everything was going to be cool this time 

| and at least (we would) do the tour So I was 
like "What the hell" I'll do a European tour and 

I then it was like "Oh, we got a record deal" and 
I trusted him again and he just did the same shit 
he did to me before "Best Wishes" He ripped 
off the band and caused a whole bunch of 

I HW: So there's still a 

lot of bad blood be- 

| tween you and Harley'' 

JJ: If there's any blood 
it's from his body, it 
ain't from mine I 
smacked him to the 

because he stole a lot of 
money from the band 
and he was talking a lot 
of shit and to me, the 
way I grew up, if 
you're gonna talk shit 
you'd better be able to 
back it up, and he was 
a friend of mine but af- 
ter someone burns me 
like that twice and then 
has the audacity to talk 
shit about me he better 
be ready to come to 
blows and 

obviously his bark is 
worse than his bite 

I HW Where's he, right 


J J He's in San 

Francisco being a hero in addict I lc's strung out 

IIW: It's a New York hard co re tradition 

JJ: Exactly Every great person goes thro ugh that I don't knov 

H W Who was in BLOODCLOT ? 

JJ What it was, was this It was all the BAD BRAINS roadies. It was 
Jerry Williams, who did sound Alvin, who was the tech for the guitars 
Myself, and this guy Teddy We went on tour with this other band, they 
were called THE THROBS at the time, but then they changed their 
name to CRUCIAL TRUTH They're from Florida. We took their 
bass player and went out on the road The reason we called it 
BLOODCLOT was because when the BAD BRAINS first got into 
Rastafari, every time something went wrong on stage they were like, 
"Bloodclot, fix the Bloodclot!" Bloodclot this and Bloodclot that So 
we thought it would be funny if we called the band B LOODCLOT 

HW: Does anyone call you John BLOODCLOT anymore'' 

JJ Yeah, all the time The name kind of stuck 

ICRO-MAGS at the Chuck| 
IValle benefit show. 

Mackie on the drumsl 

and I was just like, "Fuck this" That was 
a long time ago. 

HW: Who keeps pressing that demo 1 0" 

JJ: What demo 10" (sarcastically) That's 
this guy in Europe that does it man, and 
he's fucking pissing me off because he was 
selling it before and not giving us anything 
and we went over and took a bunch of 
records off him and we were like, "Yo, 
don't sell it anymore unless you pay us ." 
And he hasn't been paying us 

HW: Did you ever think of selling the reels 
to that and getting some money 

JJ Well, I don't know To tell you the 
truth I've never gotten one check from 
any CRO-MAGS record People that say 
we do it for the money, that's like a 
fuckin' joke I make more money in NY 
doing my construction than I do going on 
tour. I make more money in three days 
doing my job than 1 do being out on the 
road for a week and a half, but I love do- 
ing it and that's why I do it I lost a lot of 
money I just did a tour in Florida, man. 


HW How long were you in the Navy 9 
JJ: Why is everybody asking me that 9 

HW That's interesting. 

s-rttttf JuMia. 
*f?ee-r Juttite 

Mlttt-r Jucnte 
HO Wi Mf 6t>TfA Wang £rac.Nk 

iHfcrt 1HE WAY IT I* AND CANT YOJ btt 
i< johuct (en. *-; and Mfc 

JJ: It didn't last too long I was trying to get into the Navy Seals and I 
made it through most of the training, but then I started getting into the 
music so I was like "Fuck this". I had 

problems. I wasn't that I couldn't handle it physically because I was 
the youngest dude that went to Buds, that was the Seal boot camp I 
was like seventeen years old But when I got out into the unit in Little 
Creek and Norfolk it was whatever I started going to more shows 

Photo By: Chris Weinblad 

HW: Yeah, how did that come up? 


JJ: He's a friend of mine and Mackie's 
We've known that guy for years I was at 
the first BEASTIE BOYS show they ever 
did It was with the BAD BRAINS at this 
club called the Playroom Trudy Heller's 
on 9th street and 6th avenue And the girl 
that plays for LUSCIOUS JACKSON was 
their drummer. Me and those dudes, I re- 
member them since they was ruckin' yo big, 
since they was little kids. 

HW: How long did you roadie for the BAD 

' -ft" i sir 1 

Photo By: Bill Kurbjaw 


NYHC. Gestapo meets Bloodclot at the Chuek Vallc Benefit 

Photo By: Chris Weinblad 



sih a 


1. ■ • 

i ■ 





* i 










1 fr 




%, ' 

■ft ~%WMd 



and it was cool It was cool to go down there I 
and everything, but financially... I passed up 
ten thousand dollar twenty thousand dollar 
contracts to go on tour When people say | 
"they're in it fo r the money" . . give me a break 

HW: There's still a core following who go to ' 
every show in the area. 

JJ: Yeah I put out two hundred percent every 
night no matter what I don't care if there's 

fuckin' twenty people there we're gonna put 
on a good show That's one thing people can 
never say the CRO-MAGS didn't put out a 
hundred percent no matter what. 

HW: How was it playing CB's again? It must 
| have been a lot different than in the old days 

I JJ; It was cool, I liked it The guy from the 
BEASTIE BOYS (MCA) came up and every- 
I thing 

JJ: On and off for a couple of years 
HW: Any good stories from that 

JJ: Going down south and all that shit A 
lot of times they didn't know the band was 
black and they'd pull the plug and be like, 
"Get them niggers outta here!" It was total 
rednecks. There used to be this club in 
Raleigh called the Big Bad Wolf and we 
almost had a major riot down there with 
these bikers that were the security in from 
of the club We went on stage at this one 
club just outside of Miami, BLOODCLOT 
did, and we were fuckin' shit up, 
stagediving, and as soon as the BAD 
BRAINS came on and they saw it was 
black dudes and they were going nuts the 
same way they pulled the plug Every one 
of their shows the energy was different, 
every single night. No two shows were 
ever the same at like those early BAD | 
BRAINS shows. I'm talking like '79, '80 
I went to a CB's show and I think there 
was like 10 people there. 

HW: I heard the BAD BRAINS are back 
I together with the origina l line-up. 

JJ: Yeah, HR and Earl 
| HW: Doing what 

|JJ: Rock shit They got signed to 
I Madonna's label Maverick Records. 

HW: I remember hearing something about 
a feud between SHEER TERROR and the 

JJ: Yeah, fuck that fuckin' mother fucker 
I still think he's a punk and he talks a lot ol 
shit and if he ever got a beef with me he 
knows where to fuckin' find me so tell him 

to come to the lower east side, but they were just talking a lot of shit and one of 
their dudes, like they threw a cinderblock at our van on the highway They tried 
to put it through the driver's window while we were driving, and as the van went 
by I saw that singer's head in the back of the van, so I was like, "Alright, bet". So 
we fuckin' grabbed some of them and beat them fuckin' down, put one of their 
dudes, I didn't, one of their dudes got put in a coma. It was like we could have 
all been killed. If you're trying to take out lives by doing something stupid, even if 
that's not what they meant ... that could have happened. So to me I think that guy's 
a fuckin' jerk and if I ever see him I'll probably slap him in his face I still haven't 
seen him since he did t hat whole thing 

HW: How long ago was t hat? | 

JJ: That was years ago. Like eight, nine years ago Still, I'm like an elephant, I 
don't forget. And soon enough you're gonna surface and I'm gonna be right there 

HW. What ever happened between you guys and Chris Williamson? 

JJ He ripped us off, severely 

HW Is he still involved in music at all? 

JJ He's in ballet. He promotes ballet concerts now He rips 
off gay ballet dan cers, I don't knov 

HW: Are any of you still Krishna conscious'' 

JJ Yeah I follow all the principles except, you know, I got 
girlfriends I don't eat meat or drink or take any mtox.canls, 
I don't gamble or anything like that 1 chant and read the 
books as much as I can, maybe not every day. I just was 
involved in opening up a temple on Avenue B, I've been help- 
ing out with that, on 4th street and Avenue B I seen too 
many things happen Any time there's organ.zed rehg.on 
there's going to be corruption and I saw too many th.ngs 
happen in Iskon, like ripping off money and this and 
doinu that, like pure corruption The devotee that I help out 
now tos been a devotee for like twenty-three, twenty-iour 
years and he's keeps Prabupadda in the center of things, he s 
the person who brought it from India So I help h.m out 
becaus e I know he's for real I try to do as much as I can 

HW: So what about singing back-ups on the ANTIDOTK 

J J I just screamed on a couple songs I was hanging out at 
the studio Those guys were my friend s and shit 

HW: I think it was at the Wetlands show, you were talking 
about homosexuals. 

J J What did I say 7 

HW You said some thing like we've been called the Pro- 
Fags and I've got nothing against ho mosexuals. 

JJ: I don't Dudes that go around beating up homosexuals, 
they're insecure with their own sexuality and I'm not I know 
I'm not gay, I like women, but I don't have to try and prove 
that to anybody by being anti-this or anti-that Gay people 
have a right to do what they do and we don't have a right to 
| judge anybody because God will take care of everybody, in- 
cluding me You know I've done a lot of shit I'm gonna 
have to pay for I don't have the right to go beating up any- 
body, and I can tell you one story. One of those big, so- 
called fag bashers, that used to hang out with Harley and all 
them guys ... it turned out two of them actually I'm not 
going to mention any of their names one of them is a com- 
plete homosexual now and the other one got caught having 
sex with a homosexual, right in the act, by this girl that I 
know. So it's like... it's a joke. Let people just be Let them 
do what they want. I know a lot of gay people that are really 
nice people. That's their sexual preference I'm not God 
and I don't have a right to judge anyone Let them do what 
they want. I don't feel no way towards them as long as they 
don't. . I've got friends, you know I hate to say, "Oh, I got 
friends ...", but I've got friends that are gay and they're cool 
They're nice people. They don't try to push their shit on me 
so I deal with them as a person. 

HW: There has always been a history of violence at CRO- 
MAGS shows. 


JJ: Hey, I guess we attract violent people Why? 
1 don't know I definitely don't try to fuel it 

HW: Can you think of one show that sticks out 
as one of the craziest. 

JJ: I know when we played the Palladium with 
somebody, in LA., there was a huge fuckin' 
riot outside, but LA has always been known 
for that 

HW: I heard that one of the shows in California 
on the MOTORHEAD tour got canceled and 

Photo By: Bill Kurbjaw 

you guys played on the beach or something 

JJ I don't think that's true. Every show we did 
with MOTORHEAD when we went on tour 
| with them the show happened. 

HW: The show that the "We Gotta Know" video 
I was recorded at was a free show at the Ritz, 

I JJ: Yeah for the movie (The Beat, in which the 
CRO-MAGS appear), but a lot of that was re- 
corded out on tour with MOTORHEAD too 

Photo By: Bill Kurbjaw 

HW: I heard someone broke their neck at 
that Ritz show 

J J Well somebody dove off the top of the 
PA on top of him 

HW That'll do it How did you get hooked- 
up with "The Beat" anyway? 

JJ: She just came to one of our shows, Juliette 

Phillips, she did "The Sting" and a bunch of 

| other movies too like "Taxi Driver", she just 

liked us and wanted to get us in the movies 

HW: It's weird, in the middle of the movie 
these kids just go to see the CRO-MAGS 

| JJ: We were called THE IRON SKULLS 

HW: What have you been listening to? 

JJ: Man, I listen to everything Shit I like 
now ... I like RAGE AGAINST THE MA- 
CHINE a lot. New bands, I like ORANGE 
9MM, QUICKSAND I listen to a lot of hip 
hop, I like all that shit I listen to just. R&B 
shit too I love SADE. I like reggae. I listen 
to classical. Everything, man Like I told 
the last dude (who interviewed me), the only 

I two types of music I don't like is death metal, 
I can't stand it, and country western Other 

I than that I listen to a lot of stuff 

HW: Any famous last words? 
JJ Check out the new band 

HW: What do you think it's going to sound 

JJ: Heavy man, heavy 

[ HW: Is A! playing in that band? ! 

JJ: Nah, I don't know what's up with that, 
| because he's doing his LEEWAY thing 

HW: Is he playing today? I haven't seen him 

JJ: Nah We got this other guy who's doing 
the tour, I think he's real good. 

HW: So how's your construction business 9 

JJ It's good, I keep busy 1 make my own 
schedule because I train for triathlons, for the 
last two years I've been getting into that I 
can do it on my own time, that's what cool 
I don't have a 9 to 5 schedule After we get 
back off this mid-west tour and we play the 
January 8th show at the Limelight then I'm 

just going to be strictly concentrating on the new band 

HW What do you think of the shows you've been playing recently and 
the crowds and stuff 

HW: Is that your last, last show 9 

JJ: Yeah, the Limelight is it (it wasn't, HW) January 8th 

HW ! thought the last show was going to be in DC? 

JJ: I think it's great That's another reason I did this too. After Harley 
ripped oft' that money and everything, he had a tour booked and I said, 
'Dude, there's now way I'm going on any kind of a road trip 

HW When was this 9 

JJ: That's the last show of the tour. See that's why we booked the 
Wetlands show, because originally we had the Limelight show and at 
the last minute the guy said, (in an English accent) "I've got to push 
you guys back because I've got some national acts coming in..." I was 
like, "Damn man, you know that's fucked-up". So we need a gig when 
we come back after the tour so I said let's get in at the Wetlands so we 
took that at the last minute and then we finally set a date for the Lime- 
light and it would have been earlier, like the middle of December, but 
we're going to be on tour so we'll do it when we get back off the mid- 
west tour. 

1 IW: Any famous last words? 

JJ Keep a positive mentality and don't believe the hype There's al- 
ways people who say things but you've got to hears both sides to every 
story It's a shame that the whole scene... 







JJ: After "Alpha Omega". He had these shows booked and he knew like 
two months prior that I wasn't doing the tour and he was going out 
saying, "Yeah, he don't care about you guys. He said fuck the hard core 
scene" And all this shit, but we're here And he also said all this shit 
like, "John quit yesterday" Meanwhile I quit months ago He was just 
doing it so that he had money to support his heroin habit. He took a flute 
player out on the road with him to play flute to CRO-M AGS songs He 
couldn't even play through the songs, and it fucked it up for us because 
a lot of places wouldn't even book us, they didn't care who was in the 
band at this point after the shit that Harley pulled So anyway that's 
Sicky Nicky. His band was THE NEW YORK HOODS. 

HW; "Mirrors of Reality" 

JJ: He's playing with us now for this tour. I gotta get going 


l JU">f C6NT &tt THRCOiiH 1t ycu 

pt(,t>ii? tax im <mm i fey ca Any c* f«e ivuni,* > vc 
WWW '0 61 M-TIM Off tfcHUN 1t & wau 
(U>ht ■iCU yOU AIN< MAMN AM hl*hl ftf UU 

AND M WN SuT I J"* 1- » l *»" r 6*t<tH6l ««£"<-* 

INI *J/tt.Vl»N ANO i» TtoXiN M, M TWiN 

m |W UflN BUT I Ju*f M»f WW* TMflOitH tf «U 


HH PRiCiClA Tl«t • C4U* I WNT WAfrflN 

A 6M0TM CN *6U CB. A»W Cf YC'JO WHp 

It «A> HAD M« BCGlN* HCt) NC'JlD tftN TCua WINP 

eui i cu&<* vtuM- juvt waive w ftwtrr wat 

60UN0 PinO 

If* ft M&LfuNCTiCN 

WAtfiN NW TV. 


n** «> iaw 1 

CAUifc NC tfj 
If '(CO AlHT j 

Ytu GoTTA ' 
Rt *«W ' 


§'■*** 1 


ANTI #6 8 1/2x11 96 pgs 
S3. 00 ppd 

Formerly ANTI-MATTER, 
Norm kicks up another one of his 
trade-mark issues Interviews 


VARIETY and more There's an 
interview with John Porcell that 
makes me want to punch him right 
in the face When asked about him 
breaking the edge", the first line 
out of his mouth was. "It happens 
to the best of us." Not to this 
motherfucker it does Fucking 
cheeseball. Anyway, on a lighter 
topic, the 'zine and record reviews 
you have come to expect from 
Norm are here too. Way too many 
full page ads though Might be the 
last one for a while, says he. so snap 
this one up Comes with a free 
APART covers 7" (see separate 
review) -DK 

This may be the last issue of this 
zine you'll read for a while, so 
you'd better enjoy it Norm is 
taking time off to pursue his 
musical interests, but not before he 
pumped out another issue with the 
usual record reviews and band 
profiles of CFA (finally one I want 
to read!) and SAMUEL, and 
interviews with SICK Oh IT ALL. 

THINK, and Porcell (which is one 
of the most depressing things I've 
read in a long time) This issue also 
comes with a split 7". Side A has 
SHADES APART doing a pretty 
decent version of an AVENGERS 
song and side B has 
RESSURECTION covering "Out 
Of Step" by... well you all know 
who did that one -Brett 

$3 00 ppd to Anti 151 1st Ave., 
Suite 107 NY, NY. 10003 

BELIEF #5 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 32 pgs. 
$2 00 

Chad seems to be pumping 
them out lately I may not agree 
with everything he has to say, but 
you can't deny that he puts out a 
damn good Vine An interview with 
UNBROKEN and countless 
reviews are here, plus his patent 
opinions that are sure to ruffle your 
feathers. Chris Weinblad is now 
helping him out full time which 
should make this fanzine even 
better One to get -DK 

Another 32 pages from Chad and 
Chris packed with tons of 
information, opinions and interview 
with UNBROKEN, a 

RESSURECTION mini-poster, and 
more record reviews than humanly 
possible. This zine has taken on the 
look of a bigger alternative 
magazine while staying 

underground and keeping its own 
personality. Super job guys. -Brett 

BELIEF #6 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 32 pgs. 

$2 00 

Shit. Chad and Chris got 
their issue out before us and that's a 
bad sign I got this in the mail today 
and immediately read the thing from 
cover to cover. Love those opinion 
pages! An interview with 
BACKLASH and the second part 
with UNBROKEN The usual 
record and 'zine reviews (which 
Hardware #6 was mysteriously- 
absent from!) Chad is probably 
going to stuff for my other mag. 
PYRE. If so, the comic companies 
might come and burn my house 
down! Get!! -DK 

Shit. How the hell do these guys 
do it? Another great issue complete 
with tons of reading (very small 
print = good zine), lots of record 
reviews and interviews with 

Dare I say it? This is definitely one 
of the best -Brett 

(Belief Fanzine 2214 Lake Forest 
Ct San Bernardino, CA 92407- 


This is definitely one of the better 
zines I've gotten in a long while 
Includes short interviews with 
CREW, as well as Porcell Talking 
about PX and a reprint of an old 
Pushead interview from MRR circa 
1983 It has also got some zine 
reviews and some pretty 
opinionated record reviews. The 
two things that make this zine a 
winner are the cover rip-off of 
Schism #7 and the incredible 7" it 
comes with INTEGRITY doing 
two very competent SEPTIC 
DEATH songs, complete with a 
Pusmort type layout They even 
duplicated the great S.D. drum 
sound almost perfectly The real 
irony is that most of the kids who 
dig INTEGRITY never heard 
SEPTIC DEATH, who are one of 
the greatest (and fastest 1 ) hardcore 
bands of all time This kicks ass, I 
suggest you try and get a hold of 
one, even though there's only 1000 
made -Brett 

S3. 50 ppd to Blood Book P.O. Box 
770213 Lakewood, Oh 44107 


I really can not get over the size of 
this fanzine How does he afford to 
get this thing printed? This issue 
has all the usual stuff plus a lot of 
writings/interviews about 

basketball I'm not a big basketball 
fan, but if this were all about 
baseball it would be great Get this 
for the full page CRO-MAGS 
picture. -Brett 33 

Send vour music related fanzines 10 us for rex iew. 

glad vou did. Poetn Personal 'zines arc a no-no 1 

$2 ppd to Change Zine 
9 Birchwood l.ane Westport, Ct. 

pgs. $1.00 


Al Barkley has something else 
going on beside doing the bi- 
monthly newsletter The majority of 
this is personal writings but 1 was 
happy to see a short interview with 
Tom Gorman (ex-VERBAL 
ASSAULT (who still owe me their 
first demo I ordered when it came 
out) and now with BELLY) More 
bands and music and this would be 
great -DK 

(Al Barkley P.O.Box 1545 
N.Kingstown, Rl 02852) 

CRASH POSITION #8 5 1/2x8 
1/2 20 pgs $1.00 ppd 

Well, Chris is expanding his 
one-sheetcr to a full-size "zine. so 
you even get more wackiness than 
before Don't forget about that 
great art! He feels bad that he has 
to charge for this, since he doesn't 
get it done for free any longer, but 
who cares' it's worth every penny 
Pick this one up and you'll make a 
new friend -DK 

(Crash Position 1 1 5 Autumn Street 
Lodi, N.J. 07644) 


28 pgs $1.00 ppd. 

weird size 

A little on the skimpy side 
with the print being large. Some 
record and 'zine reviews, an short 
interview with Just In Case Records 
and some writings (which the editor 
wants to have more of. less I say') 
Just OK -DK 

(Crestfallen 9 Bidweli Farm Road 
Collinsville, CT 06022) 


Really slick computer laid out zine 
with short SOI A and CIV 
interviews as well as some articles 
about ska -Brett 

GET IN THE VAN. On The Road 
With BLACK FLAG By Henry 

I had to borrow this one oIT 
of Brett since I didn't have the cash 
at the moment to pick it up myself. 
This book opens Rollins's journal 
and unleashes onto the reader a 
mind-blowing account of BLACK 
FLAG. Every FLAG fan is going to 
want to run out and pick this one 
up. It begins in 1981 when Rollins 
meets the band and gets invited to 
join and ends with the ill-fated 1986 
tour When Rollins talks about the 
shows themselves, it's GOOD 
Unfortunately, as the years go on, 
his "spoken-word" starts to 
infiltrate his journal and it can be 
taken either good or bad, depending 
on your mood or how much you are 
into the Rollins experience 
Highlights are the European shows, 
his experiences in England (which 
he wrote about in an early issue of 
Spin) and how BLACK FLAG 
thought BLAST were a joke What 
really makes this (and could have 
stood on it's own as a book) is the 
pictures There are many and each 
one tells it's own story. He also 
talks about the show I went to in an 
afterthought (12/13/84) and how he 
isn't comfortable doing in-store 
stuff (like at Bleeker Bob's/N Y C 
that I went to, I wanted to go to the 
show that evening but didn't have 
enough money.) Anyway, this book 
is a must, plain and simple. I think a 
part two is in order, maybe 
documenting the beginnings of the 
Rollins Band, etc... Available as a 
spoken word CD and dbl cassette 
(which I heard won a Grammy(?)). 

(2.13.61 Publications) 

GLOOM U4 8 1/2 \ II 24pgs. 
$2.00 ppd 

Nate from DEVOID OF 

been doing this 'zine for a little 
while though this issue is the first 
one I have seen. A decent mix of 
punk, grind and death metal, even 
reprinting that famous interview 
with SSD from Schism #8! Also 

interviewed are EXIT 13 and 
HUMAN GREED. Many reviews 
including video and comic books. 
Great layout and art. something for 
everyone -DK 

(Gloom 'zine 32 15th 
Watervliet, NY 12189) 


HARDCORE RtlLES tl I one- 
pager (I guess you should send an 

Got this from somebody in 
Europe and thought that it should 
be at least listed Kinda a tip sheet 
for what is going on in England, 
shows, record releases, etc.. I think 
this guy also does a 'zine but you'll 
have to write him for more info 
Cool -DK 

(Steve Hyland A.N OF P.O. Box 
2576 Hardcore House, Colchester, 
Essex, C03 4AY UK) 


x 1 1 4 pgs one 32 stamp 

Chuck U Farley's thing with 
an interview with 7 SECONDS and 
not too much more I guess these 
will get good or bad with each 
issue. His rant on Steve Reddy is 
right on the money -DK 

(Chuck U. Farley P.O. Box 134 
Colmar, PA 18915) 

HEARTATTACK #5 8 1/2X11 
48 pgs. $1.00 ppd. 

I didn't think this was going 
to come out any longer since an 
issue didn't surface in a while Well 
still going strong and have seemed 
to finally settle down with the 
layout Interviews with ACME and 
many record and fanzine reviews 
This thing can really use more 
interviews And Kent, if you raise 
the cover price the same amount of 
people are still going to buy it Fact 

(Heartattack P.O. Box 848 Goleta, 


HEARTATTACK #7 (#6?) 8 1/2 
x II 56pgs $1.00 ppd. 

This issues finally out and 
they didn't review our damn 'zine' 
Oh well, the usual informative stuff 
here and what 1 thought was going 
to be a SP1TBOY interview was 
them sitting around talking about 
their sex lives to each other Yawn! 
Get as usual -DK 

(Heartattack P.O. Box 680 Goleta, 


Music and zine reviews as well as 
an interview with Tesco Vee. A 
small collectors comer, a few book 
reviews and a few personal words 
and there you have it. Pretty basic, 
but worth it -Brett 

$1.50 to P.O. Box 3204 
Brandon, Fl 33509-3204 

PEOPLE #4 5 1/2x8 1/2 32 pgs. 
$1.00 ppd. 

This has turned into a half sized 
zine from a newsletter, but it still 
kicks ass (as the name implies) 
Lots of anecdotes, lists, show 
reviews, and hilarious mini- 
interviews. It's really funny to see 
how many people give serious 
answers to the question: Tan you 
beat up most people?" -Brett 

I rarely even pay attention to 
most "personal" 'zines that cross 
my path (or worse yet, end up in my 
mailbox) I Can Beat Up Most 
People is an exception I practically 
read it from cover to cover Mostly 
articles and rants' best being: 
"Who's the Racist?", "I Want To 
Fight Rollins" and "Why I can 
Never Listen to The Cro-Mags 
Again" Some record and show 
reviews I recommend it -DK 

(361 Hillman Ave. S.I., NY 10304) 

IN-EFFECT #5 81/2x11 28 pgs 

S2 SO 

When Brett told me that IN- 
EFFECT was back. I couldn't 
believe it This is the first of the 
new ones that I got a chance to see 
Interviews with SHEER TERROR. 
ALL, plus the usual show and 
record reviews that have made IN- 
EFFECT famous Welcome back 
Chris, maybe we can start another 
fanzine editors" war for old times 
sakei -DK 

(IN-EFFECT Fanzine 119-16 8th 
Ave College Point, NY 1 1356) 


Damn, another issue already' 1 In 
about four months this guy has 
doubled his production from 1988- 
1990! This issue has interviews 
with MURPHY'S LAW, 25 TA 
SUB-ZERO, plus the usual scene 
report and record and show 

$2.50 ppd to Chris Wynne 119-16 
8th Ave. College Point, NY 

IT'S ALIVE tf!2 8 1/2 x II 32 
pgs. $1.00 ppd. 

I tell you it's always worth 
the wait for this one The only thing 
I can't figure out is, why is 
everything so BIG! Fred always 
lays his 'zine out so that you can 
use it as an eye chart. Short 
interviews with Greg Ginn, Dave 
Casillas/STALAG 13, YOUTH 
much else. Fucking in-credible 
flyers (most all from the Oxnard 
area), plus a cool mini-poster and 
pamphlet entitled, "How To Stage 
Dive" which is hilarious! Get it 
already! -DK 



Fred Hammer's back with his 12th 
issue and this one has short talks 
with Greg Ginn, Dave Casillas 

Also included are some incredible 

Nardcore flyers and a pamphlet on 
how to stage dive as well as the 
usual great It's Alive layout. Get it 

(Fred Hammer 900 Azalea St 
Oxnard, CA 93030) 

MAD PLANET #4 81/2x11 24 
pgs. $1.00 ppd 

MAD PLANET is becoming 
more comics and less music these 
days (which is not a bad thing) 
Interviews with Jen 

Wolfe/Septophilia Mailorder, 

Pauline Black/Selecter and Roberta 
Gregory plus more. Fucking 
hilarious Milk And Cheese by Evan 
Dorkin (The Darth Vader theme 
was great!) This is another fanzine 
that's one to pick up all the time - 

(Sarah Dyer P O. Box 060380 S.I., 
NY. 10306) 

NEVERMORE ii\ 51/2 x 8 1/2 
30 pgs. $1 .00 and two stamps 

Joe used to do Coregasm, 
now he's doing NEVERMORE. It 
has a basic look but a lot of text (a 
plus in my book). Interviews with 

MOUTHPIECE, there is also 
some reviews and personal writings 
He also does some one-sheeters and 
other stuff so be sure to ask for 
them. -DK 

Pretty good effort from the former 
editor of Coregasm Short 

interview with AUTUMN. 

Some record reviews and personal 
thoughts round it out -Brett 

(Joseph Kuzemka 1136 Lamberton 
Rd Trenton, N.J. 08611) 

NO LABELS #2 odd sized 72 
pgs $2.00 ppd 

Wow! When I got this in the 
mail, 1 immediately read alot of it. 
That's exactly what you get, a lot of 
reading! Interviews w/ KILLING 


many record reviews and lots of 
photos Hopefully, Mike can keep 
this one going because it's definitely 
worth reading Get -l)K 

Good follow up to the first issue, 
following the same format This 
one has interviews with STRIFE, 
variety of bands to say the least 
Also included are pictures, some 
personal opinions, and plenty of 
record reviews -Brett 

(Mike Thomas 1 148 5th Ave. #7D 
New York, NY 10128) 

PUNK PLANET #7 8 1/2x11 
96 pgs $2.00 ppd 

Somehow I missed #6, but 
I'm glad too see that this is still 
going strong. Interviews with MAN 

KEROSENE 454, record, 'zine 
reviews, columns, letters, you know 
what you need, information. -DK 

(Julia Cole P.O. Box 1711 
Hoboken, N.J 07030-9998) 

RADIO KIOT one-shot re-issue 
8 1/2 x II let's put it this way, it's 
bigger than MRR $3.00 ppd. 

Well, after many months of 
planning it's finally here Matt has 
compiled his three year run of 
Radio Riot in one giant-size issue 
This definitely has to be seen to be 
believed. 160 pages, has the 
complete 36 issues (even all the 
mutli-paged ones) plus new stuff 
that Matt has written and a lot of 
the reviews that he has received 
over the years. I don't have all the 
issues, some were lost, discarded. 
given to others, you know the 
story. I'm glad I have it all in one 
package As you read it, you can 
see how Matt has changed over the 
years, whether it's taste in music or 
in friends It's nice to know Matt 
still has nice words about me Radio 
Riot was always something to look 
forward to I sure do miss it There 
will never be another, a true 
original -DK 

This is a reprint of all 36 issues in 
one convenient package. Necessary 
to round out your collection. Also 
includes flyers and some stuff from 
other zines relating to R.R. plus a 
cool back cover photo of a lot of 
Mat's records, a-la Schism #8 A 
fitting tribute to a great zine. 
Absolutely necessary -Brett 

(Radio Riot 75 Nichol Ave. New 
Brunswick, N. J. 08903) 

I 1 40 pgs. $2.00 

81/2 X 

O.K. 'zine out of Attleboro, 
MA with interviews w/ 
APART There is also some 
personal writings, lots of photos 
and weird quotes lying about It 
would be better if Brian fine-tuned 
this thing. -DK 

Pretty decent zine with interviews 
APART as well as tons of great 
photos (including one MISFITS 
shot) and reviews -Brett 

(Retrogression Fanzine 104 
Newport Ave Attleboro, MA 


44 pgs $2.00 ppd 

1/2 x II 

Eric is finally back with other 
great issue Inside is interviews with 


record reviews and a SLAYER pin- 
up (that has instructions, sort of an 
interactive zine). Get as usual -DK 

A good amount of record reviews, 
interviews with BLOODLET, 

worship of SLAYER (as well as a 
pin-up and short interview) is what 
you'll see inside this zine Good 
quality pictures too -Brett 

(RUMPSHAKER 72-38 65th Place 
Glendale, Queens, NY 1 1385) 

SLUG & LETTUCE #38 & #39 
newspaper style .55 cents in stamps 

Still going strong and much 
larger than before. The usual 
reviews, classifieds, misc and 
Christine's interesting column. As 
always a must -DK 

(Christine P.O Box 2067 Peter 
Stuy. Stn. NY., NY. 10009-8914) 

SOUND VIEWS #35 8 1/2x11 
40 pgs $2 00 ppd 

Lee is still going strong with 
this one. Interviews with 108, 
13, AGENT 99, LIKE WOW, 

reviews and shit, for ones with 
eclectic tastes. As always ... -DK 

(Sound Views 96 Henry Street 
Suite 5W Brooklyn. NY 11201- 

THRILL! #14 small-sized 
two .32 cent stamps 

1 8 pgs 

I haven't been keeping up 
with the indie pop scene as much as 
I'd like anymore, every time an 
issue of THRILL' comes out, I 
always know what I've been 
missing Mostly reviews of the 
record and 'zine variety, plus a few 
little odds and ends thrown in 
Always worth getting -DK 
(Number 15 is out too.) 

(THRILL! 722 11th E Seattle WA 


216 #3 

Lots of death metal pictures, 
interviews with BLOODLET, 
IABHORHF.R and some record 
reviews Decent effort -Brett 

$1 to P.O. Box 2352 

Akron, Ohio 44309 




II,: South America 

I A: Yeah, wedid Argentina. 

Il How many limes did we do 
I Mexico with Craig? 

I Craig: (.hice 

IL: Once with vou? 

I A: Apart from that we just recently 
Icomplclcd two American tours 
■sandwiched between the European 
I lours. , 

II. A lot of touring is what we've 
Ibeen doing But we also wrote and 
■recorded (lie new album 

I A. Oh yeah, that too. 

11.: We leli Relativity 

This interview with SICK OF it ALL was done at 
the offices of their managcincnl company on March 
31,1995. Present were Craig. Amian, and Ixw. This 
was definitely the longest interview that we've ever 
done, basically because they arc all nice guys who 
have a lot to say. SOIA have been much maligned 
for their decision to sign lo a major some four or five 
years ago and even though they play bigger shows 
and sell more records they still play, and talk about, 
hardcore, which is much more than I can say for many 
of their contemporaries. For this reason alone SOIA 
have my respect. -Brett 

A Got picked up by Bast-West. 

.: Just it (Relativity) sucked 

1 IW(1)>: So basically what happened? 

L: The whole thing with Relativity was. you know how everybody 
was hyping on us to do il ourselves, we were doing il ourselves, il 
was just that Relativity owned ihe righl lo put out our records Me 
and Pete made our own advertisements, put up our own posters. 
We set up the lours. 1 set up Ihe lour in Japan They did (Arman 
and Pete) South America through somebody thai knew AGNOSTIC 

1 IW(Dave): OK guvs it's been a long lime since 1 last talked 1 

1 A: Everything Wh did. I 

to you and a lot ol shil went down. j 

1 .: Pretty much we still do all our lours on our own, but now it's at 1 

Lou: The lasl lime 1 talked lo you was on Sainl Marks 

a level where we gel help from Slormy Shepherd, who is our booking 1 
agent, she sets up Ihe lours but we still control everything. Back 1 

HW(I)V So what's been going on the lasl five years? j 

then il was really frustrating because Relativity didn't do anything 1 
for us We were just basically getting robbed by them but we came 1 

Annan: 1 joined die band again. 

to an agreement. They didn't want lo work with us and we didn't 1 
Want to work with (hem. 1 

L: Arman left and came back I'll skip around. Craig came 
in alter Richie left Richie came back then he left again. 

A : Then we were for sale B 

A Actually there's a lot of slull" thai happened between. 
When Icame back vvewere working on "Jusllxxik Around". 

E llien instead... we thought. "OK, we don't like each other, we'll 1 
just leave", but Ihey were like, "Oh no, we've got your contract ". 1 

We did two European tours, Ihe first with Rich on bass the 
second one with AJ from I.FEWAY on bass Ihen we wenl 
to Japan with A.I and then after we came back from Japan 
we did a lour with BIOHAZARD in die stales, that's when 
Craig started with us and ever since then we've done three 
more European tours... 

A: They could have been nice and just let us out of the contract hut • 
they had lo make whatever money they could off us. So in other 1 
words our contract was for sale. A whole bunch of different labels 1 
bid on thai contract and once a couple of majors got involved il n 
boosted up ihe price as far as il could. I 

IIW(D): Was thai Ihe reason why there was such a 
long time between Ihe lirsl and second album'' 

E: Between the second and Ihml thai was Ihe reason, 
but between the lirsl one and "Just Look Around 
dial was because Richie and Annan left and we gol 
EK and Eddie Cohen, and I like those guys a lol bul 
Ihey have a totally different writing style Ihen Amian 
and Richie frying lo write with EK anil Eddie was 
weird. They came from that whole school ol 
"Gotta be cool on the drums". Il jusl didn'l fit our 
style. Writing with them sucked. As far as people, 
Ihey were cool guys lo play wilh. bul il jusl didn'l 
work wriling So after they left we gol Annan back 
in Ihe Wind and started up writing again. 

HW(Hrctt) So in lieu of whal you said about 
Relativity, do you think that maybe BORN 
AGAINST and all Ihe others were righl? 

I.: Paris of it yeah. Some of il was righl I'm nol 
going to lie about it When me and Pcle were the 
ones doing our own ads and like... as far as selling 
up our own lours, we like lhal a lot, even now 1 like 
doing it. In retrospect, if we knew what was going 
lo happen lo Ihe band we would have slarted iwir 
own label and if we could have kepi il going like an 
Epitaph or Discord of New York Al the lime I was 
going to school and working a job, everybody was 
working And the band We're lazy by nature 

A Relativity is a corrupt label When SICK OF 1 1 
ALE was lirsl signed lo Relativity lliere were a few 
people al Ihe label who were very supportive of SICK 
OF IT AEI .. Unfortunately what ended up hap|>ening 
was. those people were fired, and once those people 
were gone lliere was nobody looking oul for SICK 
( )!•' ff ALE anymore and the majority of the company 





' ALt \ 


^__T= March **/ 



ul.t.'l tlHt" 


14 h 

or You mic* 

*&4«*rt*» Mfcrf**#A 


was not interested in doing hard core music anymore so that's why SICK OF IT Al.l. was 
so forgotten about for a couple of years within the label and it was so hard for us to get 
anything done. Eventually they just didn't want In work with us anymore so we were 
happy about that 

HW(D): How did it come about that you got signed to a major? 

I . rhe whole thing with that was when Relativity put us up for sale we got calls from a lot 
ol' independents, we even called some, and they were like, "We'd love to work with you, 
but we can't pay what Relativity is asking", which was $20,000 or something. Then 
apparently for the two years before we went on sale somebody from East-West was coming 
to all our shows We heard this and just laughed it off 1 mean East-West, they put out EN 
V( JGUE, come on. The next thing you know East-West is calling Relativity and the price 
jumps up to $250,000. 

A Because Relativity are corrupt 

I.: There you go So the whole thing was, we met all these labels, independents, majors 
Then Annan was like, "Let's go talk to East-West". I was like, "No way man, that's the 
kiss of death. Fuck that, they're going to ruin us . " We met some of the most down to earth 
people in along lime, in the music business We met people that weren't lying to us like the 
president of the company Sylvia (?) She said. "Look I'm not going to lie to you guys and 
say I love you and I know all about you. I heard your last record 1 listened to it a couple of 
times I think you have good things to say. I like the way you write new songs. 1 think you 
do what you do well. That's why I want you on the label."' We went to other majors and 
independents and they were like, "We'll make you stars. We'll make you kings." It's all 

A: It just seemed like among all the independents we sat down and talked too, and the 
majors, East- West was definitely by far the best move The people were just a lot more in 
touch willi What the hind was really about and what w e needed to do. 

I.. At that lime we also had just hooked-up with Steve as our manager, not just our publicist 
and it was good, because he knew where we were coming from and he knew the business 
side too. That's something for years we never had, a manager or anybody to take care of 
stull We made a lot bad decisions on our own 

A: So now we're finally getting organized. 

I IW(D): After eight years 

I.: Hey, it look us a while but I think 
we got it now. 

IIW(D): l>> you think you have it 
easier now as a b and? 

L: In some aspects, yeah 

look at it, so I go on tour 

HW(B): Don't you ever miss just being around for a couple of months at a time':' 

A: It's just that we're working harder I 

now. We're out on the road a kit more. I '- : Like missing a lot of good shows. Stuff like that. 

I.: Which is something thai we like 1 1 A: Being able to work on new material a little more 
like ita lot. I don't like sitting around 

My apartment is dirty I don't like toB '• We figure in the summer we'll lake some time off 


«'tpipw A'UiX Pn 


Kg"? ep s ,vK o f 

•VI ! 

gWlBD fimsm 

31S BuWtS") 

J7 APRIL 17" 

l<)B8 3 00 


I IW: What's il like constantly touring all the time. 

L: You lose a lot of your personal life We're pretty much 
used to each others annoying little habits Once in a while 
there's a little blow up You crack on the road every once in 
a while. It's like, everybody cracks once, at least once, on 
tour. It's usually over something stupid. You're like. "I.eavc 
me alone! ", then that's it 

A Other than that, it's hard to hold a relationship 

L: 1 rial's the worst I had a girlfriend that hud a kid and I 
became, like the kids godfather. I don't even have that 
anymore, I'm gone too much The kid still asks for me. but 
I don't want to go and sec him and get him all excited then, 
ham. I'm gone lor two months and he just sits around crying 
about it 

IIW(O): So with all that touring experience do you have 
any advice for younger bands? 

L: First of all you should try to find a booking agent. 
Somebody good. We found Stormy. There's plenty of small 
booking agents that can help you out, and look out for you. 

A: One mistake I see young hands making is they think 
they need a manager before a hooking agent It's the other 
way around. If you can do your own booking, that's all 
night, but if you're talking about a whole nationwide tour 
it's going to be way too hectic You cun do it, but it's s< 
taxing on one person. 

I.: It might sound cheesy to some kids, but try and get I HW(D): 1 1c reissues a lot of stuff that should be more legil 
contracts for the shows. 

IIW(D): A lot of people arc realizing that now 

I.: It sucks because you'll be in the middle ol'fuckmg Iowa, 
and then the guy is like, "Yeah the club owner just ripped 
me off. He said that there was no contract " What are you 
going to do? Yell at the promoter kid, who's 17. 

IIW(B): If somebody did a benefit show, for example, and 
you wanted to play it, you could no problem? 

L: Kvcn as far as records go, wc can do whatever we want 
We have a deal where we can record singles on an 
independent label, but we have to let East-West know first. 
We're doing our vinyl on Equal Vision. 

I IW(D): Really I heard that was just a rumor 

L: The thing is, he got stonewalled by people at (vast-West 
It was line with us and our management, and certain people 

I at East-West wc like. "Great"; but when he was calling for 
the material, there was no communication at the label so 
the guy he had to get the material from was like, "I never 

| heard of this'" So there vviis just a little fuck up there 

I HW(D): What's the deal with l-ost & Found? Arc t) 
legil releases? 

I. 'Hie live album was legil, but he owes us a lot of money 
, lot of people don't want to talk had about him... 

I A. He's a crook, 

IL: No he's not a crook.. I 
I don I want to talk had about 
I him 

|<-': He made STRAIGHT 
I AHEAD shirts and never 
[paid me. 

1 1.: This is the story on him 
I from people who we know 
I who work there and know 
I him. He started out as 
I somebody who loved the 
I music and then all of a 
I sudden he started to get all 
I this money from putting out 
I records and he went crazy. 
I He gol paranoid and now 
Ihe's just scumbagging 
I people letl and right. And 
I the way he would keep 
I smaller hands, and us at first. 
I oil' his back was to say, "Oh 
I what arc you going to do? 
I Oct a lawyer? I'll go in the 
I fanzines and say what rock 
I and rollers you are with your 
I lawyers". As far as we're 
I concerned now, we could 
I give a shil what he says 
I about us in Ihe fanzines, 
I because at our shows in 
I Europe kids are handing out 
I stickers that say "Lost & 
I Found kills hard core". I 
I think it's really sad, because 
I he had a good opportunity, 
land if he was just u decent 
I human being il could have 
I been great, but he's just a 
I scumbag 

I.: The latest is, this is from insiders, he getting demo tapes 
and he says he'll put them out and say they're from New 
York and these bands are from Germany. I Ie's putting the 
out as old school New York hard core 

HW(B) I le'll put out anything from New York. 

1. He's putting oul DEMIZE That thing was horrible 


HW(Ti) 'Hut's cool though. 

1 .: There were so many good bands in New York and they 're 
pulling oul all this crap 

A II he tells you he's going to give you a certain amount ol 
money for an old recording or something like that, he'll 
give you that amount of money. Whether or not thai s a fair 
amount of money is... 

1.: He's saying his deal with every band is he nays you a 
certain amount of money once and that's it You gel a bunch 
of CD's. Hut our deal with him for Ihe live album was 
when we come back he'll account to us and we'll get a 
certain amount of royalties, but now all of a sudden that's 
out Ihe window. He never heard of thai 

HWlH): What about the Revelation thing? 

I.: That was a one oil' deal. We just gave him that to put 

I HW(tt): Who did you lose more money from, 1 ,osl & Found 
or Revelation? 

I .: I think we lost more money with Revelation because thai 
one (the L&F CD) is not selling as well as the live CD. 
Jordan wants us to put oul Ihe 7" again 

HW(D) What about thai HOI ISE OF I'AIN record'' 

L: That never came out. That's another thing we did on out 
own. Il came oul on cassette, from some kid in Hclgiian 

HW(B): Was that guy in a liard core band or something ? 

I.. Ihe only guy who really was (involved in hard core) was 
Danny Boy. He was a skater kid. Everlast was a clean cut 
rap guy and he was friends with Danny Hoy who was a 
skater and they wanted to do a new rap group and they said 
let's lake this hard core style. But Danny Boy grew up 
listening to AGGRESSION and all those skate bands and 
all that That's another Ihing we did on our own We just 
met ihese guys and talked to them. They said, "Hey, you 
want to do a remix for us?". We were like, "Sure". They 
were the biggest hand in America at the lime and Relativity 
just sat there and said, "Hard core and nip'' Nobody will 
ever like this." 

HW(D): What about your version of "Straight Ahead'" 

L: That's going to be on the vinyl version and Ihe SHAM 
69 song, dial's only on the Japanese CD 

HW(B): Are you surprised at how many people don't know 
thai STRAIGI IT Al IEAD song when you play it? 

L: I'm surprised at how many people do know it sometimes 
In certain areas. . we were playing in California and nobody 
knew it and then we played in Berkeley, ofall fuckm' places, 
and we did "Straight Ahead" and there were so many kids 
going crazy There's always five kids running up to the 
stage going "Straight Ahead, Straight Ahead!" 

1 1W(B): Al thai City Gardens show il seemed 
like (here was only about fifteen people who 
knew il. 

I IW(D): As long as we're on Ihc subject, we 
can segue righl into the YOl JTHOF TODAY 


I. I thought the idea was all right, bul I was 
mad about a couple of things. ( )ne thing was 
SI II ; I ITER started laic and they played longer 
than they said tlicy would And instead of 
Walter just walking up on slage and being 
like, "Hey we're going to do some YOUTH 
OF TODAY songs." they shut all the lights 
and made a big production, which look longer 
than Ihey were supposed to and they cut inlo 
out set lime. They whole thing, watching 
these guys like (ins and all these other kids 
that came down that don't go to shows 
anymore, don't like any bands, all of a sudden 
they're all back, all pointing in the air Where 
ihc hell were you for the lasl four years? Craig 
what do you think? 

C: I didn't hear the question. 

I. The whole YOUTH OF TODAY thing 

Photo By: Justine De Metrick 

(' Thev cul inlo our set lime That wasn't cool 

I. Whal do you think of the whole concept though'* 

C: It's their band not mine. They can do whatever thev wunl 

L I nut was our little joke When they came out and hil the chord and were like, "We're 
Itack!'", we were like "We never left!". 

C: The people who scream Ihe loudest are alwuys the ones that down the line change iheir 
mind. All that "We're buck" shil We never left, I never left. I've been doing this for a long 
time, and I've done il honestly ihe whole way through 

I. 1 was kind of excited at firsl, ihen il was like OK that's six songs 

HW(D): I low do you feel about bands like SI ELTER? It's lasted longer than YOT and 
il'll prolwbly goon. 

I. They're nol as good. 

I IW(B) Whal about CIV? I heard they have some huge guarantee already. 

HW(BV They suck 

I.I don't know why bunds like thai would change or break-up. We were talking about thai 
today. Look at all Ihe bands thai broke up. Like the guys in INTO ANOTI ER or SHELTER 
or QUICKSAND. If Ihey had stayed with iheir own bands.. I don't know. Why couldn't 
they do whal thev do with iheir own bands? 

I IW(D): You've basically stayed with the same line up 

I. I know everybody says, "This is our best line up." Well, it is. Richie was a great guy 
and a good bass player bul Craig has gol more of a sound we needed. 

C: (letting back to the YOT thing, nothing bad, but they try to play this big role, bul whal 
il comes down to is, they're screaming, but it's not real. I'm not saying they're fukes, bul 
I'm saying thnt a lot of ihe things they were crying about so loud, well what happens down 
the line, it's all said, done and over with These guys (SOIA) never shot their mouths oft' 

I, When we were going into that whole thing (Ihe YOT reunion) we have lo take it with a 
grain of salt, because we're dealing with the youth crew kids here, let's nol forget what they 
do and how they are. We didn't The only guy who came up to us after the whole thing was 
said and done was Sammy, he said thanks to Arman, but nol Ray. nol l'orcell Neither of 
them said, "Thanks for Idling as cut inlo your time, we're sorry.". None of them. Typical 
vouth crew. 

A: Actually I was apologized lo 

L: Thai s whal I said. 

I .: Ihey opened up for us. I think for iwo shows they got like $50 a show I ncy came all ihe 
way lo Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo. As far as they are musically I think they're really 
good, and what I really like about them is they don't play any GORILLA BISCUITS songs 
I would love to see them play a GORILLA BISCUITS song, bul whal they do is, ihey trick 
everyone, they go, "All righl, here's an old one." and they play "Sittiiv Round Al I lome". 
und everybody goes crazy. It's Tunny. 

HW<D) What happened with REST IN PIECES' 

A : We just never had a solid drummer The closest we had was lhal guy Al who was really 
pretty horrible. A really good guy, his heart was in Ihe righl place, he just had a hard lime 
playing the drums That's why we never really continued. It was just like I didn'l like 
being a front man anyway. 1 don't like talking to audiences 1 can't really lalk lo audiences 
comfortably. It would have to take a lot of getting used to. I would wreck my voice. I don't 
know how Din's voice lasts. One show and my voice would lie gone. 

HW(D): Arc you happy that the record's been repressed on CD? 

A: Yeah, sure People can get it 

1 50 of the original vinyl. 

The Deal 

You're always screaming about unity 

L: I lell yeah, I ain't gonna 

HW(B): 'lilac's a skip in 
lhal song on every 7", I 
think it's a pressing Haw. 

I.. You'll hove to talk lo 
Revelation about that 

IIW(B): Maybe III run 
inlo him at the Anthrax. 

HW(D): How is it getting 
interviewed by the 
mainstream press who 
don't have a clue about 

being open minded and honesty. 

Whal you might say will some people believe, 

but I really doubt your sincerity. 

II we really want this deal to work out, 
we all gol to rise above, we've got to slop 
these potty arguments, don't you think it's 
lime lo cut the shit out. 

You're always screaming about unity 
being open minded and honesty. 
If we really want it we all got to try 
Slop lalkin' behind each other's backs 
and spreading a buch of lies. 

I ainl saying I got a master plan 
or telling you lo go out and hold each others' hands! 
Just saying thai we're lirod of hearing your shit 
If you don't mean whal you say then dont sav it 


1, They ask you generic hand questions. 

C When did you start? Stuff like that. 

A I Isually Ihey're really boring 

I- they'll ask, '"What does hard core mean to you?" 

I IW(D): Thai's something you can't explain 

L: 1 said it best in Buffalo on this last tour I don't know 
what anybody gets out of this, but for us .. it's funny how 
everything comes in circles Everybody you knew hack 
then, Ihey're back again To us the family aspect of it, 

1 I W(B): What do you think of the NY state of affairs today? 
People try to deny it, but I think that CD's held everything 

I Really"' I think that the Wetlands is a good place for 
shows. It depends on who's doing the show. 

HW(D): If it had reentry it would be a lot better 

I. Itiat's the only bud thing 1 don't know why they don't 
have reentry. I think they thought that's what ruined CD's 
letting kids go out, gel drunk, then come hack in 

C 1 Tic scene's changed a lot All the violence 

L: Thank God all the violence is gone, or 90% of it. 

IIW(U>: What' 

I . You know what bands shows there's going to be trouble 

1 1 W(l )). You don't have to go to those shows to get involved 
in trouble. 

1.: Really? Did you go to that show last weekend at the 

IIW(B): Yeah, but I left after 108 

A: You didn't stay around for SNAPCASE? 

I IW(B): No 

I IW(D): Do you keep up with what's going on now? 

I . For a while it was hard I didn't know one band from the 
next The best thing to do is when we lour is try and gel 
local bands on the bill A lot of bands I licar of, but I never 
heard the music 

C: Outside of America ... European hands we hear because 
we travel around so much. 

A 1 think touring Europe with a hand like SNAPCASE put 
us in touch with a lot of the new school kids and what they re 
into and how they view hard core. 

I .: There are bands that I've heard 
the names of but I've never seen 
or heard their music, like 
UNDERTOW. I've seen their 
name everywhere and I know what 
they're about and I finally got to 
meet them in Seattle, but I never. 

I ever heard their music 

|HW(D): What are the majot differences you've seen 
I between touring in the states and touring all over the world? 

I.: For some reason, 1 don't know why, in Europe we do 
every thing like a total underground style, now we play like 
2000 people shows over there for Ihe same door price, but 
in ihe states ihe smaller band you are they charge more 
The bigger you get the more you can control the door price. 

It just works backwards. 

I IW(B): 'lTial show al the Roseland was like $18 

I. That's the thing, when we play with somebody bigger 
(HELME'I") we have no control. Stormy tells her bands, 
"You can set your own limits. " Our highest ticket is $10, 
and if it's gonna be ten bucks (here belter be at least 10 
bands. We played in Texas lor $6 in advance, $8 (he day of 
Ihe show and kids were telling us it was tix> much money. 

with his old hand. I. ARM I'm totally connected to all those 
bands he thinks are so great and what am I'm doing but the 
same thing those guys are probably doing We just attained 
popularity. I would think after 10 years hopefully instead 
of 20 people coming to sec you 200 will, or 2000 

L: They always throw hands like MAN EIITINli BANNER 
in our face They say they're popular and they're not rock 
stars, The reason they say that about us is we're interviewed 
in the mainstream press. The singer of MAN LIFTING 
BANNER is al every one of iwr shows over there We talked 
to him and he said, "You guys are just like us You say Ihe 
same things, yon believe the same tilings" We saw, on our 
third European lour, what getting bigger meant (idling 
Ihe moron crowd hack, but not the violent gang moron crowd 
but the kids who don't know any belter They're like, "Wow, 
look. SICK OF IT ALL, slam dance, stage dive ." And 
(hat's what they do, run in a circle. 

IIW(D): Wc can tell you manv sloi 

1. It's funny when you sec sonic of the areas, like Fort Worth. 
il's so poor in lhal area. 

I IW(D): There's a lot of people these days who don't want 
to spend a dune on a show If it's not free they don't want 
to deal with i(. If it's not free they don't even want to go 

A: A lot of people like to gel down on bands for door prices 
Bui they don't understand how much it actually costs to put 
on the show and also the club and the promoter taking their 
cut as well. There's a lot of things that enter into it thai 
your average person who disses bands for high door prices 
doesn't understand If they did get involved on the business 
side of things and see how the money is broken down then 
they would have a new understanding and they might not 
diss as many Ixmds. 

IIW(B): What about that kid in Europe who was 
interviewing you? 

I . Remember that guy? We were in such a good mood and 
he comes onto the bus and we were like, "Come on sit in 
Ihe hack. I la vc fun with us." He goes. "My first statement 
is: You suck. You play cheap metal now." (Many laughs, 
of course) And we sat there for the whole time lhal 
SNAPCASE. was on, almosl an hour, going on with this 
kid. He called us cheap metal, but he loves EARTH CRISIS 

HW(B): Now that's cheap metal! 

C: He was wearing a YOT shirt, lie said his influences 
were YOT. I was in YOT It was Ray and Porccll's band i 
more than it was mine, but I was still involved in il for at 
least lhal record! "Break Down the Walls"). I'm still playing 
hard core. I was part of all these bands he liked. How 
come you're dissing mc here? I'm still playing hard core 
Il's ten years later, I'm still doing it 1 didn't understand his 
angle. I don't thing he understood his angle He didn'l 
know his history. 

A: He really didn'l know what the history of hardcore was. 

C: He was talking about this band MAN LIFTING 
BANNER. I low they're so great. I did a 7" with that guy 
in 1985 ("End the War Zone" Comp.) The first thing 
STRAKil fl' Ai UiAD ever put out was a 7" which wc did 

C: Wc got ]xipular through hard work, we never quit It s 
not like we sacrificed principle or sound to attain a little nil 
of popularity, wc just plugged away at what we did and 
didn't quit We stuck to what we said and did it hard for 
many years. 1 low can you did lhal? I don I understand 

II W: ????? 

L: We were on the other question Bui what I was saying 
about this whole thing of getting more popular, in Europe, 
wc saw a lot more kids who didn'l know what il was all 
about. And this was on the third European tour, and people 
were like, "What do you thing of your new audience"' 
You've got to learn. You've got to teach them I gel up 
there every nighl before we start and say, "111 I ask of all of 
you is to respect each other and don't hurt each other." I tell 
them we could come up here and have barricades at even 
show and you guys won I be able to stage dive or anything 
I like it, but if I sec you hurting each other, forget it, we're 
going to slop And we have great shows And 1 dunk now, 
the lasl lime we went, il was really insane. The kids are 
real inlo it and the best thing about being popular is you see 
the sume kids who came to see us at the squat shows on our 
first lour arc still there, and I talk to them. They're still 
there and 1 talk to them I go, "So you guys don't mind llial 
we're getting bigger and all thai?" Ihis one kids goes, 
"Same hand, same door price, same great music Why 
wouldn't I come?" 1 said, "What about all these olhcr 
people?", he just said, "Ahh. who cares?" 

HW(D): Are you still feeling repercussions from thai Wayne 
\x> incident? 

A: No 

I.: Not really, thank God. 

A: The tact that the New York limes printed our letter pretty 
much let us oft" the hook. Ihe New York limes was pretty 
much Ihe only article that put hard core in that light anyway 
Once they printed our letter every thing was fine We got 
ourselves right out of the controversy. A lot of other 
publications didn'l say anything had ulxtul hard core al all 
and didn't make any kind of a connection which was 

1IW(D): There wasn't any calls from the parents blaming 
you or anything? 

A: Nope. 

HW(D): Did you keep up with it? 

I.: I "hat's Ihe thing, after the articles were all over the country 
people were asking us if he was in jail or whatever, wc 
I don't know As far as I know he's in jail. 

I HW(D): He's in the paper tor three days and that's it He's 

lust another statistic 

A it wasn't someone we knew 

I IW(B): The good thing about hard core is everybody's got these gcxxf stories I know (his 
one guy thai lias a good story 1 le was at tins one show in midtown somewhere, it was a 
REST IN PIECES show. He walks into the bathroom and there's you (Annan) and Tommy 
Carroll having a contest to see who could punch the biggest dent in a garbage can (A lot 
of laughter.) See (hut's a good story. True or not? 

A: No, it's definitely not true. 

HW(D): Thai story has been around lor years' 

all these tables and barrels in the back That was the 2 1 and over area, that's where the kids 
ran and Pete went after them, and everybody at the bur had like SS shirts, and bang 

A: It was a big bar room brawl 

I,: I hank God none ofus got hurt or arrested. I hit one guv the whole night I punched this I 
Na/i kid in the nose and the next thing I know bottles are being thrown, tables are smushing 
ni front of me and Craig. 

C: I jammed my thumb 

I . The bouncers ran out the exit door and we went out after them and there was this helicopter 
with a spotlight on us. 

IIW(H) I'm glad I wasn't that garbage can' 

HW(D): What's the weirdest thing thai ever happened to you on tour' Anything really 

A I guess the cra/iest has to be the time we played Phoenix in '93. 

I. We had a not break out It was bullshit. Inere was all these Na/i kids iherc During 
UK )| lAZARD's set they beat up some Mexican kid then during our set they started doing 
it again and we stopped. We said, "We came here to have run." Blah, blah, blah. And 
Ihese Nazi's up front were like, "Yeah, we didn't come here to you give speeches." So I 
said. "OK then slop beating people up and we'll stop giving speeches, we'll just play 
music " So we started to play again and it happened again, they started picking on some 
kid, so I said something to him, and as I'ar as we could see there was only lour of them and 
we didn't understand why norxxly was doing anything. The next thing I know, we had 
words and Pete's in (he audience hitting all four of them. Ihev lake oil' running and he 
chases aller Ihem and we all jump in I he crowd aller him. The way it was set up, they had 

A I think the whole Phoenix ]>olicc dqiartmcnl was outside. 

I. 'Ihe next day they said the from |\ige of Ihc paper was, "New York Punk Rock Hand I 
Starts Riot". It was scary. I don't like standing there watching people get beat up Thai's 
what sucks about the bigger shows. We played that first Amnesty benefit and I thought we 
had the greatest show of our career, and some kid was like, "You didn't see that big braw I 
in the hack?" There was like 2000 people there 

IIW(B): 'Chat's when it was at it's worst. Speaking of hilling people, I'm al Cfi's for a I 
(K)Rll.l.A BISCUITS show, I think, and I'm standing there on the side of the stage and 
you're (Lout on the olher side of my friend, who was standing next to me. and I'm not 
paying attention lo what's going on on Ihe olher side of me. hut apparently some guys hil a 
| girf 

I .: No. no that was an UNDKRI X XI show I was with (his girl on Ihe side of the stage and 
I this guy bnishes past her and she goes, "Well, excuse me." and Ihe guy lurned around and 

said something nasty lo her so she cursed back at him and the guy mushed her in ihe face 
| and I jumped over and hit him. 

I IW(B): Yeah, your list went right past my nose. 

C: I didn'l know you were a lough guy. 

L: II wasn't a reul light I hit him once and then Richie made fun ol'him. Come on, he hit 
agirl [used to love UNDERDOG shows. l-cl'slalkaboulUNDHRIXXi. What happened, 
| and why did they quit? 

HW(B): Well there was the Ihrec-picce deal and thai was Ihe end of the whole Ihing 

1 1W(I )) IX«s anyone know where Tommy Carroll is? 

L: 1 Ic's a bouncer at n Insh bar 

I C: 1 haven't talked lo him in a couple months 1 used lo lalk lo him a lot Up unlil lasl year 
I was bilking lo him a lot, we'd hang out and stuff, but I called him a couple of times and 

I he doesn't return my calls He's busy, I'm busy, I'm never home. I'll give him a call in a 
couple of weeks. I want to put out STRAlCil IT AI IKAD so I guess I' ve gol to call him 

IIW(B): The album and the "Knd Ihe War Zone" tracks? 

C: 'ITierc's three outakes off Ihe "Knd the War 7x>ne" Ihing, Ihey were recorded at the same 
time but we never put Ihem out so I want to pul out the "End Ihe War Zone" tracks with Ihe 
| three extra songs and Ihe 12". 

I IW(B): I low about a live set? "Knockdown" wasn't recorded was it? 

C: No. I like the sing a long It was a total pile-up song I wrote lhal for the pile-ups 

HW(B): So what do you Ihink about bands thai have one onginal member lei! and they 
play it up and you guys have kepi basically Ihe same line-up? 

A: We've seen a lot of that liappen just because of stories from Kurope. lite fact that the 
music is really popular over there you can just book a tour and make a few thousand 
dollars. When those slories come back lo Amenca people who haven I done il for years 
want lo gel il back together to make money and to see Kurope. 

1 IW(D): We were talking alxmt SI.APSI IOT before lhcy have only one original member 
and that's it (it's Iwo now -Brett) They're touring Kurope and are super popular 

I C : SLAPSHOT were always a hard working band. 

I.: 1 just don't know why they never made it in Amenca 

le recorded qui rccoid lor free basically, so il was just ..ui ofrcsp ccl. 

I.: That's why we started playing ihc STRAKil IT AHEAD song. 
Ii was i'oi thui 

C: Still, the guy was our friend II was a benefit to celebrate his I 

C: Choke likes to play. 

L: "Step On It" is a greal record 

I IW(1»: Yeah. I think dial's ihe best record. It's very fast 
That's what I noticed about your new record all Ihe songs a 
very fast, basically 

IIW(H): That was ihe first lime I saw SICK OF IT ALL since the 
Aaron Straw benefit al the Anthrax. 

I. We only played like six songs tliat day. I don't know why We 
gol dicked oul of lime. 

1 IW(li) There was some violence at thai show. Someone with a | 
pipe, if I remember correctly. 

L: When we were recording that record our friends would 
come up and listen to us practice and be like, "Somebody 
slill plays fast Nobody does lhat anymore." 

I IW(B): Thank Ciod somebody does. 

I.: That's just the way we arc. There's nothing we can do 
about it. 

A. We have a hard time playing slow. 

I.: Jesus Christ we fall apart' 

C: Sorry if it's not cool this year. 

I.: To be honest when we were on lour a lot ofk ids, especially 
Ihe oliler kids, would conic up to us, every lime we play 
Boston, different people would come up to us and say, 'That 
God you guys still play fas! 1 was expecting another third 
rale FUGAZI change hand' ." 

I IW(D): We talk about that all Ihe time A lot of bands 
have just evolved into these slow, cninchv rnelal bands And 
when they get a fast part in there you star getting excited 
thinking something is going to happen. 

HW(BV. So what aboul the Chuck Valle benefit? How did 
you gel hooked-up with dial'.' 

L: To this day I slill don't know 

C: All I know is Jimmy called me up before il happened 
and he's idling me about this benefit for Chuck He didn't 
set il up I was like, "What do you mean you didn't set il 
up? Who's going to set it up but you?" We didn't talk 
about it loo much, but he said nobody called him. I low- 
could you not contact him? 

I. Iliis is the deal After the funeral Jimmy talked to Pete, 
or somebody talked to Pete, and said if we do a benefit are 
you guys up for it. We said sure, no problem. Ihen they 
call us and say it's going to be al the Wetlands Nobody 
told us who was doing it We assumed Jimmy was involved 
because he's done shows at the Wetlands The one thing 
Annan told ihe guy from the Wetlands was we'll do it, bill 
don't use our name in Ihe ad. If they want il to be just a 
small thing for people who knew Chuck, just put "Benefit 
for Chuck" Then the next week we gel a call from Jimmy 
asking if we're doing the benefit and he's got nothing to do 
with it We thought he was setting it up. It's too late for US 
to Iwck oul because we look in Ihc Village Voice and there's 
our name as the headliner and it said MURPHY'S LAW, 
CRO-MAGS... We didn'l want our name on there lor the 
simple reason thai, especially Sound Views, would say thai 
there were all these kids there just to see 9(CK OF IT ALL 
They weren't really degrading our name, but it put us in a 
lad light. Ihe whole reason we did it was because Chuck 
hmked us up from day one When he was in 1.1 JDICIIR 1ST, 
even before he was in I.UDICI IRIS T. 

C: I wanted to do a couple of SIRAIGI H AMI! Al) songs. 

C: 'That's coo] Violence at a show for somebody who's dead 

I, Ihat's like the first Amnesty International benefit. These jerks 
from Brooklyn, these kids, who were jusl guidos, drove up. They 
couldn't get into the show, then someone let them in the back door, 
and Ihe first thing they do is. during our set, these was this huge 
body builder one of them who slage dove during our set ami Ihe 
nexl thing you know they're fist fighting during our set Thai was 
the end of our set. A lot of people say now we get that crowd 
because of Ihe way we play. We play last, aggressive. 

C: We'rejust plaving hard aire. There's no lough guv image. We're 
jusl doing what we do. 

1 1 W(D): I lave you had any shows shut down by cops? 

I.: No 

A: Nol in the middle of our performance. 

L Our luck with .Seattle, until this tune, is even time we sel up an 
all ages show the sheriff would say, "No, no. no I don't want any 
all ages. Young gang kids. 1 don't want that." We finally gol an 
all ages show. We played Pittsburgh an this last American tour, 
and the fire marshal came in. and not because it was overcrowded, 
but he said, "If those kids don't stop that stage diving I'm closing 
tins show down." And lliey wanted me lo make an announcement 
Hie announcement 1 made was, "It's obvious we know vvliat were 
doing, and none of Uiesc kids are hurting each other", because it 
«as ,in ;ill haul cole ciowd I le was standing up where the sound 
board was and we started playing Ihe next song and kids were 
diving and going crazy and he just let! So that was cool. 

HW(B): Sounds kind of like the Good Day NY thing 

L: 1 did forty five minutes with them aboul straight edge und they 
asked me aboul slam dancing, if il was violent I go, "Yeah, sure- 
it's violent, but it's a controlled thing." And what they used of me 
was, "Yeah, sure it's violent ". and that's it. 

HW(D): Thai's why you have to stay away from the major media 
sometimes, because all they want lo do, like the past few months, 
all they do is things on fanzines and someone I know talked for a 
long time and all they used was about two seconds. What do you 
expect? All they want lo do is make their story, they don't care 
about you 

L: We know aboul that. 

HW(D) Civ looked like an idiot 

I.: Who was thai other guy, jusl some slob oil" ihe street. "You're a 
father of how many? Four. OK, you're on the show. How do feel 
aboul hard core?" "Oh, not my kids. They like football " 

HW(B): I had to be the smallest kid at any of those shows, because 
everyone in NY is basically huge, and 1 never got hurt, somehow. 

HW(D): That's the thing about the last show I saw you guys at. I 
got dove on from behind and I gol hurt a htlle for (he firs! time 

since like seven yeas ago al a Sl.APSIIOT show 
when Gus dove feel first. 

I .: We paid that guy. Seriously, I don't like shit like 
that. Diving when people aren't looking. We played 
a show in Minneapolis and for die first time in like 
two years there wasn't a barricade Like two hours 
before the show we walked in and it wasn't up, we 
walk in w hen it's time lo play and no barricade We 
were shocked, so we start playing and I see one kid 
look around and dive Another kid. another It starts 
getting more and more. Ihen you could tell who 
has been al a show without a barricade bclore. You 
could tell who was punk rock or hard core and you 
could tell who was there because they got a free ticket 
at Ihe WKK/KR show the night before They gave 
away five hundred tickets the nighl before That club 
Was cool. To fill out their club they giveaway tickets 
Anyway, you sec hard core kids landing softly, diving 
sideways. These other kids were diving feel first 
We were like, "Look, if you guys are going to dive 
feel first get the fuck out of here ." We liad to slop 
three times. 

I IW(D): I low do you feel about that crowd thal's al 
Ihe show just lo get passed around or whatever 

L: I never even think about lhat 1 think Unit the 
people that are there to see 1 IELMET and hopefully 
they will get into our music I never do think about 
the fact lhat there are kids who just go to a show lo 
dance and dive. To me, lhat s what I did at hard core 
shows in the beginning 1 didn't just go because I 
liked Ihc hand I'd go lo CB's every week just lo 
I dance 

IIW(U): So what aboul that new video ("Step 

L: You should have stayed al Ihc Wetlands because I 

J was told ihal right before SNAPCASE played they 

lowered Ihe screen and played it and die whole place 

broke oul laughing lis just making fun of ourselves 

HW(B): Is there someone doing Ihe "('hilly Cheese 
| Slcak"? 

1 1. Ihere's a "Windmill" and u "Pizza Maker" 

My Revenge 

Don't you jump in it's nol your fight 
Your ideas mean shit to me 
you ain't on my side. 

it's my revenge 

it's my revenge 

My last resort, my broken back 
I have a reason and a cause 
to fight back 

it's my revenge 

it's my revenge 

I won't stand for it anymore 
you know my lime h^s come 
go.ina see some changes 
won't stop till I've won 

I it's my revenge 

1 it's my revenge 

1 it's my revenge 

it's my revenge 

I1W(B). "I .awnmower"? 

I. Lenny did a lousy lawnmower 

A lis mil even a lawnmower lis like Hailing arms. 

IIW(B). There should have been auditions for Ihe 
lawnmower. I would have iricd out 

HW(D): Arc you ever going to gel your own Columbia 
I louse slump? 

1. Apparently we're on Columbia House. That's what 
somebody lold me. I don'l even know if we have anything 
lodo with stuff like thai That's one aspect of the business 

that 1 don't care about. 

A We have a good contract Our lawyer is an expert in 
100% creative control type contracts. He did SONIC 
YOUTI I and NIRVANA and all thai stuff. 

I IW(D): Do you find it's easier lor bands now' 

I.: Kids si ill have lo walch oul for themselves Hack then 
when we were having all those... Ihat whole thing with 
Relativity ami all that, lo us il was a joke. We never thought 
we'd gel beyond CBGB's " You waul us to sign a contrael? 
Make an album I la ha. Yeah OK." We did an album and 
Ihenil was like seven albums Weluughed We'll break UP 
next week 

I IW(D): When did you decide this was a serious Kind'' 

L: I think right before... when Richie and Arman told us 
Ihey wanted to leave We w ere so into il playing and having 

I IW(B) You left lo concentrate on REST IN PIECES. 

A: No that was a different lime 

1IW(B): I wish you concenlraled on REST IN PIECES a 
little more because I only saw you guys twice. 

A I never considered myself a real drummer Even to this 
day I have trouble with the concept Kspecially starling oul 
playing drums for STRAIGHT AHEAD and SICK OF IT 
ALL I always just considered myself jusl a lill-in drummer. 

C: The first lime he ever played drums was Ihe first 
STRAIG1 IT Al IEAD practice We're hanging out outside 
of CD's like, "Yeah, we need a drummer." He's like. "I'll 
play." "Can you do il?" "I guess." He shows up al our 

A: Like the sixlli lime 1 ever sal behind a drum sel seriously 
was our firsl show with STRAIGHT AHEAD. 

I1W(B): Who was playing drums for SOIA before you? 

I.: This guy little Dave. We saw' Arman playing with 
STRAIG1 IT AHEAD so we were psyched He was a step 
up from Billy PSYCHO. 

C: I wanted them to lake Billy PSYCHO He was in Ihe 
PSYCHO'S, ya know? 

HW(D) Yeah, he was in MENTAL ABUSE the second 
nine they were together. 

L: There's a band nobody remembers except us. We sil 
around and talk about the glory of MENTAL ABUSE. 

C: MENIAL ABI ISE was a great band They were New 
Jersey's answer to AGNOSTIC FR( )NT in ihe early days 

L I think that album was greal. 

HW(D): Another underappreciated band, KRAKDOWN | L: Tiere'sone reason to go see KILLING TIME. To watch 

them lull apart live 

HW(D) Do people yell oul lor you guvs lo play certain 
cover songs? 

I. Totally. We were jusl doing an interview Ihe other day 
and they were asking us about Ihe use of the chorus II was 
jusl a tribute lo KRAKDOWN. I nut was one of the bunds 
thai we love. Nobody could touch them live, They were 
just pure energy 

C That was ihe last STRAIOI IT AHKAD song ever written, 
that song. A week before we broke up we wrote thai song 
We never played il live. Then when we were writing the 
SOIA album I was like. "Hey I got this old song."', he 
( Amiun) knew il. We showed il to Pete and Lou and then 
he was writing Ihe words and we lust used ihe 
KRAKIX )WN Hung II just lit well. 

I IW(U): Somebody has gut to resurrect Ihat demo 

L: Sell it to Lost & Pound behind their back! Richie was al 
Ihe Chuck Valle benefit The last lime I saw Jason was 
three years ago. 

I IW(D) Do you guys ever see Duane (Some Records)? 

C: I see him every once in u while 1 bought shoes from 
him actually 

L: 'Hull's one of Ihe greal Irugedies in hardcore history. 'Ihe 
closing of Some Records 

IIW(D): I don't know if you remember Ihis bul when von 
guys brought your first box of demos into Some Records I 
bought the firsl one You were like. "Oh 1 hope somebody 
buys one" 

LI hianc always played our demo for everybody who came 
into the store. 

HW(D): Duanc played records and demos constantly When 
the YOI 1TJ 1 OF TODAY record came oul he played il all 

L: I remember being in there when Ihe CRO-MAGS album 
came out. Duane said, "It's still nol as good as the demo.*' 
Someone ask John why it took them So long lo realize Ihat 
everyone wanted lo hear the songs oil' Ihe lirsl album. 

I IW(B): I le said that Ihe metal slut wasn't his idea. 

L It's like when we were on lour with A.J he played us 
demos for Iheir (LEEWAY) last album, "'Adult Crash", I 
mean it's got good purls bul I was just like, '"A.J. you should 
just go into the studio and write like you used to." His 
answer was, "No, we're beyond thai We're on the nexl 

C: You can't jusl go into u studio und write an album II 
has lo flow oul of you. 

A: Or else il ends up like the second REST IN PIECES 

IIW(D): Somebody had a tape of il. Il was just. . 

A: All thai was was an experiment. It had to be put out 

HW(B): Was Ihat you wearing Ihe leather trench coat? 

A: I was, yeah 

L. I love that song "Five Golden Rings" 

A" It was recorded really bad 

HW(D): have you heard about Ihe KII .LING TIME reunion 

we went to Europe for Ihe lirsl time we had to play for so 
long hal we played every song we knew und "Willi Time" 
by Al iNl XSTIC l-'R< )NT Ihe firsl lour we were doing songs 
over. Wed play "Injustice System" three times in u set and 
Ihe kids would go crazy every time! Now when the) iry lo 
keep you on stage we're jusl like. "Get the fuck out of here." 

HW(B): I'm hearing a lot of talk about Vinny Stigma not 
actually playing guilar live 

C: Vinny Sligma was in Vietnam, yes he was I was there 
I saw him. 

L: I say he wasn't When we played with AGNOSTIC 
FR( >NT in 1 99 1 1 went to the soundboard and asked which 
one was Sligma and ihe fader was all the way down, so I 
pushed it up Now a days you have lo ask Vinny. 

C: 1 summed il up perfectly. Skirl around die issue 

1 1 W(D): All right any lasl comments'' 

C Support you local scene! 

HWiD): Any comments for your detractors? 

I.: Fuck 'em 

Afterthoughts: A few people reading 
this interview by now are probably 
asking themselves, "Wait a sec, wasn't 
Koenig involved with that whole anti- 
IN EFFECT/SOLA thing back in '90?" 
Yeah, that's me. A few years ago I wrote 
a letter about how disgusted I was with 
all the bands signing up with big indies 
(read: small majors) and used SOLA as an 
example. Sure, I was angry at the time 
and the whole independent ABC No Rio 
that I was a part of helped fuel the fire. 
Looking back, I definitely should not 
have made an example of SOLA. These 
guys really busted their asses during 
their existence and never really got a lot 
of help in the process. They were friends 
of mine who I "stabbed in the back" and 
stuck the knife in real deep. Yes, I have 
regrets about that whole incident. 
Especially after NOT being able to 
express my views on the WNYU radio 
show, which turned out to be a disaster 
for the proponents of D.l.Y. Sam and 
Adam (Born Against) really did make 
asses of themselves, but they didn't want 
me on because "SOIA wanted to kill me". 
It was )ust their (BA's) egos were to big. 

A couple of years ago, I ran into Lou 
outside of Venus Records on Saint 
Mark's Place/N.Y.C. we talked and said it 
was water under the bridge. Earlier this 
year, Brett was really hounding me 
about wanting to do a SOLA interview 
for Hardware. It was really weird a 
week later SOIA's management comp- 
any contacted us and now the rest is his- 
tory... Lou and Pete, I'm truly sorry -DK 


Brett's Reviews 

Haven, Ct. 

After a long drive we finally arrived al 
this place just in lime for 
CORNERSTONE These guys play 
last, late '80's inspired hard core much 
in the vein of some of my faves like 
WIDE AWAKE. YOT, etc They 
played a lot of the songs off their demo, 
which is now out of print, and a few 
new ones which will be on their 
upcoming full length release on Lost and 
Found records Included in the mix was 
a cover of "Spirit of Youth" by 
STRAIGHT AHEAD and "Dance Floor 
Justice" by PROJECT X Basically I 
think these guys rule live so I hope their 
album is equally as good DEADGUY 
played to an overly enthusiastic crowd 
which totally enjoyed their set. The kids 
were going nuts (?). They sounded 
pretty good, but personally I'm 
beginning to grow tired of their sound 
and set Well it's been about four years 
since I last saw KILLING TIME and 
things haven't changed that much The 
songs still rule but they were REALLY 
sloppy and there was twice as many 
people on the stage as there was in the 
crowd They played a bunch of new 
songs which are supposed to be coming 
out soon, but I don't know on what 
label just yet (Blackout 9 ) -Brett 

3-18-95 KURBJAW The Down Under 

New Brunswick, N.J. 

You've got to support the local scene, 
but it looks like a lot of others don't 
share my belief, although I guess the low 
turnout was justified and expected 
because the show was poorly advertised. 
KURBJAW has a new line up with the 
elimination of their second guitarist and 
a new bass player (who also is in 
ENDEAVOR) Hey, what can I say? 
They played "Backfire" in the middle of 

the set to go along with all their usual 
songs that you can check out on their 
new 7". Just to top things off they 
played "Just How Much?" and "True 
Till Death" with special guest Tim 
McMOUTHPIECE on vocals and 
"Always Try" with no one on vocals - 


Now I know why I have never been to a 
show in Long Island It took nearly two 
and a half hours to get there due to all 
the traffic and construction Anyway 
this show was at an AIDS clinic and was 
presumably a benefit We walked in 
around the middle of PHALLACY's set. 
They seem to have a good following in 
the area, although the place wasn't that 
crowded, but it was in huge warehouse 
area. The sound was pretty shitty but at 
least there was a stage While the 
FARCUS AFFAIR get points for having 
a name taken from "A Christmas Story" 
I don't really dig their music too much 
Sort of poppy like SLEEPER. 
BLOODLET are metal, it's as simple as 
that. Not fast metal either, slow 
grinding metal A lot of people were 
into them so 1 guess there is something 
appealing MOUTHPIECE played a 
pretty decent set, including all their 
usual material and a little line-up switch 
during the end of "Can We Win" The 
crowd was into it and everything went 
pretty good As for BAD TRIP 1 
haven't seen them since a long time 
ago at CB's 1 figured they would have 
a huge following in the area but hardly 
anyone was watching them, although it 
was late. So I checked out a few songs 
before beginning the long trek back to 
Jersey, and let me just say that their new 
Stuff sounds nothing like the cut from 
the New Breed comp. -Brett 


SOULST1CE The Wetlands, NYC 

This place keeps booking these 
blockbuster, sold-out shows just to 
aggravate people. I think Waiting in 
line wasn't too bad because I showed up 
early, because I didn't have a ticket 
metal, plain and simple. They were 
much more interesting to watch than 
SOULSTICE, although the in between 
song comments from the singer of 
SOULSTICE were awfully entertaining 
He said some guy they all used to be 
friends with fooled around with one of 
their girlfriends, so he's not vegan 
(???? 9 ?), someone please explain to me 
just what the hell is going on in 
Syracuse. I didn't watch SHIFT 
because I've seen them enough. 108 
played a really good set, and the crowd 
reaction confirmed that Things were 
topped off with a cover of the "We 
Gotta Know" intro straight into "World 
Peace" so needless to say I was all over 
the place Mosh it up, New York 
Style!" -Brett 

VISION The Pipeline, Newark, N.J. 

Walked in just as VISION was finishing 
up their last song "Falling Apart" and no 
one was really watching them, probably 
because they were all there to see oi 
favorites THE BUSINESS, but I was 
there to see SLAPSHOT There was a 
sighting of Mark McKay and when he 
started setting up his trademark three 
piece drum set it was apparent that he 
was back in the band They opened up 
with "No Friend Of Mine" and "I've 
Had Enough", that made the eight 
people who were there to see them quite 
happy. The played a lot of old stuff like 
"Back On the Map". "Step On It", and 
"Where There's Smoke", also included 
was a cover of MINOR THREAT'S 
"Out Of Step", which went out to "all 
the idiots who have to ask if we're st ill 

straight edge". I guess that answers my 
question. They also played "Shaved For 
Battle", which was a STARS AND 
STRIPES song. -Brett 

send Bivii and I ;i fiver Mavbe we can make ii I hen auain mavbe not 


WESTON, SCREW 32 Central 
Unitarian Church, Paramus, N.J 

This show, which I was really looking 
forward to, was plagued by assholes and 
bad sound SCREW 32 play your basic 
generic punk, aside from their one song 
on that Berkeley comp I really don't like 
their sound, but the crowd seemed to 
enjoy them even though you basically 
couldn't tell what was going on because 
the sound was so fucked up Everybody 
loves WESTON, I don' I. YOUTH 
BRIGADE fell way short of their last 
area appearance about a year ago al 
Middlesex. They did add a second 
guitarist since then, but I could still 
hardly hear anything except for noise. 
And of course there were the usual 
assholes there who always piss me off 
Not a very fun night, and we only sold 
two shirts -Brett 

STRENGTH 691 The Down Under, 
New Brunswick, N.J. 

This place was just as crowded as it was 
for the New Year's Eve show, which 
made it nearly impossible for anyone to 
really enjoy themselves. I was all 
psyched to see CORNERS ION E, but 
they had to cancel because their guitarist 
had a previous engagement which he 
had to attend to The rest of the guys 
made it down anyway, and with the help 
of my pals Dan and Mark from 
out four old school covers for us all to 
go crazy over. "We Gotta Know", 
"World Peace", "Straight Ahead", and 
"Dance Floor Justice". After that 1 just 
hung out in the back and tried to sell 
zines so I really didn't watch too much 
of the rest of the bands, but I heard 
STRIFE got a huge reaction -Brett 

PELT Central Unitarian Church. 
Paramus, N.J. 

Once again I only watched one band, 
that being AVAIL The sound was 
about a billion times better than the 
show last week and AVAIL put on a 
tight energetic set, much better than the 
last time I saw them at the Wetlands, 
which totally sucked The place was 
packed and all the dorks seemed to be 
having a good time, so 1 guess 

everything went all right, I had a much 
better time just hanging out and talking 
with my friends. -Brett 

4-22-95 MURPHY'S LAW Rutgers 
College Springfest 

Somehow MURPHY'S LAW got 
hooked-up to play the Rutgers 
Springfest. which is quite weird since 
usually only college rock/fraternity 
bands play these things It was a typical 
college festival, frisbee, barbecues, 
dorks, etc Originally the show was 
supposed to be outdoors, but it started 
raining around 12:30PM and once the 
people in charge of the thing got all the 
equipment moved inside the sun came 
out and it was a beautiful day That 
kind of sucked because 1 was in the 
mood for an outdoor show since I 
haven't been to a good one in years. I 
heard Jimmy had a broken leg so I was 
curious to see how he would handle it. 
and once he dove with the broken leg 1 
guess I got my answer That guy does 
more with one leg than most singers do 
with two! There was probably about 
thirty people there exclusively to see 
MURPHY'S LAW and everyone was 
having a good time, especially these two 
drunk/stoned jock type girls who 
exclaimed that they like MURPHY'S 
LAW better than the OFFSPRING It's 
true, believe me These two were by far 
the most entertaining part of the show 
It was great watching them get thrown 
around, and believe me they must have 
been pretty sore when they sobered up 
because they took a pretty good beating 
by being in the wrong place during the 

mosh part in "Care Bear" Anyway they 
played a lot of classics including "Cavity 
Creeps" so 1 was damned happy -Brett 

CFA Benefit for Bloodclot Coney Island 
High NYC 

Right after MURPHY'S LAW were 
done playing the Springfest we left for 
NYC to catch the benefit for John 
Joseph John was finally arrested for 
being AWOL from the Navy for 
something like 15 years and he needs 
help paying the legal fees so the only 
logical thing to do is have a benefit. I 
have never been to this place, which is 
located on St Mark's Place, right by 
Venus records so I really didn't know 
what t o expect. As it turns out the place 

is owned or managed by this guy who 
used to be the NYHC band HEART 
ATTACK and Jimmy Gestapo/Spliff is 
booking the hard core shows. The place 
is laid out a lot like CB's except a little 
smaller and it was pretty much packed 
We walked in just as CROWN OF 
THORNZ were finishing up their last 
song and they then proceeded to play 
"Hardway" by OUTBURST which got 
the crowd going pretty well As I was 
walking around I really got the feeling 
that I was at an old CB's matinee, it 
looked like a real NYC show I talked 
to a couple of people that had been 
there for the whole show and they said 
there were no fights so far, quite 
surprising CAUSE FOR ALARM took 
the stage and proceeded to kick ass. 
Everyone was going off and having a 
good time and there was a lot of crowd 
participation, as opposed to the last time 
I saw these guys at the Wetlands 
Someone got up on the stage after the 
set and read a letter to a hushed crowd 
from John himself explaining his 
situation, and thanking everyone for 
coming down to the show It was also 
revealed that Harley and Kevin (ex- 
CRO-MAGS) were the ones who turned 
the authorities onto his whereabouts 
Man that's fucked up 1 John sent us all a 
little advice at the end of the letter, 
"Never trust a couple of rats" 

LEEWAY took the stage before a 
pumped up crowd and played a couple 
of new songs before blasting into "Rise 
and Fall" which totally made the place 
go insane Now it really looked like an 
old CB's show! There were people 
hanging from the pipes and at one point 
there were three people on others 
shoulders in the pit! I live for this kind 
of stuff. They went straight into "Mark 
of the Squealer" (for Harley no doubt) 
but unfortunately AJ's guitar head blew 
up halfway through the song. After 
some repairs they played "Right 
Brigade" to a really enthusiastic 
response. By now it was getting close 
to eleven, which is when the show was 
supposed to end, so MURPHY'S LAW 
only played for about twenty minutes, 
but I did get to hear "Panty Raid" and 
"Ska Song" tor the second time today 
MURPHY'S LAW thoroughly kicked 
ass and Jimmy was diving, running 
around, and hanging from the pipes, all 
with a busted leg! It seemed that this 
show went off really well There were ** 

no fights and no attitudes 1 hope the 
rest of the shows at this place go half as 
well as this one did -Brett 

KURBJAW The Down Under, New 
Brunswick, N.J. 

This was a benefit for Sound On Sound 
records in Highland Park, so I guess it 
was for a good cause (look for a benefit 
to help pay my car insurance around the 
end of the year) KURBJAW played 
their usual set, which included both a 
JUDGE and SIDE BY SIDE cover, to 
the faithful. I missed GARDEN 
totally while I was bullshitting with 
people By the time MOUTHPIECE 
went on it was getting late and very hot 
so a lot of people had left, but the die 
hards were still there to watch the boys 
from Trenton open up with "Open Up", 
how clever They played all the crowd 
favorites and got good reaction, so I 
guess all in all the show was a success, 
although I hate this place What about 
re-entry you assholes, and the bouncers 
are not necessary, they don't do 
anything anyway. -Brett 

5-20-95 108, DEADGUY, DOC 
HOPPER Coney Island High, NYC 

I walked in just as DOC HOPPER was 
going on and quickly realized that there 
was hardly anyone there, probably due 
to the fact that there was almost no 
advertising for this show. Anyway. 
DOC HOPPER played for a long time, 
and there were some people interested, 
but it seemed that everyone was there 
just to hang out DEADGUY were up 
next and they played just about all their 
songs before a few interested parties. 
108 basically went through the motions, 
putting an end to a very- forgettable 
show This club must allow re-entry and 
get rid of the guy at the door who had 
to keep yelling at everyone like he was a 
cop On the up side I did spot a lot of 
famous NYHC people in the city today 
Ray 2 Day, Porcell, Sammy, Mark Ryan, 
Vinnie Stigma, Keith CFA, English 
Nick, and Jesse YUPPICIDE, so that 
was pretty cool -Brett 

5-21-95 SICK OF IT ALL, CIV, H : 
The Limelight, NYC 


This was by far one of the worst shows 1 
have ever been to, in one of the worst 
clubs I have ever been in Thank God I 
got in for free or else I would still be 
kicking myself. There must have been 
about 500 more people in this place then 
there should have been, making it 
virtually impossible for about 75% of 
the crowd to even see the stage thanks 
to the asinine layout of this shit hole. I 
could only hear ILO, and they sounded 
pretty good, but I was quickly becoming 
aggravated with the crowd full of dorks 
who obviously frequent this joint I 
must admit I was curious to see CIV so 
I figured I'd slick it out for a little while 
longer About ten minutes before they 
went on I saw Civ and Sammy upstairs, 
both dressed quite normally But then 
when they went on they were 
mysteriously dressed in polyester shirts 

and stupid shoes, etc. I'm sorry, but 
getting into costumes to play Unless 
you're KISS, that's a no-no in my book 
Strike one. As far as their set goes, it's 
just like their record, half good and half 
bad. The crowd was loving it though 
To their credit, they did play a cover of 
KRAUT's "All Twisted" which is a 
great song, and not surprisingly, not a 
lot of people knew it Wally came out 
for a rousing version of "Sittin' Round 
At Home" just as I was heading out the 
door Sorry SO I A, I wanted to watch 
you guys, but I couldn't take this shit 
anymore After all I have to work in the 
morning -Brett 

5-28-95 108, MOUTHPIECE, 

CORNERSTONE The Princeton Arts 
Council, Princeton, N.J. 

This was one crowded show, that's for 
sure. The capacity of the hall was 
maxed out before CORNERSTONE 
even went on! And speaking of the 
boys from Connecticut, they totally 
ripped the place up today. They took 
the stage about ten minutes after they 
gol there and seemed really psyched to 
be finally playing in Jersey I, for one, 
was looking forward to this show for a 
long time and CORNERSTONE didn't 
disappoint. They threw in a 

STRAIGHT AHEAD cover ("Spirit Of 
Youth") along with a lot of songs off 
their demo and soon to be released CD, 
As a bonus their split 7" came out 
today, so the show was already a 
success for me MOUTHPIECE took 

the stage next before a spirited crowd 
and proceeded to kick ass through their 
DYS cover, right into "What Remains" 
The reaction was incredible, bodies all 
over the place for a good forty five 
minutes before their old bass player got 
up there for a cover of "Straight Edge 
Revenge" Just to top things off 108 
played one of their best sets in a long 
time, much better than the week before 
in NYC It was Chris' last show with 
the band and he went out in style The 
stage was not as swamped with people 
as it was during MOUTHPIECE, but 
I he crowd reaction was great inst i In- 
same, except for a little shoving match 
in the crows half way through As is 
their custom these days, they played 
"World Peace" and I went crazy Three 
good bands in one day, a rarity -Brett 

American Legion Hall 


These shows are always hit or miss, and 
unfortunately this one was a miss. The 
turn out was dismal, even though 
also playing Although there must have 
been quite a turn out from the local high 
school CORNERSTONE were 

nowhere near as good as the Princeton 
show, but then again the crowd sucked 
as did the sound I must be real 
dedicated to go to these shows. -Brett 

6-10-95 DEVOID OF FAITH, 97a, A 

UNANSWERED John A Dean Hall, 
Butler, N.J. 

This show was way out in the mountains 
of northern New Jersey, which probably 
explains the light turnout (about 30 paid. 
I guess). First up was UNANSWERED 
from down by where I used to live in 
Ocean County They were pretty good, 
sounding a lot like RORSCHACH They 
were pretty tight, and it didn't seem to 
bother them that there was hardly 
anyone watching them On the other 
hand, A NATION IN TRANSIT have to 
pay a lot more attention to playing good 
music than setting up their multi-media 
extravaganza which none gave two shits 
about The show was already running 
late and it took about a half an hour to 
set that shit up. 97a was the surprise of 
the night; opening up with a SEPTIC 
DEATH intro dedicated to Pushead' 

Chris had a lot of good things to say and 
even gave out a free skateboard Speed 
is the word with these guys, all they 
have to do is get a little tighter and play 
in front of a bigger audience. They 
remind me of a band from the midwest, 
circa 1985. Check out their 22 song 
demo DEVOID OF FAJTH came all 
the way from Albany, NY. and I wish 
there was more people there to check 
them out because they played a really 
good, and extremely tight, set Maybe 
next time. -Brett 

United Methodist Church, Chatham, 

I walked in just as TEXAS IS THE 
REASON was setting up, and I wasn't 
too impressed with their musical style, 
which is to be expected They played 
college rock/indie type stuff that I'm 
really not into The DOUGHNUTS? 
Give me a break, they sucked Sounded 
like a even worse EARTH CRISIS (if 
that's possible). I don't care if they're 
from Sweden, or are all girls, they 
sucked BLOODLET too much 
metal OK, now to the good stulT. 
Seriously, IGNITE were one of the best 
bands I have seen in the past three years. 
These guys have not forgotten how to 
play hard core, and thank God for that 
These were four bald guys from 
California (one of whom was in UNITY 
and one who was in NO FOR AN 
who just plain kicked my ass (and 
everyone elses, it seemed) See this 
band at all cost. As if their own songs 
aren't good enough they play 
"Screaming For Change" and "Man 
Against Man". Too bad 

MOUTHPIECE had to follow them up, 
but they did an adequate job, under the 
circumstances These kids have got to 
learn not to stand on the front of the 
stage for the entire set. At least have 
the decency to stand on the side, or 
better yet get in the crowd where you 
belong SNAPCASE 9 No. -Brett 


On January 15th was the first 
Middlesex show in a long time (and 
possibly longer since they are having 
trouble getting the space) and we were 
looking forward to it. ONE NATURE, 
played Since I had a table, I only saw a 
couple of the bands DEVOID OF 
FAITH arc from Albany and play loud 
thrashy tunes with some sort of crust 
vocals All in all. they are pretty decent 
Refreshing to say the least Watched a 
couple minutes of MOUTHPIECE The 
crowd loved them, lots of dancing and 
diving I'm not their biggest fan but 1 
really like the fact that they play fast 
Not that cheesy heavy mosh shit. 
FARSIDE were supposed to play next 
but were late. So in turn, MURPHY'S 
LAW took the stage I haven't seen 
them in years and honestly 1 think they 
are still good. The crowd went ballistic, 
probably a bigger reaction than the 
CRO-MAGS received here when they 
played last year. Jimmy Gestapo had 
some good things to say also FARSIDE 
got up there and blew fucking moose 
cock They have to be one of the most 
BORING bands I've ever heard 

The show was cool for other 
reasons I picked up a cool old record 
by D I from Mike, was given VERBAL 
ABUSE'S "We're An American Band" 
Lp by Jim from DEVOID OF FAITH 
for the DEATH WISH 7" (Thanks 
man 1 ), lots of people around and great 
conversation The only violence was 
from some crazed riot grrrrl who 
popped some other girl good But only 
the parties involved know what that was 
all about I hope Middlesex will be able 
to host a few more shows before the 
school year's end 

Jan 27th brought about the first 
Cook College show in a long time 
Apparently they are having problems 
securing the space for shows 
HOLESHOT were supposed to play but 
canceled They definitely are just not 
playing out enough HUMAN 
REMAINS played second ( I missed the 

first band and don't even know who they 
were.) and for a thrash metal band, they 
weren't too bad They have been around 

for ages and have a large following. The 
crowd was going nuts It was fun 
watching upstairs and seeing the carnage 
take place DEADGUY was up next 1 
haven't seen them play in a long time 
(On purpose because I think they play 
out too much.) Anyway, they still have 
it but their live show is just a tad 
contrived. Most of the new songs arc 
pretty good. Towards the end of their 
set, I started to walk out the door and 
some lady (who worked at the college) 
told me if I leave, I can't come back in 1 
was like, "What''!?" I know the shows 
are free and the place is the college 
student center, so people should be 
allowed to come and go as they please 
Needless to say, I wasn't happy with this 

Later I talked to one of the 
organizers and she said that the fire 
marshal was there and told the place that 
they exceeded the capacity of the room 
As an experiment, they are going to use 
a clicker at the door and keep track of 
the amount of people who come in. I 
think that will keep more people away 
knowing that if they go to the show, 
they might not get in Anyway, I wasn't 
in a great mood after that 

February 10th was a big deal 
because it would be the first time that I 
saw SICK OF IT ALL perform in 
seven years and last spoke to them in 
six. Their management company hooked 
Brett and I up with tickets and off we 
went The bad thing about this show 
was that it was at the Roseland in NYC 
which is a very big rock club We missed 
the first band so we were kinda happy 
First thing that we noticed was that we 
just didn't fit in with this crowd The 
"alternative" set was out in force, mostly 
to see HELMET, I guess I stood along 
the side stage (which used to be the 
main one in the '40s when this was a big 
band place) and waited for SICK OF 
IT ALL to go on The place was 
packed. They came out and with the 

first few notes I was on the floor 
because some asshole dived from that 
side stage from the rear. How my 
glasses didn't get broken is beyond me 
Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off 
Brett helped me up and told me to go to 
the back because 1 was ready to take out 
the nearest person. SICK OK IT ALL 
still seem to have it. I wasn't familiar 

with ihc new material, but it was pretty 
good They cover "Straight Ahead" by 
STRAIGHT AHEAD now and it's a 
winner After all the years that went by, 
it's good to see that they are still pretty 
much the same band. Didn't catch 
HELMET because I was still feeling 
like shit and we wanted to eat. Good set 
by SOIA, shitty club and shit head 
assholes that don't know any better 
when they stagedivc 

Don't even ask why 1 haven't been 
to a show in over two months (I kinda 
explained everything in the last issue) 
but I finally got to go to one on April 
and YOUTH BRIGADE Brett and I 
were pretty happy about it especially 
because #6 was finally out and we 
wanted people to get there hands on it. 
The show turned out being a mess 
because it was too FUCKING 
LOUD!!! It sounded like shit. Damn 
same, I really wanted to enjoy this show 
Thanks Hiltz! Well, IDK weren't too 
interesting. Couldn't really make out 
what they were trying to do. SCREW 
32 arc from the East Bay area and have 
a decent track on that "This Berkeley, 
Not West Bay" comp 7" They were 
O.K. would have benefited from a better 
sound A lot of the people there seemed 
into them WESTON were next. Now I 
kinda like them after hearing their l.p. 
again the sound was shit but they were 
fun. Talked to Dave Weston before hand 
and he is a real live wire. YOUTH 
BRIGADE were a zillion times better 
last May at Middlesex. Their sound was 
so bad, I don't think they even cared to 
play. It was a wall of noise. They didn't 
even play "Men In Blue"!!! Whatever. 
Good to see everybody again and other 
than that I had a good time. 

After a couple of near-misses, I 
actually got to go to another show 
within a month from my last. A benefit 
for the new store, Sound On Sound was 
happening and kinda had to go. I wanted 
to check out KURBJAW and see 
MOUTHPIECE (because I'm actually 
starling to dig them, I always get into 
bands way too late!) Now I can't 
remember who else was going to play, I 
think GARDEN VARIETY was on the 
bill also. Anyway, KURBJAW are 
pretty cool. They play late '80s NY 
hardcore very well while maintaining 

their own sound So why is it that thev 
got their best reaction when they played 
cover songs? C'mon people, you should 
be digging the band a little more I then 
found out that MOUTHPIECE weren't 
going to go on until very late, possibly 
last So instead of wanting to wait 
around in a place that has no re-entry, I 
left. Sorry, MOUTHPIECE The place 
where the show was held, Down Under 
in New Brunswick, is a good space for a 
show The drawbacks are no re-entry 
and it seems like everybody there was 
smoking I'm really surprised that this 
place allows it because it's in the 
basement of a hotel, total fire hazard I 
can't also see this place being hell when 
over-crowded Other than that, it's cool 
and wouldn't mind going again 

Man, this has not been my year for 
shows On Ju ne 24th (?!), I got to go to 
Chatham, N.J. to see a show which I 
was looking forward to (a rarity these 
BLOODLET played this one and it was 
packed One of the hottest shows I've 
been to in a long while The windows of 
the hall were steamed up from 
condensation Anyway, I wanted to get 
to this one early because I know getting 
a table sometimes is a problem We got 
there while the first band was on (who I 
really don't know who they were) and 
luckily was granted permission by Lord 
Chris Weinblad to lease a small corner 
of the table he had 1 sold some of my 
crappy records and made a few bucks. 

DOUGHNUTS were up next. To tell 
the truth, I was looking forward to 
seeing them, and not because of their 
nick-name "DONOVELITES" either 
It's not often that any band from 
overseas gets to these shores so I don't 
take it for granted Sadly, they sucked 
hard Sort of metallish, very bad vocals 
The crowd seemed to love them though 
Oh well, at least I can say I saw them 
Chris has the quote of the issue, "They 
are from Sweden 9 I'm Swedish! They 
are an insult to my Swedish ancestry!!" 
BLOODLET played And played And 
played. And played They fucking suck! 
Why the fuck does anybody like this 
band'* Metal IGNITE were the band 
practically everybody I know came to 
see. All you bands out there, TAKE A 
KUCKING LESSON from these guys! 

Sure they are an ex-members of band, 
but they didn't forget their roots OR 
how to play their instruments When 
was the last time you saw an entire band 
come out with shaved heads and bare 
chests 9 It's been a loonnngg time for 
me Combining every influential sound 
to ever come out of Southern California. 
IGNITE kicked fucking ass! Very 
energetic and the singer said a lot of 
cool things on stage, esp when he 
scolded all the losers outside littering 
They covered "Screaming For Change" 
and "Man Against Man" and the place 
went nuts Surprisingly, it seemed 
everyone there knew all the words to all 
their songs, which was very refreshing 
Brett was quoted as saying: "Best band 
to play in New Jersey, besides the 
CRO-MAGS, in the last three years'" 
Pretty damn correct, because I wonder 
myself when I last felt that excited. I 
was siked to see MOUTHPIECE 
because I'm really starting to dig them 
They were cool tonight, but two things 
kinda ruined it for me: I) Too many 
people on stage (I do like to see the 
band') and 2) they played after IGNITE 
which was kinda hard to follow In any 
case, they were good Do you think we 
were going to stay and see 

I really like seeing bands here at 
Chatham The hall is big, the sound is 
great (kudos to the sound guy) and a 
pleasant atmosphere is generally the 
case There were no fights that I know 
of but I was told that Hiltz got into a 
"shoving" match with someone Now 
lhat something 1 would pay to see. 
Special thanks goes out to Chris 
Weinblad for helping me sell shit Let's 
do it again sometime. 


I first met A.J. Novello in 1986 
when he answered my flyer I had up 
in SOME RECORDS. I was doing a 
compilation tape and he wanted his 
hand on it. That hand was 
LEEWAY. He sent me their demo 
"Enforcer" and needless to say their 
brand of hardcore was highly 
enthralling. LEEWAY were one of 
the best hands to see live, Eddie 
Sutton was one of the best front men 
ever. You'd always were waiting for 
something bad to happen to him as 
he pulled off some of the most insane 
stage antics known to modern man. 
LEEWAY would eventually go off in 
their own direction (good or bad is 
up to the individual's opinion) and 
while I might not think they are the 
same hand musically, A.J. and Eddie 
are great guys. Never at any one 
time did they blow me off, always 
saying, "What's up!?". I ran into 
A.J. at the CRO-MAGS show at 
Middlesex last November and we set 
this interview up. It wouldn't take 
place until the following May, due to 
both of our crazy schedules. If 
anything sounds weird here, don't 
blame it on A.J., I have the worst 
transcribing skills on Earth. I found 
out some cool stuff which he told me 
after the interview was over, like 
LEEWAY were called THE 
UNRULED for their first few shows! 
Thanks, A.J., sorry this came out so 
late (but we couldn't find anyone 
with pictures of your band!!) Read 

HW: Not many of our readers know 
about you, even though LEEWAY has 
been around for like 10 years now, 

AJ: 1 1 years in June 

HW; Can you give the basic history 
the band? 

AJ: The long story or the short story? 

HW The short story, I guess 



AJ. Well, LEEWAY played their first 
show in 1984, so the band got together 
earlier that year, probably even late 
'83. Eddie and I are the only original 
members left In 1987, we got signed 
to profile records Did the first record, 
"Born to Expire', which didn't come 
out until 13 months later There was a 
long delay, that album didn't come out 
until January 1989 we toured with the 
Bad Brains, from there we kept doing 
shows Did more records and more 
tours, predominantly in Europe I lad 
six tours in Europe so far in the last 2 
1/2 years. Basically, just a lot of 
playing out and around 

HW So you have like 3 albums out 9 

AJ The last one "Adult Crash" came 
out in October of '94 It's doing OK 
There's a mixed reaction to it I mean 
there is a lot of different styles out 
there and some were upset, 
disappointed (hat we weren't doing the 
same old, same old Which is 
unfortunate, because that is our band. 

HW Why in 10 or II years time have 
you only put out 3 records 

A J Nweuc 

■ Guitar 

AJ: That's a good question I could 
blame it all on one thing, but it would 
be unfair it's a combination of a lot 
of different things One of the reasons 
was band members changes 1 think we 
went through 7 members in like two 
years and causes delays in recording 
Profile records has held up our releases 
for a total of 23 months that's a long 
time for two Right there, you are 
talking about three or four years We 
took a couple of hiatuses in the early 
'90s. Lost a member in '91 and we 
stopped for like six months So there 
was a lot of time off for the band Bad 
record and management deals didn't 
help either 

HW: Like Chris Williamson? 

AJ Chris Williamson pretty much 
represented the band from '86 to '90 
There was a lot of things 1 disagree 
with him on 'til this day I know he 
helped us out in some ways The 
history with Chris Williamson has been 
tainted I don't want to talk about 
someone when they are down, but he 
didn't help the band out when we 
needed him the most Kinda put us off 

..:;■ . ; . 

to the side, he definitely wasn't the 
most helpful 

IIW 1 always recognized you as ihe one who 
self-promoted the band the most. 

AJ: Well, I was always the one doing the 

management-type responsibilities; like hooking 
shows, doing ihe mail, doing interviews and 
setting up rehearsal pretty much just overseeing 
things in thut regard I was I think out of all Ihe 
NY hands, I always thought we were ihe least 
likely lo blow our own horn We spent the most 
time in Ihe rehearsal studio, practicing and 
playing, instead of hanging out on Ave A and 
writing graffiti. We were jusl earning on and 
doing oui own Ihnig I know a lot of Ihe bands 
■usl babble about Ihem selves. Uilk more than 
they played. Now they are all gone. 

IIW Where did you gel Ihe idea for Ihe cover of 
"Adult Crash'"? 

AJ Thai was a picture we had from our first tour 
in Europe. Probably one of Ihe first shows in 
1'iirope ever. We all pretty much hail culture 
shock, all homesick and il was cold, we were 
bugging out a little bit. Once, we brought Cddie 
oul (on stage) tied to a chair, duel laped his 
mouth and put sunglasses on him All these kids 
though! it was going to Iv hardcore, us coming 
out screaming and here wc bring Eddie oul duel 
taped lo a chair. 

I IW I was just wondering if il was a homage to 
I )arby Crash ol the ( ierms 

AJ No. not really It really came from ihe old 
MINOR THREAT song where Ian says "We all 
headed for the Adult Crash'. I always 
remembered lhal line. 1 thought it would be 
appropriate now. There wasn't any big dramatic 
sublime reason we used it. I just thought the 
picture.. .the image of Ihe picture looked pretty 

HW. When LEEWAY lirsl started oul. you guys 
were soil of a hardcore/metal band Do you 
consider yourselves that? Or a metal band? Or 
maybe vour own hand? 

AJ: daughter) I always thought metal was like 
long hair, lots of metal and spikes and the total 
resale value o it all. Ihat was what I thought it 
was. I was lor incorporating metallic sounds, I 
was lor bringing lhal in. Bv Ihe lime we started 
playing, hardcore was already in it's 5th 
reincarnation. I thought to at least add something 
new I opened a can of worms, il turned into one 
of the worst things lhal could happen, like 
knucklchcads from Ihe suburbs would show up. 
mclalheads...This was back in "8-l-'85. 1 Ihoughl 
LHKWAY was doing something a little* bit 

1 1 W 1 .EEWAY was kmda one of those crossover 
hands, in lhal scene lhal gol started 

AJ Well, like one show we played with SI X_'l Al . 
UNREST and YOUTH OF TODAY, then there 

w as another show withC.O.C OK I and RAW 
POWER. Hack then, thai was crossover All the 
straight-out inclalhcads copping hardcore I never 
thought of us as a metal band al all All of our 
sensibilities were with Ihe punk/hardcore scene 

HW 'Hull's where you onginallv gol \our 
support from. 

AJ: It's where 1 mel Eddie, where we went lo 
shows. .CB's. Irving I'la/a. (ireal (iilderslccvcs 
and what not Hun's vvhal wc were into, 

IIW So you were going lo hardcore shows ihcn 
and all hooked up 

AJ: Basically, yeah Bui on the other side of the 
coin, I never, ever wanted to court hardcore Thai 
would have never shown anv ingenuity' at all 
Like any of (he fore lathers, BAD BRAINS. 
CIRCLE JERKS, SSD and in New York, there 
was KRAUT. I didn't want lo sound like those 
bands I don't think wc sounded like them. The 
bottom line is that we wauled lo do something 

HW: Did you ever feel Lhal the recording on 
"Bom To Expire'' didn't live up lo your live stuff 
al the lime' 1 A lot of people would say li sounded 
like a totally generic metal record and live you 
were much belter. 

AJ I guess a lot of people said lhal early on bin 
with 20/20 hindsight "Hum To Expire" Being 
IH years old. going into a studio and knocking u 
oul in ihrce days, I think the record stands up 
pretty well Back then, maybe il was a liille over- 
produced in the sense lhal it didn'l have the raw 
energy lhal wc had live Thai's when Mackic and 
/.owic were in the band They came in and 
knocked oul Ihe album, onlv being in ihe band lor 
two months. So Tin kmda content with lhal. 
Overall. I'd say thai "Born To Expire" sounds 
decent now I think song-wise a lot of it's dated 

HW: Yeah'' You think so. 

AJ Well, that's my opinion I would say that wo 
have moved on Irom then I'm really content the 
way the l.p came out A Her all Ihe arguments 
have been said. I can say il sounds hallway 
decent now in Ihe mid '90s II was totally 
different than our live set then 

I IW: I know. 1 mean I haven't seen you guys play 
in like, god, maybe 7 or 8 years (laughter) but I 
Ihmk the last LEEWAY show 1 saw was at the 
Ritz (NYC.) where Eddie dived off the actual 
balcony onto the stage Then people were Irving 
lo do that and Ihe bouncers were throwing people 
oul. il was like totally crazy 

A.I 'I hat was like '88. "8'J. M'd always hard lo 
transfer the live show onlo a record Thai's been 
a major thing m Ihe lasl 40 years of Ihe recording 
industry Trying to transfer a live situation, 
getting that vibe and Irving to gel that on a two- 
inch lape How arc you going to do that'' You 

need a magician lo do that. Nol many bands can 
do lhal very well. The BAD BRAINS are a 
perfect case lo thai None of then albums came 
close to what they did live 

IIW lias T'ddie had anv near-misses with death 
on slage like lhal' 1 

AJ There was a couple of limes where cra/v stuff 
has happened I rcmcmbci in Boston once, wc 
came back oul after our lasl song and the 
bouncers kepi throwing Lddie off ihe stage 
thinking he was just some kid gelling on ihe 
slage. Here 1 am with my guitar playing, 
throwing punches al Ihe bouncer, saving let him 
go I le was physically throwing him out, like 
strangling him Actuallv. I kinda thought il was a 
little funny. Bui those things happen only once in 
a while 

IIW Do you take a serious approach lo vour 
lyrics nowadays? 

AJ I think we always have Eddie has good 
things going on lyrically. Always thinking of 
things totally unique and in his own style I don I 
think he ever resorted lo "You slabbed me in Ihe 
hack'"' never writes lyrics about lhal His lyrics 
are aboul personal observations in NYC. his 
lifestyle. Irving to get by. 1 ihmk to this day wc 
are still writing songs lhal arc personally 
inclined. When I look al them. I tend to agree 
Willi hall Ihe things he says anyway Belter than 
yapping about these bland social issues that arc 
done lo death. 

HW When you play live now, do people come 
up lo you asking for ail Ihe old songs'' 

AJ Yeah, sometimes. Il depends 

IIW: Like over in Lurope probably. How are the 
shows over there different than playing in Ihe 


AJ: 'Hie European audiences are a lot more 
attentive I guess they are a lot less jaded than 
most ot the American audiences that we have 
played to Europeans, especially the Germans, arc- 
really up on Ihe stuff they are really curious. 
inquisitive about why things arc such Ai-oul the 
kind of music and the stance lichind the music 
They are really interested in dial. That kmda 
helps us out because we are doing il for people 
who care. Like in N.Y. or in America for thai 
matter, "Leeway's not doing the hardcore metal 
sound anymore." I don't like dealing with thai 
Ihe European kids arc a lot more open-minded in 
(hat sense The shows over Iherc you play for like 
an hour an a half 

I IW Some of my friend's hands vvenl over there 
and ended up playing like 2 hours. 

AJ Exactly, they want lo hear il You have to 
give encores ILiey really treat you like royalty 
over in luiropc. 

I IW: You had a short stint in the last year of the 
CR< )-MACS existence I low did that all happen'' 


AJ: well, we did a lour in '93 and lhai was with a 
really dilTcrcnl line-up. John was the only 
original mcmhcr al (he lime I filled in on guitar. 
that was after I larky spin vv/John (hey had a big 
falling out came back from Europe, we were 
starting a new band called BOTH WORLDS 
thai was me and John... 

I IW You were in (hat band'' 

AJ Me and 12 other people in the lasl lliree 
years (laughter) I think Todd/Murphv's law and 
/.owie used lo be in dial. The lasl incarnation was 
me. John. Mackie and ICddic Cohen. We were 
doing thai and we decided to do more CR< >- 
MACiS shows Started doing shows m the Slates 
with two original members doing all "Age of 
Quarrel" matenal. It was a re-estabhshmenl of 

the CR< )-MA(iS, bin lo play ou( a little bit and 
get the new hand oil' (he ground 

IIW Old you do any of the writing in BOTH 

AJ: Yeah, there was this song that me and Eddie 
Cohen wrote and we were about to go into the 
studio, when all this shit went down between 
llailcv and John The CRO-MAGS broke up 
finally because of the situation BOTH WORLDS 
had to break up because of thai A lo( went down 
and it's very unfortunate. 

IIW: Brett said at the lasl show you played (the 
John Joseph benefit) thai you played "Mark Of 
'Hie Squealer" 

AJ: Yeah, hut we messed it up. I knocked over 
my guitar head, screwed it up. We thought tl was 
kind of appropriate Basically, the story is 
someone ratted out on John about his prior 
history 1 5 veais ago very few people knew about 
it, maybe a handful ( >ne of the people who knew 
called the cops and now John mighl be doing 
lime in a Federal prison for something he did 
fifteen years ago We did a benefit w/Murphy's 
law in Manhattan 

IIW: What I noticed lately even when the CRO- 
MAGS were playing again, thai all you guys 
from way back when are still friends with each 
olhcr and stick together All the bands thai were 
around in the late '80s. it seems now they just 
moved on 

AJ I think a lot of the bands jusl weren't reallv 
involved with it. Maybe they were itisl passing 
through or a coming of age Ihing. I know a lot of 
people you see sometimes downtown. They have 
nothing lo do with it anymore.. .even m a 
underground sense, be it music or different 
alternative lifestyles It's just like (hey gone 
techno now Was hardcore an important thing in 
your life or was it just the look? A lot of that was 
true even about some of the people kick then, 
Ihough 1 agree with whal you say. il's more with 
the late '80s bands. They kinda like squeezed 
hardcore like a sponge and look whal ihey could 
If that helped them grow up and they moved on. 
that's their own choice 1 was always into the 
music Uelbre hardcore, it was punk rock belbre 
that it was hard rock Talking about the mid- 70s 
now when I was like a pre-teen I was mlo it lor 
the music and I would assume most people are 
into il for the music also. Obviously, it's not the 
case. so 

I IW What olhei kinds of things do you do? 1 lave- 
any hobbies'' Anything besides music'' 

AJ Hasicallv. I just like lo play music I like 
doing ihmgs involved with it I like to produce 
records. Irving to engineer but it's very, very 
difficult. Co lo the studio as much as possible, 
playing music and hanging out with people who 
have the same goals as 1 do, making good music 
Instead of hanging out in the street, carrying on, 
babbling about what not and doing drugs. 1 never 
liked that 1 think LEEWAY has always been the 
band in (he studio We arc there like four limes a 
week. I don't know if it's helping or not, but the 
bottom line is I'd like to be playing music as 
much as possible. Besides (hat, trying to manage 
Ihe band and keeping the band above water. Ihal 
takes a lot of my free Lime anyway. I would say 
90% of my time is for the band I do try to have to 
have a social life loo Like reading or see a Hick 
every once in a while. 

IIW: This past week LEEWAY recorded a new- 
song. What's il for? 

AJ: It's foi this compilation that's coming oul in 
Ihe summer Bill Wilson from Blackout Records 
is putting out one with LEEWAY. SICK Oh IT 
TERROR, KILLING TIME and some other 

HW : Oh wow! 

AJ I think it's going to be culled "Punk Rock 
Jukebox" All the bands are covering oldie but 
goldie punk rock songs We are going to do 'fhe 
ZERO BOYS, 'Civilization Is Dying", which is 
on their first Lp. il came out in '82 1 always 
Ihough it was one of the most under-appreciated 
lps of that whole mid-West scene 

MW It might surprise a lot of people who have 
heard your band to lind oul your knowledge of 

AJ People never gol Ihe whole idea of whal il 
was Ihey always saw hardcore for (he 
superficial reasons fhe look and Ihe sound of the 
music is one part of many different things Back 
when it started there was no set formula of music. 
Bands like MIIPR1IYS LAW, Nihilislics. BAD 
CONl'LlCT.all these dill'erenl Fast Coast 
bands, plus the West coasl bands sounded 
nothing alike 1 guess there was similar vibes 
going through it all I mean can you tell Ihe 
NI1III.ISTICS sounded like the CIRCLE 

HW: Definitely not! 

AJ: (goes tin with a lot of band comparisons) I'd 
say many kinds showed a lot of different styles of 

I IW- Nowadays it's really hard to find bands thai 
are sort of different. 

AJ: Well, hardcore is kinda pic-packaged now 
You have lo play tliree-cfiords really fast anil you 
have to shout about this. etc. thai wasn't 
hardcore back then That was manufactured as a 
product in the late '80s. all the superficial things 
Ihe people saw The look, (he haircuts, the kiols 

and the fast music. More individuality was 
crushed in the late '80s 'I here was very lew 
bands doing anything dill'erenl 

I IW Are (here any bands today that von reallv 
dig? That are sort of newish'' I lardcorc/metal 

AJ: Well, in the hardcore scene, the bands we 
play with, I'd say not really I think 
QUICKSAND are doing something a litile 
different even Ihough thev are taking a lot of cues 
THORNS are doing something different. The 
music I play at my house has nothing to do with 
the scene al all I like WOOL. STATUE, 

HW: Yeah. I know. There's a joke about thai 
band They played CB's and some skinheads 
showed tip thinking SCREWDRIVER was 
playing. Ihe kind was like "We're 
SWKVRI-DRIVHR. you idiots!" 

AJ: I'll bet Iney arc so Ibrtunate because Ihey 
have nothing to do with thai knucklehcad kind 
ITie thing I just realized is thai the smger of 
SWI :RVKDRI Vl-R is black 

1 IW* I'm reallv nol too familiar with them at all. 

AJ They are like a guitar-oncnicd band, but thev 
are doing something different, fhere's a couple 
other hands I've been listening to, though I'm not 
really into whal these so-called hardcore bands 
are producing right now I heard il all before I'm 
always into checking oul new bands, bin you 
can't expect me to sit through a set of 16 year old 
kids playing what 1 heard 1 5 years ago May lie 
it's good for Iheir crowd and audience file whole 
hardcore scene is like redundant Early on. the 
hardcore scene was basicallv kids who duln t lit 
in You did whal you wanted to do. It developed 
over the years into this like form of 
music formula that contradicts what the 
original Ihing was akml To me. hearing bands 
still doing it is kinda tedious 

HW Well, the tape is kinda running oul We gol 
a lot of gixxl stuff Anything else you want to 

AJ Basically, we'll be louring the stales in the 
summer, then we record the new Lp which will 
hopefully lie out around Halloween 

ptsng?iroi/rBm'n£caxJ?uTjfKe ir 

GOTA*lAy hJiTHOJT S£R>llU(r Mi TlN£ 

sn nates &eT sdcmbs. 
we rm£AP ov yoo*. cneeKM^r nctt 
Snitches Ger&rrruie-z 
ycuooryevfts ycu sonopoantt 

TtacFTTv eene per/toe 

AW yWTWivK- CAtKI H&*, yoU 

rwe^Mt: op rttescfveM, 



A.J. Novello/1 HI-WAY 19-47 79th Si Astoria. 
N.Y. 11370 


"Minneapolis doesn't fuck around" - 
Billy Vulgar 

This is the real deal. Twin Cities 
hardcore is back! The scene hasn't been 
this healthy in years. Roots of the 
explosion can be traced back to last 
summer's successful basement and 
warehouse shows. As more and more 
kids began turning up for these shows 
the need for a regular club space was 
realized and we now have the 
beginnings of the Cities first ever punk 
club, expected to be open by early 
summer, this yet unnamed club (which 
I've been callin' The Peach Pit After 
Dark) is a cooperative effort of fans, 
band members and several people from 
Minneapolis's only punk rock record 
store, Extreme Noise. The store just 
celebrated a year of business with 
several shows and a big ass sale. When 
in Minneapolis make sure you stop by 
Extreme Noise records 124 West Lake 
St. Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612-821- 
0119) [We don't do mail-order!" 

The bands I can't believe how 
many kickass bands we have now THE 

STRIKE, punk rock '77 style, a touch 
of mod too, the best dressed band in 
town Imagine the CLASH, JAM etc... 
Now imagine a band being as good as 
them, that's THE STRIKE. They have 

recorded several demos, but it took lots 
of phone tag and even more begging to 
get, BUT they will have several songs 
on the upcoming Twin Cities comp. (I'll 
blab more on this later, andthey might 
have a 7" out soon also MISERY, the 
legendary and somewhat elusive gods of 
thunder will finally have their new 
I.p/CD out on Profane/Skuld, by the 
time you read this Minneapolis's oldest 
punk band, with a bunch of 7"s a split 
Lp and another l.p behind have survived 
a couple of line-up changes to produce 
the most cohesive and heavy MISERY 
to date ASS RASH, featuring ex- 
members of DESTROY. 
just got back from a tour of Europe 
they have a crust sound with a heavy 
Swedish influence Now, if they would 
only record. I just mentioned 
DESTROY Probably one of the Cities 
more nationally known combos, their 

last breath of hell-fire, a full-length Lp, 
on Sound pollution, is out now, and is 
their best recording ever. Ex- 
DESTROY singer Felix Von, already 
has a new band, CODE 13, who have 
recorded a demo and a 7". The 7", 
"Doom-ed Society" is out now, they 
have a sound reminiscent of his former 
band with a little old style the 
DILLIINGER FOUR, will have a new 
7" out very soon. They can best be 
described as the BUZZCOCKS meet 
SHAM. Melodic, but totally driving, 
even though they have no released 
material the audience seems to always 
be singing along. Everyone OSWALD 
ARMAGEDDON, not only because 
they rip, but they play mostly covers, 
which makes for almost legendary 
chaotic (and fun) shows from these 
guys. They did record a live set and 
made some tapes (mines called "you 
Suck", but that could have been a 
personal message to me or something) 
featuring the hits "Drunk Until I Die" 
and "Proud To Be A Canadian" 
Another cover band, actually they like to 
be referred to as a tribute band, is 
HATE 69, all MISFITS, all the time! 

As you can tell HARDW \RE is now doing scene reports from around the world Send in your reports' Musi include photos and 
contact addresses You don't just have to write about the music scene, also write about things that are going on in vour land 53 

Word has it that they won't be around 
long, since several members will be 

moving and their singer might be getting 
his old unit back together, DIRT 
POOR DIRT POOR earned their 
legendary status by playing their last 
song live in a U-Haul then taking off 
They also have a 7" out. THE 
CREEPERS do a damn fine job of 
rockin' ala THE LAZY COWGIRLS 
or THE HUMPERS, crazyass live 
show, contains one member of D4, one 
member of IMPETUS INTER and two 
lunatics, best looking hair The 
aforementioned IMPETUS INTER 
have not one, but two records appearing 
simultaneously, they take the twisted 
road mixing noise like JEHU and 
screaming like RAW POWER; features 
the only Punk Planet columnist anyone 
ever reads, Dave Hake 


remains of popsters the Krishna/, and are 
carrying on in the Weaselesque vain, 
they have a demo out MANAFRAID 
keep me confused with constant name 
changes but 1 think this one is gonna 
stick, melodic fast stuff, the DOWN BY 
LAW of the 90's I think it's sale to say 
Minneapolis' s first ever Oi band 
They've been playing out for a year and 
are only getting better, tasteful 4 
SKINS covers included I hear they 
have recorded but are being very 
secretive about the whole thing ... The 
break-up of pop-punks BOMBSITE 
(who leave behind a good demo), send 
their drummer to the new improved 
KUNG FOOLS, who blast along at a 
Ramones pace, they will also be soon 
sharing a split 1 0" with the vinyl prolific 
QU1NCY PUNX. The Quicy's just put 
two new songs on a double 7" called 
"Pigs Suck", and will soon have a CD 
with the out of print (but maybe soon 
back in print) l.p and first two 7"s 
SCOOBY DON'T seem to be back 
after some time off, once a Weasel- 
Lookout type thing they have really 
developed into one of the best punk 
bands in town, check out their song on 

the "Just Add Water" CD compilation 
The "haven't heard from in a while" 
dept.. THE KRISHNAZ, who did a 
couple of demos last year and THE 
REJECTS who also did a demo last 
year. The "sounds promising" dept.: 


Dillingcr Four and Code 15 1' Jason Pnker 


i-HimuMpoIie. fWmn 




Contact addresses: (1 tried, I 
truly tried) 

Scooby Don't P.O Box 8570 

MPLS, MN 55408 

CODE 13 c/o Havoc Records 

P.O. Box 8585 MPLS, MN 



DESTROY c/o Profane 

Existance P.O. Box 8722 

MPLS, MN 55408 

KUNG FOOLS 2020 Seabury 

Ave. MPLS, MN 55406 


Stench P O. Box 3383 MPLS. 

MN 55403 

ladies and gentlemen BOB MURDER 
starring in THE MURDERS, have 
played only once as of press time, and 
last time I saw Bob he was passed out 
and being wrapped in masking tape but 
I have a good feeling about this band 
THE SNIVERLZ have probably never 
played either, maybe a party, maybe 
seeing their name in print will help. Ex- 
members of RAIN and 
CRAWLSPACE (both who put out 
demos before breaking up) make up 
DISSOLVE. Haven't seen their one 
show so far but reportedly straight-edge 
style, heavy on the crunch The comp I 
almost forgot about Tad Keyes is 
working on a compilation Lp/CD with 
unreleased songs by most of the bands 
mentioned profits of said comp will go 
towards funding the club Keep an eye 
out for this record, it's gonna put 
Minneapolis back on the map I think I 
hit it all if not feel free to write me at 
2020 Seabury Ave. Minneapolis, MN 
55406 I plan on writing regular scene 
reports for Hardware so feel free to send 
me stuff at the address above or drop 
something off at Extreme Noise 
Thanks, Jason Parker 

Noticeably absent are 'zines. I'll try to 
cover them next time, so if you want it 
your ~zine mentioned send me a copy to 
my address I'll also get record labels 
next time 

THE STRIKE c/o Chad 

Anderson 1803 Fillmore St NE 

MPLS, MN 55418 


3209 Grand Ave. S. MPLS, MN 



4061 St. Paul, MN 55104 


1024 16th Ave. SE MPLS, MN 


DISSOLVE c/o Joel Johnson 

5512 Irving St No MPLS, MN 


DII.LINGER4 1228 Minnehaha 

Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104 

TOT ALLIES P.O. Box 24683 
Edina, MN 55424 

75483 St. Paul, MN 55175-0483 

DIRT POOR 2215 Cole Ave 
SE MPLS, MN 55414 

Cerebellum records P.O. Box 40308 St 
Paul, MN 55104 


When I started writing this I got 
pretty confused I wanted to write 
something about the alternative/indie 
scene here in Greece, but I wasn't sure 
what I thought about asking a few 
people that I know, who work in record 
stores or play in bands to talk about 
themselves or the scene in general. That 
didn't work out so good, so I decided to 
write the article myself. 

The truth is that here in Athens, 
the alternative scene is very active. We 
have a couple of very good radio 
stations, a few clubs and some good 
record stores that cover the whole 
spectrum of the new independent 
releases It's pretty easy to find the new 
releases from such labels as SUB POP. 
Amphetamine Reptile, Epitaph, etc but 
the releases from smaller and more 
underground labels hardly come around 
these days. Although the indie scene is 
very vivid, hardcore and the more 
extreme stuff in general are limited to 
the very few people who have the will to 
pursue them And when I say hardcore I 
don't include bands like THE 
OFFSPRING, because they may be 

very popular around here, but to me 
DEPECHE MODE were more 
underground in 1986 than THE 
OFFSPRING right now 

The band with the biggest 
domestic appeal is probably LAST 
DRIVE, who play a blend between 
garage/punk and rock They have also 
achieved to maintain an international 
appeal due to their European tours and 
the circulation of their records in other 
European countries. One of their albums 
was produced by Paul B, Culter (of 45 
GRAVE fame). 

Two punk bands who have also 
achieved international appeal are 
their songs being included in several 
international punk compilations and 
their records reviewed in Flip-side 

fanzine a couple of times Both these 
bands and LAST DRIVE have a big 
history behind them and have put out 
several albums and singles From the 
bands that have emerged during the last 
few years, the most important are 
and the highly acclaimed TERMINAL 
C URVE _^____ 

DEUS EX MACINA began as a 
skate/punk band and after an album and 
a couple of pretty good singles they 
have maintained a loyal following mostly 
by skater and punk kids. HONEYDIVE 
have a heavier sound which has an 
appeal to indie rock fans, but also to the 
heavier audiences of metal, punk, etc. 
TERMINAL CURVE are best known 
for their great live performances Their 
sound is alternative with a punk edge 
Their 7" single "Penetrate" was one of 
the best domestic releases Other new 
bands that have left good impressions 
are WASTELAND with their soft indie 
sound, VICE VERSA and 
NEGATIVE STANCE a punk band 
that put out a split album with 
KISMET HC (UK) in 1990 and a 
couple of years back managed lo issue 
their first full length album 

The biggest record labels are Wipe 
Out records. Lazy Dog records, home of 
GULAG, Pegasus Records (3-5 
Androutsou St., Athens 17572, 
Hitch-Hike Records (Kosma Balanou 5. 
Athens, GREECE) 

All the bands mentioned here have 
a small local following and they work 
very hard to achieve international status 
-Bill Skoulas Poste Restante EOI.OU 
100, 10200, Athens, GREECE 




David asked me if 1 could write a 
scene report for his Hardware 'zine 
That's isn't a problem at all But before I 
start with the scene report I want to say 
some things in general about "hardcore" 
in Germany At the moment most of the 
people are only into hardcore to make a 
quick buck out of it. I don't want to pay 
ridiculous door prices for stupid 
hardcore bands like SICK OH IT ALL 
If you go to a MAD. show (that's the 
booking agency who are booking most 
of the American bands)then you have to 
pay around $13 Another example for 
stupidity is Lost And found records 
Their records are totally overpriced, 
most of them have no lyric sheets and 
rumors say that they put out records 
without permission by the bands or the 
labels Check out the letter section of 
HeartAttack No. 4 for more information 
concerning Lost And Found records. I 
hope that the hardcore scene is going to 
split more and more into two scenes 
The following scene report will cover 
bands from the Ruhrpott area (the area 
where I live) and some other bands who 
are dedicated to the D.I Y aspect of 
hardcore If you want some info about 
the MAD. /Lost And found scene then 
consult Over The Edge 'zine (published 
by MAD.) or some other stupid 


Here's the scene report from the 
area where I live The Ruhrpott is a 
huge industrial area which includes the 
following cities: Oberhausen, Essen, 
Duisburg, Rheinhausen, Dortmund, 
Heme. Bochum, Mulheim and 
Gelsenkirchen I guess we have around 
five million people living in our area. 
Most of the people used to work in coal 
mines or in the steel industry 
Unfortunately, most of the factories 
closed down and a lot of workers lost 
their jobs and are still jobless due to the 
increasing economic crisis The hardcore 
scene is very small here and mostly 
concentrated in Mulheim, Oberhausen, 
Dusiburg, Rheinhausen. Essen. 

Gelsenkirchen and Bochum. The shows 

got bigger lately for example we had 
shows with 200 people showing up but 
mostly we have less. The most well- 
known band is SPAWN It's a straight- 
edge band from Duisburg-Rheinhausen 
They released a 7" on Emblem Records, 
a split with Feeding The Fire and are 
going to release a CD on Crucial 

Response Records, which is my label I 
guess SPAWN is going to release a splii 
7" with UNBROKEN soon SURFACE 
is a straight-edge band from Essen who 
just released a demo SUNDANCE is 
also a new band from the same city 
They also released a demo a while ago 
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the 
contract addresses of SURFACE and 
SUNDANCE. Sadly. MARROW broke 
up a while ago This band contained 
members of SPAWN. SURFACE and 
the editor of Counter Clockwise 
Fanzine. I'm going to play guitar in a 
band called EDGEWOOD Hopefully, 
we will have the first practice soon We 
have a bunch of great fanzines here. I 
mentioned Counter Clockwise already 
which is very politically-oriented but 
always mixed with band interviews and 
record reviews. In My Blood is a new 
'zine which comes from the ashes of 
Common Goal 'zine I saw the layout for 
no. 1 which is incredible! Repel and 
Lifestyles both have first issues coming 
out soon. On Crucial Response Records 
coming out besides the SPAWN CD: a 
ManLiftingBanner CD which contains 
the 7" and 10", a FAR CRY MCD with 
both 7"s and a BROTHERHOOD CD 
which is the re-issue of the 12". 

I guess this covers the Ruhrpott 
scene very much. At the end you'll find 
the contact addresses of the above 
mentioned bands We have in Germany 
tons of hardcore bands (which I don't 
have the addresses but it's up to you to 
find out more about the bands) like 

and LUZIFER'S MOB Check out 
MRR, there's a German scene report 
once in a while Support D.I.Y. 

hardcore. If you have any questions you 
can write me at Crucial Response 
Records, Kaiserfield 98, 46047 
Oberhausen, Germany Goodbye. Pete. 

SPAWN Daniel Frankowski, 

Hochemmericherstr. 17, 47226 

Duisburg, Germany 

Emblem records Christoph van Dornick, 

Rheinstr 64, 47226 Duisburg, Germany 

Counter Clockwise Fanzine Micheal 

Muller, Munchenerstr.39. 45881 

Gelsenkirchen, Germany 

In My Blood Fanzine Rene Natzel, 

herwarthstr 50, 45476 Mulheim/Ruhr, 


lop and bottom photos SPAWN Center MARROW Photos: ?'"? 

s € & i © 

Hello there 1 I'm Maurizio and I 
will take care of the making of this little 
report on the Italian sXe he scene When 
you talk about the "Italian scene" you 
can only refer to the straight-edge 
related one, the only real Punk/HC 
scene really progressing, improving and 
well existing nowadays. When the flame 
of the old and glorious Italian Punk 
extinguished way back in 1087, nothing 
of relevance happened since the 
YOUTH OF TODAY European tour in 
1089 With their coming a seed was 
planted for a movement with new ideas 
The scene in Italy can be divided 
approximately in two parts: the one of 
the north, north-east parts of the 
country, a place whose geographical 
name is Padania plane, and the scene in 
the city where I live. Roma 

Misconceptions and rivalry have always 
existed in the scene, because of 
misunderstandings, gossip, people 
talking behind backs and simple envy. 
But you know, good and bad exists 
everywhere. So there are a lot of 
dedicated and caring people around 
Well, I want to start from the top of the 
Italian boot, from the deep north and 
still alive after a terrible flood we have 
burning defeat, they play groovy and 
heavy HC in the vein of INSIDE OUT 
with a modern melodic Quicksandish 
feel, they have a 7" out on Green Rec 
The band features members of 

MUDHEAD, too bad not all the 
members are meat tree' In that area we 

also have POINT OF VIEW, two 7"s 
out for them From the wealthy and 
highly industrialized l.ombardia region 
we have MUDHEAD from the city of 
Como They have a 12" out on SO A. 
records Early CRO-MAGS is the first 
word that comes to mind to describe 
their sound, theirs is a raging straight 
forward athletic HC of the kind you'll be 
beaten by if you dare to go up front In 
Milano there's the only Krsna-core 
movement of the whole peninsula, few 
people involved, they do a newsletter 
and have a tape out under the name of 
Govinda HC Project with cheesy lyrics 
sung in Italian But fortunately Krsna 
HC is a very rare thing here Religion 
has nothing to do with hardcore and 
especially with straight-edge, when you 
surrendering to the biggest intoxication 
of them all, things have changed since a 
few years ago when the first SHELTER 
record came out 

On the Eastern front we have 
THINK TWICE, who split up and have 
a farewell 7" out in the future for Green 
Records Since I never liked them music 
wise, I must give them points for being 
some of the most involved and active 
people in the scene in the last years. 
Some of them were the people behind 
one of the first sXe zines coming out 
from Italy (the others were "Straight- 
Edge" and "Use Your Head", both from 

The short journey of 
SUBSTANCE has also reached its end. 
and I'm really sorry due to the fact I 
thought they were the best band around, 
they broke up right after their first and 
last show in Rome. Their hometown is 
Padova. The 7" thai should have been 
released by Gree has been canceled, and 
there are rumors of a 
split 7" to be out on a new label, 
Insociale Records from Modena 
heavy, shouty, metallic HC and have 
vocals with lots of effects I've seen them 
live only once and they didn't impress 
me that much AGEING is a band born 
from the ashes of THINK TWICE They 
play crunchy, stop and go HC, the one 
done with painful facial expressions, you 
know They were all right when I saw 

known as Emilia-Romagna BY ALL 
MEANS reformed with a new line-up 
BAM is a really heavy HC outfit with 
a very hoarse voice and lyrics sung in 
Italian they've released a split 7" with 
EQUALITY, a self-titled 7" on Inaudito 
Records and a 12" on Green Records 
IMMORAL MAJORITY released a 7" 
on Green Records two years ago They 
changed their singer before breaking up 
Their sound is a mix of old Italian HC 
and new American style. MINDLESS 
COLLISION is a young sXe band 
playing new school HC BLIND HATE 
is also in the new breed of sXe bands 
They are the Italian band with the 
youngest average age, maybe 14 or 15. 
HEADSMAN from Modena play the 
now fashionable sluggish metallic sound 
ala INTEGRITY, they have a 12" out 
now on Green Records IVORY CAGE 
is a sXe band from Bologna whose main 
influence lies in bands such as EARTH 
CRISIS and other modern heavy metal 
bands, but with personal lyrics They 
also have to release a 7" on Green 
have a 7" out on Mele Marce Records I 

don't know if they are still around 
Musically and lyrically, they seem to 
come straight out of 1088, with simple 
lyrics and the straightforward old school 
sound. IMMUNITY released a 7" on 
Mele Marce Records last year They 
play heavy and slow HC with a NY 
flavor to it Lyrics in Italian 
CHEMICAL POSSE have a 7" and a 
1 2" out both on Mele Marce They play 
noisy HC with a strong old Italian punk 
edge Other bands around are MOURN, 
but I don't know anything about them 
SOCIETY OF JESUS is a great grind 
band from Modena, formed by 
MEANS members, Slap-A-Ham is the 
key word here, brutal and political 
EVERSOR are a band from Pesaro, 
who play hardcore the way a So. cal 
version of LIFETIME would They put 
out a zillion records in the past, and the 
new 12" out on Blu Bus rips 


Now we switch to the center- 
north and more precisely, in that region 

This little trip through Italy 
brought us to the doors of the place that 
I know best, my city Roma Things 
started to move around 1 980, right after 
the YOUTH OF TODAY tour, with 
two bands: ONE STEP AHEAD and 

think of the Roman scene as unified or 
whatever, even though everyone knows 
each other The city is big, so the shows 
become the gathering place for a lot of 
different people, from the crust punks to 
the sXe vegan gangsters And that's a 
good thing because at shows you can 
see an extremely varied audience and 
not just HC kids with baseball hats 
jumping around the scene here grew on 
popularity and in number with the 
legendary "Blowout" shows; a 
"Blowout" is essentially a little festival 
of various Roma HC bands and when 
possible also with out of town bands 
The last one was held a few days ago, 
with 12 local HC bands and around 300 
or 400 people showed up, if not more 
And it was fucking intense. SXE is still 
pretty popular, but not as widespread as 
a few years ago. Some people have 
turned their backs on the movement, but 

not so many as one would have 
expected, hey' We're not in America 
here! (A big part of the scene is 
influenced by the sXe ethics) Compared 
to other places in Italy, here there's a lot 
of attention toward clothes, fashion is 
definitely very important, but attitude 
too, you can count more vegans and 
vegetarians in the city's scene than in the 
rest of the Italian scene I think there's a 
different feeling at shows here, than in 
other places. The scene's roots have 
formed by the same people since years, 
and it can happen, like at the recent 
WARZONE show, that everyone of the 
50/60 people dancing upfront knows 
each other, so it's easier to be caught 
when stage diving or to enjoy dancing 
without getting hurt, or to dance in 
weird ways, like the bull run, the ice 
skating rapper or even worse, the kung- 
fu ballet, (but don't be mistaken, 
violence is never allowed at our shows). 
GROWING CONCERN have recently 
gone through some line-up changes 
Paolo, their singer, called it quits during 
their third European tour. The bass 
player replaced him and now they have a 
new bass player. I've only seen them a 
couple of times since then, and to be 
honest they were a way better live act 
They are a pretty good live band A 7" 
and two I2"/Cds out for them, you can 
get them through SO A records. ONE 
STEP AHEAD changed their name to 
OPEN SEASON because of the other 
American band they never did a final 
59 show but they are officially deceased 

We can only wait for the next "return 
from the grave" OPEN SEASON were 
a 4 piece sXe band who played real sXe 
to the bone fast HC, old school in the 
POINT and UPFRONT They have a 7" 
out on SO A Records, " 1*589- 199 1" 
containing the tracks that should have 
been released years ago by Bodonsky 
Records, and who instead ripped them 
off of money and tapes Too bad that 
classic "Hooded and Proud" isn't on it 
The first TIMEBOMB 7" out on SO A. 
is really different than their current 
sound, they started with a pure l\C sXe 
sound only to approach the current 

metallic groove and crunch, holy terror 
vocals that reminds me of INTEGRITY, 
but less deathish, the singer and Dwid 
karaoked together, they have songs to 
come out on various compilations 
EVIDENCE started as a band lightly 
related to the sXe behavior since all the 
members were, at the time, poison free, 
but time passes and people change. You 
can compare them to 

heavy crunch sound. EQUALITY is a 
very popular band in the Italian scene, it 
seems like everyone likes them a lot, 
except me They broke up after a 7" on 
Break Even Point and a split 7" with BY 
ALL MEANS on Green Records You 
can compare their sound to the 
emotional metal that bands like BURN 

and INSIDE OUT used to play there 
are strong rumors of a 1 2" to be out on 
the near future on SO. A. SPAWN 
disbanded and reformed with a different 
lineup, lots of breaks and moshy parts 
with harder vocals, all played with a 
metal edge, they could have been 
without problems on a bill with 
and DMIZE CONCRETE has a good 
following in the whole peninsula, a lot of 
people like them Yes. they are a decent 
live act but not so groundbreaking 
Musicwise, they have evolved their 
sound from a copy of the "Peer than 
thou" poser band DOWNCAST to a 
more personal and mature Ebullition- 
like sound They released a 7" on 
SO. A. in only 222 copies, but they were 
not happy with the sound, so wait for a 
forthcoming 10" and CD combining 
their stuff and the MUDHEAD Lp out 
on SO A Same thing for STU-DENT 
ZOMBIE, noisy HC with female vocals 
and a good track on the Roma only HC 
compilation 12" "Rebirth" THIS SIDE 
UP is a great popish band featuring the 
guy who does Zips and Chains 'zine 
(which was "zine of the month" in one 
of the past installments of MRR) 
OPPOSITE FORCE is a sXe band 
whose main influences are A CHORUS 
They have a mini CD out on Vacation 

1 louse Records, the label of the singer 
of the Italian punk legend INDIGESTI 
SEPARATION are no more, they 
released a demo IMMATURI is a rim 
band, that try to sound similar to the old 
Italian HC punk bands like 
does shows as only DOGGY STYLE 
would have done COMRADES is 
Roma's secret weapon, they play 
covered with hoods and ski masks. All 
bandmembers are vegan and straight- 
edge but they don't preach about it 
Grind HC without mercy in the 
XGASMASKX is a very mysterious 
project due to the fact that very few 
people know their identity They have a 
sold out 7" titled "Fear Of A red Planet" 
on S.O.A. Records. DEHUMANIZE is 
a sXe band with a very chaotic and 
noisy sound, who are maybe trying to 
are a weird mix of ROLLINS BAND 
and WORLDS COLLIDE guitar solos, 1 
don't know what is actually happening 
to them FORCEFIELD are a RAGE 

you know what to expect DIRGE is a 
new HC band with a macho sound in the 
vein of AF and SOIA, live they are 
pretty powerful XREINFORCEDX is a 
sXe vegan band They are the latest to 
appear on the scene and for the moment 

they are only a project done by people 
who want to bring sXe and veganism on 
the map. The music is old school 
straight-edge in the likes of RELEASE, 
matter of a few months, so wait and be 
pre-pared These last two bands that I'm 
going to review play OI 1 music but are 
formed by people of the HC scene so I 
must give them credit They are 
S.P.Q.R. NABAT. The first is probably 
the only vegan sXe Oil band of the 
world, with a raw sound and hard lyrics 
sung both in Italian and English, they are 
going to release a 7" in the future for a 
new Oi'/Punk label of Rome whose 
name is still unsure In the likes of the 
old Italian Oi! bands, S.P.Q.R NABAT 

is a band devoted to playing only covers 
of the legendary Oi! band from the 
Laida Bologna, NABAT! They are 
really alive in the hearts of the Roman 
scene Comrades never miss a chance to 
cover their classic "Potere Nelle Strade" 
("Power In The Streets") live, and 
everytime it's hell on earth! Also for 
them a 7" to be out in the future. A 
Roma only 12" compilation is out on 
S.O.A. with the title "Rebirth-The 
Sound Of Roma HC". In Italy, we also 
have some HC festivals, the oldest is the 
"Still Pounding In", which lasted for 
three years. There's also the "2 days of 

struggle" usually held during the liaster 
festivities, and the new one 
"Experience", but I don't know if there 
will be a following to the first one 

Labels: Green Records is a sXe 
HC label done by two nice and one ugly 
guy from the foggy town of Padova 
They have out five releases so far and 
have plans for more vinyl, the majority 
of which were announced to be out 
months ago S.O.A. Records is located 
in Rome It deals with various kinds of 
music but what makes the fartman feel 
happy are fast, noisy, grinding and 
crusty bands, twenty-four releases out 
for him, among which ASSUCK, MAN 
CONCERN and the recent Roma HC 
compilation, an official release of the 
STRAIGHT AHEAD discography and a 
FRAIL CD is in the works He also does 
mail order with a lot of HC, sXe, Grind 
and metal stuff Break Even Point is also 
from rome Their releases are well- 
distributed world-wide, thanks to Helter 
Skelter their catalog is varied and pretty 
big, you can find 2 LINE FILLER, 

The person behind it was a member of 
the first Italian HC posi-band, HIGH 
CIRCLE from Rome, they were a good 
melodic combo (Biglia kiss my ass!) and 
released their first 7" in 1985 their 
anthem "Aiuta La Tua Scena" ("Help 
Your Scene") is still covered live by 
GROWING CONCERN with a very 
good response MELE MARCE 


Records is one of the only good things 
happening in the south of Italy HC - 
wise. It's from bari and it has 8 releases 
out from bands all over Italy 

Shops Green Records is a shop 
too. There you will find everything 
concerning HC. sXe, Punk, Crust. 
Grind, Metal, Hip-Hop and even 
folkloristic bands from the Veneto 
region. They are the official distributors 
for Italy of Ebullition and several small 
HC labels In Modena we have 
AARRGHM Records and shop The 
owners are extremely nice guys, so if 
you pass by that place pay a visit In 
Rome, there's a little optician shop near 
the central train station were you'll find 
sXe HC and Punk stuff LA BAN DA 
BONNOT is the HC shop of the city 
and where the HC kids hang out. 

Fanzines: I've seen more of them 
coming out but the majority remain dry 
and uninspiring, not able to go further 
than the usual interview and review 
formula Lately some good 'zines have 
started to come out, but they are all 
written in Italian. The only two 'zines 
written in English of which I know both 
come from Rome The one done by 
Massimo and Andrea "Tough Guys 
Don't dance", and mine whose name is 

XA Prophecy Of RageX (it sounds 
kinda silly, eh 9 ) It focuses on deep 
ecology, animal liberation and living 
poison free, the first issue is out with 
interviews with RESTRAIN, 

ABHINANDA plus articles on pets, the 
B12 controversy, boycotting, reviews, 
pro-biking and a bit of humor Both 
'zines are ready and are going to be 
printed really soon. 


Phew! This report is finally 
finished! Well, my most devoted thanks 
go to Andrea and to Inti for the precious 
help One last thing- I have started a 
label, I only want drug and meat free 
bands, if there's anyone out there 
interested just drop me a line or send 
your band's demo I also want to state 
hat I don't care about apologizing for 


my likes or dislikes, if anyone has been 
offended by my review it's only their 
problem not mine, ok 9 Yes, this scene 
report is incomplete and maybe covers 
more parts than others but this is all I've 
been able to work out so don't 
complain A kiss to all those who 
continue to adore me with undefeated 
faith and blind devotion Ciao, mortacci 
vostra and Forza Lazio 

Maurizio Ricci Via Amico Bignami, 12 
00152 Roma Italia 

I felt that putting each bands 
address would have been kind of a 
waste of space Instead here's the 
addresses of the main labels and record 
shops: all the bands mentioned can be 
contacted thru them 


SO A Records, c/o Paolo Petralia, C P 

15338, 00142 Roma Laurentino 

Break Even Point, via Vallebona 28, 

00168 Roma 

Green Records c/o Giulio Repetto, via 

Falloppio 38, 35100 Padova 

Blu Bus, via Consolata 5, 1 1 100 Aosta 

Mele Marce Records c/o Giorgio 

Senesi, via A. Carrante 7, 70 1 24 Bari 


Green Records Shop, via S 
Francesco60, Padova 
Aaarrgghh, via Del Voltone 1 1 , Modena 
Banda Bonnot, via Nomentana 113, 
00163 Roma 

3 Z & 1 D 

OPEN SEASON Photo By: Massimo Moscarelli 



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INTERVIEWS: We totally suck at doing interviews, so we need you to do them for U6. The only catch is that it has to be a band that we dig. 
You dig? Ask us. We are always looking to expose cool new bands The interviews should accompanying photos, graphics and lyrics for the 
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1 on 

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